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Welcome in the Educational institute "International Academy of Formation"

"International academy of Formation"

Our purpose is to form and to specialize the leaders of whom our Country has need, furnishing to the trainees is the initial preparation, is a continuous following updating. We are recorded to juridical level and recognized as one of the educational centers of great academic quality and formation of the sector.

In our institution the students are stimulated and encouraged to they develop their processes of learning in a environment collaborativo and stimulating. Both the spaces in class both the number of students are always directed to maintain courses of appropriate dimensions to every program of learning, to facilitate the particular and individual assistance, from our guardians and qualified teachers, to every student.

Our personnel teacher is qualified to to offer accredited educational services and it helps our students to discover their creative potential and of learning, in every academic branch.

We invite you to discover great details on ours offer academic here on our site. Don't hesitate to to contact us to ask for further information. We will be pleased to offer you consultation on our programs, and to offer you a professional orientation.

Our institute is found at 16, RIBITEL Street, Aosta (AO).
Our number of tel +39 165 1850283 or 3923959978

for further information not you hesitate to contact us to our address email: will Receive an answer!

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Institutional news


05.01.2015 10:34
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05.01.2015 10:33
The next academic period of the institute Educational Academy Internazioale of Formation...

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