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February 18th, 2013

Summer, 2013!

Hello to all!

Here are some freshs news of the PANI Project, that we learnt yesterday!

The High school and the JULES RIEFFEL VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE obtained grates and agreement of the region Pays de la Loire to make a group of students lgoing to Matéura this summer from the middle to the end of July.

The group will be present 15 days and a team of the association will be on the spot to welcome them and manage the supply of the construction site in materials and material and also to begin the works to relieve the work of the group! The PANI team should be on the spot in surrounding of the middle of June.

Indeed the work to carry out important rest, reconstruction of both ponds of treatment (masonry), to redo a part of the system of connecting of ponds (pipes, gates, too full...) to fill the ponds of beforehand cleaned gravels, looked for and to to divide water plants in the river then to to plant them...

All this ask time. To put all the chances from our part and finish the project this summer, we are going to hire as the previous years a local team of masons and carriers.

Although all persons wishing to participate in the adventure is welcome ... some people encountered while traveling are interested to join us this summer, we welcome them with pleasure, to show them our project that we both heart and whose they talked so much!

And for the less fortunate, those who do not have the time, nor the opportunity to come and help us on the spot, there are ways to support the project by renewing your membership and / or send us your donations.

Because PANI already has a part of funds necessary for the realization of the construction site but not still the totality ... this year we let us be going to have to build everything, buy, some cement, some sand, gravels (many gravels) of stones, bricks, pipes, gates and faucets, railings, tools to equip the group and well pay the masons and the carriers.

It is enough that each speaks about the project around him ... to his colleagues, to his friends, to his family, to his neighbors ... and that every colleague, every friend, every member of the family, every neighbor does the same ... if each gives a little, it will help a village to take care of its resources in waters and will show the example in the valley.

Thanks to all for your time your gifts, thank you for supporting this project ... and of helping us to make it alive!

You can adhere to the association or send your gifts in:

The PANI association at Mr Alliot

30, rue de Suresnes 44700 Orvault

Or via PAYPAL at the address of the association :


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July 19th, 2012

Wall 2012!

That is, the second wall is finally finished!despite a few adventures with the team of masons this year (as any to remove after a few days due to a bad mortar ... ). But everything is between in the order and we now have a wall which makes all the length of the field! No more of landslides futures! The pools may be built on  goods foundations. The wall 2012, have costed 950 euros, materials and team of masons included.

A team of voluntary students should can be to leave next summer thanks to a subsidy of the region through the establishment Jules Rieffel. We are hopeful and shall inform you as soon as we shall have an answer!

Thank you in any case for your support!

The PANI team

PANI mur juillet 2012 (5)

PANI mur juillet 2012 (16)

PANI mur juillet 2012 (33)

PANI mur juillet 2012 (34)

PANI mur juillet 2012 (17)

PANI mur juillet 2012 (26)

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June 20th, 2012

In June, 2012 continuation of the disasters ...!


We arrived at Jari in the morning we took a chai and we met already  the faithful Cousin to the post in his taxi, Djagu who finished loading a jeep of cauliflower, and takes the time to drink a tea with us! The news of the village are good but it tells us that the PANI Project has once again been subjected to another landslide this winter after our departure ...! We are not even arrived yet that the morale drops ... !

We take our bags for trotter until Mateura ... we cross the place of the temple where are gathered musicians, and men of the village, we would say that a gods is around and that it will still be the feast!

We arrived at Raju's and Shila's place, we've met Lalu (Raju's brother) who tell us he has just to marry there is a month of ca and he has new responsibilities … .we let our bags and we will immediately see the field ... !

Second blow to the morale the landslide is at least as important as the previous! The entire length of 1 pond is 3m lowest …! This time the PANI's project will not yet finished this year!

We tried to bring the Macon to the earlier, Mistry didn't come the first day, but the next morning we met him as well as a friend of Raju, Parabine, who work in the construction who has a team of masons and porters … according to him in 15 days the wall will be finished! He must  encrypt all before we accept!

Parabine seems a good ally he could even order of work without us being here ... the time on site will be less binding for us!

This meeting encourages us, we are going to do the retaining wall come what may and may even be the first pool, the budget will decide for us!

