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ANT-TRN Association Nationale des Titulaires du Titre de Reconnaissance de la Nation
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Thursday, may 10, 2012 4 10 /05 /May /2012 2:42 PM
ANT-TRN Pondicherry under the Chairmanship of SIVA Predibane
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Tuesday, may 8, 2012 2 08 /05 /May /2012 5:55 PM
Pay tribute to the Commander MAZELINE ,ceremony May 8 in Alencon
André MAZELINE is does the April 8, 1915 at Menil-Brout ( Orne) where his father is a teacher .
It is intended for itself to the education and it is appointed teacher at the Eagle.mobilized in 1939 ,it is assigned, at its request , franc in a body.
After the Armistice, he occupies a position of teacher in Sainte-Opportune or it creates a Resistance group .In May 1943 , Robert AUBIN ,head of the C. M. O. the appointed manager of the canton of Athis ,and then in August 1943 of the arrondissement of Flers .
Research by the Gestapo , it goes to leave and is devoted entirely to the Resistance .It becomes the assistant to Daniel DESMEULLES departmental chief of FFI , which it succeeded the 14 juin1944.With the maquis of the forest of Ecouves he participated in the fighting liberators to the sides of the 2 DB .
In the intention to continue to contribute to the release of the national territory , it constitutes the 2nd Battalion of Market of Normandy.The war is over,he will be moving toward a military career in the Marine Infantry .This will be the Indo-china , Germany ,Senegal,Algeria and the Cambodia.
In 1965, he left the Army with the rank of lieutenant-colonel to resume with the National Education as a professor of history.In 1978 he was elected President of the Departmental Union of the C. V. R. Orne.reached by an evil implacable , he dies the January 26, 1979
( Source ,with the assistance of the departmental office of the culture of the Orne -his book CLANDESTINITÉ)
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Sunday, may 6, 2012 7 06 /05 /May /2012 5:36 PM
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 3 21 /03 /March /2012 09:42 AM

They are not "Died for nothing"


On 28 May 1996, President Jacques CHIRAC decided the professionalization of the armed forces and the end of the military service (conscription). This is not meant in any case that the wars were completed and that France had more fighters on the battlefields. Since April 1969, 125 external operations, (OPEX) have been conducted and 616 deaths identified, on these 616 dead 375 did not have the status of died for France. There are approximately 10,000 men engaged permanently on the external operations and the OPEX suffer a loss of about twenty men per year.
There was up to now no edifice dedicated to these valiant soldiers also, at the beginning of the year, the general Elrick IRASTORZA, chief of staff of the army asked Alain Juppé then minister of the Defense to erect a monument to the memory of those soldiers. Alain Juppé approved the principle. His successor, Gérard Longuet, in order to achieve the folder" to witness to the recognition of the nation and maintain the memory of those soldiers who are the honor of our country "the confided to the general Bernard THORETTE known for its labor force, its openness and its courtesy. The general THORETTE was quick and the folder has been handed the October 10, 2011. The monument should see the light of day here 19 months place Vauban in Paris. This monument will be built on a place visible and easy to access to the public. Other pollack had been envisaged, but only this place offered the maximum of favorable criteria. The names of the 616 deaths in external operations will be enrolled (158 dead in Lebanon, as much in Chad, 116 in ex-Yugoslavia.. )of the place will remain available for those who fall by the result. A virtual monument will be accessible on the internet and from a building located in the vicinity of the monument. "The only capital offers the subframe worthy and prestigious that the monument merit" emphasizes the general THORETTE.
"This monument is not a military monument for the military" emphasizes the admiral Eduard GUILLAUD" chief of staff of the armed forces" It is a national monument for the French. It is the testimony of our patriotism and our spirit of defense. In the heart of the city, for the City, puts to the honor the soldier guardian of the city, the one on which everyone must be able to count in the face of adversity. "This monument will be the meeting point you mind of the new generation of fire, for they can no longer be never said that these soldiers died for nothing.
Text JC Chambon
Source info: Internet Wikipedia, Current Values, Department of Defense,

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 2 20 /03 /March /2012 10:19 AM

A museum of the cuirassiers must be opened in late May early June, to 12° (regiment of Cuirassiers of Olivet (Loiret). The latter already has a beautiful collection, but would like the complete . I therefore appeal to all members of the association collector or not, that can offer the regiment a part (see more if possible) of collection (books, weapons, mantle etc. . ) Concerning the history of the cuirassiers, I thank them by in advance . You can contact me at 02 38 69 42 38, or by e-mail: pierre.berdon uk.

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