From Bali TO Java

Has the celebrates of the Moon, the baths in the sources sacrã©es are a ritual where the convivialitã© and the meeting with the other is needed. The incense or the rice as an offering, is a way to ask the divinitã©s prosperity, peace and abundance.

In this part of water, the quiã©tude is the master-word of this concept. The materials remain sober and the head of this goddess of the, that throne in good place, eve TO this hassle.

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JPEG - 51.7 ko
Perspective and head of Buddha
JPEG - 56.4 ko
Head of Buddha
JPEG - 16.8 ko
ALAPE steel cauldron and JADOT INFORMED,
JPEG - 73.5 ko
The sources sacrã©es à Bali

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