We look forward to the price of Parabine and we'll tell you what we'll do!

See you soon the PANI team.

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March 18th, 2012

PANI on 2012

What is PANI?

PANI (= water in Hindi) is has not profit making organization.

The service was created in march 2009 by 3 French celebrities, who wanted to involved in the year environment-friendly project, for has small village in Himachal Pradesh (north India).

The PANI project:

Dirties toilets creates diseases, skin problems, bad smell, land slide and pollution in fields and to rivet.

The project is to create has used water filtration, using the year organic process!

First we collect all dirty toilets from the villagers (around 100 celebrities)!

The used water from the bathroom and the kitchen mainly, are going in has first pool, then has the second one, and finally in has big tank, which is using like has big water reserve for the agriculture.

Both of the pool are full house of gravels, where are living room bacteria, which are eating has part of pollutions. In this gravels the pollutions nourishing, also, some aquatics plantations, which improve the filtration!

What PANI did already?

Organization creation and investigation in the village to find has land.

3 of the organisation members went to Mateura village to start to dig the first pool. PANI ' director is teacher in has professional gardening school, the school and PANI became partners.

: PANI went back to the village with has group of gardening students and completed the project.

Purpose in winter has huge rain fall caused has land slide which destroyed the pools

2 PANI ' members went back to managed to fixed the local carpenters to make pool and employed has huge wall in concrete.

What PANI have to doh now?

2012: In June we will send again 2 yet 3 members to manage to make the first pool in concrete.

And yew the organization have enough money we will manage to fix also the second pool .

How you can help customs?

You can talk US butt around you, to your friends, your family....

You can come and help customs to work one the project...

You can make has real Web site for our organization...

You can make some translations in any languages...

You can help customs to find some money from other golden organization foundation...

You can of chases give your donation with paypal at this sen d

Thank you for any kind of help!

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December 16th, 2011

PANI on 2011

Hello to all!

Here are finally news of Matéura!

The PANI project advance well a retaining wall of about 10m wide and 4m high have been done in November, the Macon and his assistants have been hired and paid by PANI is a cost of 530 € in the end.

But the project is still not in condition to operate there is still the two pools to rebuilted in concrete to be on that another landslide does not destroy any once more

In parallel we have emerged from the rubble, branches and waste all kinds that were littering the pond 1

The clean water tank has been cleaned because of the mud which blocked it (landslide). We also cleaned the chambers of the pipes which were also buried under the branches the waste and the earth ....

The waste is a problem that is growing in the village, we have found a section of 3m of pipes completely burned because the villagers are depositing their waste at the exit of the village and when the pile takes too large a portion, they burned without take care of the pipes! It will therefore also a good idea to reflect on this problem (if you have any suggestions)...

Specifically, it remains a lot of work to repair the project: the pond 1 should be redone by a team (which is not yet defined) from the Lycée Jules Rieffel and CFA in July 2012. In parallel PANI will hire the same team of masons to redo the pond 2 in order to be able to finish the work next summer.

But for that PANI needs you more than ever, we believe the costs for the next summer in around 1500 €, PANI currently has approximately 1000 €, so we need your support through donations, by your membership of the association (10€ per year), by your ideas, your talents as a builder (if people are in north India in July 2012) but you can also help us simply has make know PANI around you ....

All kinds of aid is good to take, everyone can help to his level, our association, to have an idea 10€ provides funding to 2 bags of cements and the conveyance by porters to the field .... there is no insignificant aid ...

Thanks to all for your help and your support … .l' equip PANI

PS: to send your gifts and your memberships you can make him for the address of our secretary

Association PANI at home Mr. P. Alliot 30 rue de Suresnes Setting Only a 44700 Orvault, FRANCE (to the order of Association PANI) or through the paypal on our email address .

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April 21st, 2011

Devastating winter!


Here are some weeks that Raju our local contact in the village we had notified of the damage that occurred on the pond of phyto ...

In effect this winter significant amounts of snow are occurring to Mateura, which has caused major damage on the ponds, obstructions of the manifolds of water worn, but especially a landslide important at the level of the second pond ...


