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"What we must seek and find it is the softness of a unshakeable serene peace."

Alexandra David-Neel




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"There is one thing that I know, indelible ... and if we do not understand what I write, i don't care, that is the only thing that i know.The angels know me, and if I left on the earth one spirit attentive to my quest this will be well enough for the purgatory philosophical which I prepared my is almost as good as when i am in Shamballah."

Alexandra Nereiev

1976: Birth to Chesnay France


"It is in 1988, when I had twelve years ago and the hammered incessantly at our eyes ,ready to take everything, posters 4X3 meters of a "Generation Mitterrand" giant, that I actually stopped to imagine that I will be test pilot in the army of the French air.
That is where I began to flirt and that i have burned the answer any frustrating that a secretary to the cabinet of the president of the Republic had made with me sent by, without doubt, another, just as any, secretary typist.

This was not the answer in itself, which had made me so badly, it was just the fact that the President, which I wrote personally, I do not respond just as personally.

The kitchen sink, surrounded by a work plan laminated, garda always the traces of my clumsiness to burn the only important message that I delivered them into the French Republic.
Then came the poems and i transcendais my drawings of aircraft and bicycles, or other things technological (my grand-father had bought me a set of geometry which orange it only remains for me a large elbow), in fairies, elves and mermaids ... I also remember that we had had a scope of kittens in the closet of the house of my mother, and it is in this period, in the middle of school year, that I started the flute.

With my radio cassette recorder, the cries of the kittens became of the experimental music on bottom of concerto for flute and harp of Mozart, it was the time of the "remix" and I loved it! "

Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"
Alexandra Nereiev
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2

Many travel motivated by explorations in diving the lead successively in Egypt, Mexico , Guatemala, Honduras, Sri Lanka.



In 1991, the writing of his impressions (Poems) on the city of Berlin that she would take it as "a wonderful experience of grief".

Follow the collections "Paris" and "a first dry season" (unpublished read by his relatives and learned in photocopy, then distributed in the Parisian metro.)

In 1993, his trip to Ireland revealed to him in the poem "of Ireland" how many "color gives life", in October of the same year, installs to Montreuil-Sous -wood and begins to paint while passing his bachelor.


Its young aunt died of HIV.
Obtains its Tray general A2 drawing option.
Birth of his first son. Will write "the cabinet of Dr. Helene , Mr. Dressup ,", text in prose, in successive a stay in the psychiatric hospital of City Évrard for "Grosse fatigue" (other text in proses written in 1996)

The apartment of his mother , or were stored all of its work (drawings, paintings and books) burned in the middle of the night.All will be lost (except the writings mentioned above)
1997: Journey in Italy, discovery of Venice, gouache and acrylics, many drawings and prints books.

Master Visual Communication edition advertising of the School of Art Maryse Eloy

Y Profess Peter Keller (Typographer unfortunately disappeared in 2010) the influence of which set up the compositions of the artist in the making, but also Bruno Richard (they are 2 Output), with which the artist still in sleep, keep a good relationship humorous and joyful.
Trip to the United States, the Netherlands ,in Germany and Italy Or it is also following courses in drawing At the School of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan Italy).

"They believe me lazy, all of the classmates of promotion, because I had not often being in Paris, there was certainly my son still small which I took time, but there was Brera, the "must" for a young girl in search of scholarship, and in the end I had the reference well and nobody has understood why, the secrets of the success and beauty are in Italy ... Otherwise, why would I chose an Italian to give me a first child"

Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"
Alexandra Nereiev
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2

After will be realized that the advertising agency which the employed would not that it retains its copyright , she resigned. Enrols then freely the Large Cottage and the workshops of the Carousel of the Louvre, these years are the births of her two daughters.

"The Beauty is follows a melody unlikely, the Music i am kidnapped and my abductor became my husband, and he gave me two princesses worshipped but to accompany their brother, and his piano playing is a sorcerer insolent!"

Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"
Alexandra Nereiev
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2

Opening of a workshop for creating jewelry with gemstones, 2 stores under the taught Latzarine to Lagny Sur Marne, closed end 2006 (there have been exposed number of his watercolours and a few terracotta sculptures, all surrounded by its "inmettables jewelry" )


The Salamander clip money rock crystal and coral

First New edition in artisanal "Nights under the star of Buddha" . (rerelease planned Kindle format, accompanied by poems. ISBN to come)

Travel in India, it is also in that year that she met Didier Peiro, then creator Couture, today end gastronome to "the workshop of the terroirs".

India will be a shock, a revelation:

"Even if they were, dirty, sick and full of lice, i have started to love them, of barriers came to collapse when the contact of vibration news contained in the soil even of India, i had just been to defeat in a few weeks, a deep grief, without doubt the mourning badly done of my dear aunt part if young.

I wrote in "the nights under the star of the Buddha" this suffering a few years earlier, I wrote that I was going, on the earth Dravide, and the thing was done, long after thought, written and integrated.

Following this trip, i thought larguais in everything that I had left of materialistic, the following year, because I have not forgotten that the acts very slowly following the thought, I was leaving live in the South of France, plotting a Noah's ark full of animals.

I still remember how much I have slept in this hectic life which i had plunged back without giving me a single moment of released, and I had a dream, dream a lot, and I slept much sleep, the same buttons are pushed me and then the time doing so, it is past, and i am discount to write between two ranges of kittens, i discount to draw, between two horseback rides, i am finally upgrade to observe my life, between two floods of the valley of the river Vistre."

Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"
Alexandra Nereiev
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2

album-nereiev-2.jpgThe Domain Mephisto with her mare appaloosa

Contemplation of nature in the Gard, lives in the Mephisto field, a student of the cats and takes care of his horse with its large dogs.


The three mountains

Chooses an pseudonym after having been blown off by the book "Pseudo" by Romain Gary

This will be Alexandra Nereiev, pay tribute to his love for the Russian soul (tone russisante), his fascination for the sea (Les Nereides) and its condition of mother (Eve), cf "Eve and Lilith" in "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives" .

Travel to the United States.
Robbed of his return, and then threatened by the malicious hunters who set the fire to his land with a view to achieving the hay barn by strong mistral, written in four months, "the saga of Ruskova" (10 tomes (more than 2000 pages) ISBN 978-1 -62018-078)

"Galacsja Ruskova i was rescued from sinking, my Ark did not take the coup at the ignorance, the treachery and jealousy well human ... I asked the spirits of the House to protect me, they told me breath a story ... "

Extract from the Prologue of "The saga of Ruskova" ISBN 978-1-62018-078

tome-1.pngtome2 tome-3.png

tome-4.png tome-5.png

The first five volumes of the Saga of Ruskova

October 2009:

Spiritual and Cultural Revelation in Russia.

Attended the concert of Boris Beresovsky to St Petersburg. Fact the experience strange at the Hermitage Museum, Russian mead of the non-refined(handmade, it still contains the poisons of bees and given the vertigo)

"It was more in the long gallery of works of art in the world, the more sumptuous, and the more rich of the Continent of shadows, that i fis experimentation, to my knowledge, the effects of the drink that Vicka we had invited to enjoy when we were, the day before, to Novgorod.Novgorod the fiefdom of the Princes of Kiev, the city or was born Sergei Rachmaninoff, and whose feet are soaked in the Volkov which my if long, if endless novel deals with fervour (1).
A Jesus is expelled from the back of a Saint On smiling and began to dance on a canvas near a window, the Neva, light from the inside, invited me to swerve as if I had been a boat in the river Styx unusual uncertain of the production of human genes."

(1)The Saga of Ruskova ISBN 978-1-62018-078

Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"
Alexandra Nereiev
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2


Before Peter and Paul ST Petersburg

Returned to Paris, abandoned its area of three hectares and is dedicated to various travel.

In January of the same year,located in extremis two tickets for Wroclaw or she attended with her husband (pianist practicing the more complex parts for piano) to a Concerto of Chopin played by Ivo Pogorelich.

"There was a medieval atmosphere, browsing, in taking the hand, the streets floconnees of Wroclaw, a sushi the night and then, beyond the things sublime emotions fleeting, the intense slow of this prince of the keyboard. Humble, light, strong and abrupt, powerful who whispered in the ears of the sorrow, deep which delivered to our hearts willing to give of the tears of ecstasy, the immense joy which only Chopin knew we bequeath the integrity in inheritance.celestial Of chills and immaculate, of love, the language of the music which is leaves caress as Apollo touched on the Lyre: Ivo Pogorelic ... a genius fragile, a child to the shoulders responsible for meaning, which issued its poetry from the end of your fingers!

Ode to Wroclaw.
Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"
Alexandra Nereiev
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2

In March of the same year,the Ballet "Anna Karenina" of Tchaikovsky which was played at the opera house in Budapest ends to persuade her that she is doomed "in the service of the beautiful".


THE anonymus of Budapest

Visit of the remains of Ferenc Liszt, prints on lake Balaton (Oil on canvas)
Travel to the United States in October, return to the "Mephisto Field" a few months, never to return in January 2011.

April 8, 2011: brutal death of his mother in Switzerland (Fribourg) or it is installed with all his family.

He will be devoted in 2011 a posthumous tribute, since Alexandra Nereiev will insert the book "The little woman" by Marie Amsterdam, his mother, she also having chosen pseudonym, in "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives" .


Portrait of the mother of the artist(oil pastels)

"She had written to me a acrostic, i don't remember that from the first to, because I could not keep it, it had, as all the rest, burned to Vitry sur Seine, she had written for the first letter of my unique first name: "Artist thou seras" ... what could I do else .... it was right, I do not know anything else."

Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"

The inconsolable grief and the evil of the country the earn, the climate of the Swiss plateau not helping, departure for Locarno (Ticino, Italian Switzerland) in August 2011 or she installed his workshop of painting, sculpture and watercolors.

"Here at least, I am no longer far of the geniuses of the Renaissance, there was at least speaks three languages with the sun for the guardian.And even if the major Lake is not the largest, it is mine and I call it "my Lac" ... because in the midst of its strength, swim of dragons that nobody knows see."


Major Lake Locarno Switzerland

Excerpt from "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives"

Farandole of the Bohemian.

Alexandra Nereiev
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2


Travel to the United States, Germany, Italy and Spain.
Writes the preludes of the saga of the Ruskova "Sheets of amber and powder to Cannons"
(ISBN 978-1 -62018-047 -1)

couverture feuilles isbn 1
Does suffering no command, "as in the store without the be, since I welcome on appointment only"", Alexandra Nereiev sells his works to the account drop, shows only what she thinks is completed and organizes private sales on invitation.

All information contained in this succinct biography take source in: "The autobiography ambulatory: the first lives" of Alexandra Nereiev.
ISBN 978-1 -62018-079-2

With the permission of Alexandra Nereiev.

The saga of Ruskova:




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