Philippe Ponceblanc, architecte d'intérieur, diplomé de l'Ecole BOULLE


My vision of interior architect is to offer a place of life that tells a story. Exceed the technical constraints, maximize the potential of surfaces and embellish the everyday with soft curves, of materials and colors natural, durable are the values which I believe.
My team is dedicated to each project from the approach of before-project summary in the monitoring of the work, in passing through the detailed studies of each element of the project. My agency intervenes in the areas of the transformation of spaces. The volume of a loft, in the warmth of a home to rehabilitate or of a apartment to renovate, my skills offer a different view of the volumes to deal with.
My other sectors of intervention focus on the transformation of a marketing concept into commercial reality, the medical as well as in any other project that requires the design, the technical competence of interior architecture and the know-how.
I invite you to discover on this site and those associated, the agency, my method of work, my accomplishments and my inspirations.

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Interior architect Paris - Neuilly sur Seine (92)

Dernières réalisations

... The curve in all its states ...

The curve is one of the concepts that I operated regularly in the approach of the volumes in interior architecture.
The treatment of certain partitions of arched shape offers several advantages, including the one to reduce the unnecessary surfaces or lost, as the corridors or the sas of movement. This concept of curve in the space provided a perspective between the parts thus changing the perception of the volumes. The result gives the illusion that the surface of each part merged with that of other, offering for the same volume, a space of life much more important. The curve can be enlivened by the vertical openings playing on the inputs of light and provides a notion of transparency. The flexibility of the curve, which is part of the volume of a habitat often strict (angle and corridors), given a poetic dimension instead and justifies the architectural anecdote.
An interior designer can offer other approaches ... To discover in a next topic "zoom to" ...

utilisation de pavés de verre pour cloisonner la douche et apporter de la lumière naturelle au couloir création d'une circulation douce et d'une mini agora sur un plateau de bureaux pièce de vie ronde coeur de vie de l'appartement Salon d'attente d'un cabinet médical apportant fluidité des circulations et intimité agrandissement du salon autour d'un cercle en minimisant les pièces techniques intégration de la cuisine dans la courbe générale du salon douche cylindre axe de l'appartement Hall d'entrée traité en courbe pour masquer la cuisine et le salon courbe de transition de la cuisine vers le salon Cusine en partie centrale de l'appartement Une douche cintrée en salle de bains Traitement d'une douche cylindre lumineux en salon

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