Consequences; the pool of the middle is out of the water (the tarp is pierced and the river basin, suspends on the mountain.) which means that the system of filtration can no longer operate, the wastewater will again to dump to the path, and that in the event of drought the crops may no longer be irrigated ...


The project is not dead for as much ... with a lot of effort the landslide may be "punched" and the pool "repaired".
One more time the association and the village of Matéura are going to need you, your gifts and why not for the bravest of your arms...

A mail to Raju has already been sent to him also that of his side mobilized the villagers, the PANI PROJECT is up to them now and it is for them to take ownership and keep it alive ... but given the extent of damage a helping hand for our part, we will really not of too ...

See you soon for better news, the PANI office

PS: the office PANI is now located at 30 rue de Suresnes 44700 Orvault, FRANCE home of Mr. ALLIOT the secretary of the association

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September 20th, 2010

Ponds take life!

Hello, to all!

Since the month of May the villagers of Mateura have taken ownership the ponds of phyto-purification. Indeed the people have filled the tank of the filtered water and have used this water for their irrigation needs.

4 or 5 families (30 to 40 persons) use regularly this water to grow their vegetables.

This year the monsoon has been abundant, but fortunately, in spite of the floods more than in the North (laddack) there was no damage to Mateura. The pools have suffered:the pipe which collects sewage to been ripped out of one of the chamber due to the pressure of the water. But the villagers are activated to make the necessary repairs.

After less than 6 months, the project is an integral part of the village. The villagers become autonomous in the management of water and ponds.The objectives are thus achieved.

Thanks to all the volunteers who participated! Thanks to those who made a commitment physically who dug, built. Thanks to those who by far managed papers, information, rose files. Thank you also to the donors who allowed the purchase of the material and the building materials.

Bravo in all the bet is gained!

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May 22nd, 2010

Here we are, it is finished.

And well that is, the site is finished and we are in Delhi since yesterday morning. The return by bus it is rather well past (only 14 hours). It is very hot (about 40/45 degrees) but everybody is adapted relatively quickly. I send you therefore a last mail before our return, because the flight is tonight and most of the apprentices are parties make their last purchases.

In the whole of our stay we are are very satisfied with the apprentices who have su we demonstrate that they were at the height of our expectations. A big thank you to them .... to you, who have followed us, as much, by far.

In very soon, The team "Pani Project"

P. s: For photos, we are sorry a few worries with the computers in Delhi. But don't worry you, very soon there will be images on the blog and in quantity.

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May 17th, 2010

News of the construction site

Bonjours to all,

The construction site moves forward well, but the time is counted we!
We still have to finish the coating of the tank and to supply the 2 ponds with gravel.

But the heap of gravels is far from the construction site and it is the real work of sherpa that we have to supply!!
Everybody is rather well (more and more resistance in the food and less and less intestinal problems).
Today, it is rest for the whole group ...... in any way, it's raining.

Thus he stays in us 2 workdays before bringing in on Delhi and then ... France.
Here are some photos of the construction site,

See you soon for other news

working like convicts  ...

A meal and a small break deserved well after a good working day.

The tank yesterday after three difficults days.

An overview of the construction site to give you an idea of its size.

A last photo to show you one of our fellow travellers...
But with some security measures, everything goes well I reassure you.

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May 13th, 2010

News fraiches...

Hello to all,

Delighted to see that you take advantage of the blog to set of our news. Besides, sorry not to have been able to give to it earlier.
We are well arrived, we acclimatised perfectly, and, life still very pleasant to Mateura. The work is under process and the apprentices are like fish in the water after a day or two to take their marks.
All the materials are all arrived on the spot and yesterday we received the pipes and tarpaulins for pools.
Yesterday, day off with trip to Kasol for that our apprentices begin their different "shopping".

Therefore, everything is great except a few worries of adaptation to the food, and its side effects, for some only. Life is happening therefore without problem and everyone enjoy fully from the stay.


In the passage, me allows me to say you that our group participates, parrallèle, in another noble action...
On our arrival, there was a house burned (two days before) with a family of 7 people which was then without a roof, for their fodder, shortly before the monsoon season which arrives in 2 months. A part of apprentices are therefore works since a few days to allow a fast reconstruction.

that's all for the moment. I hope that this information will be useful to you.


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At the end