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"Everything can fall over so fast to a life...
However fast the past fades as in a dream.
Christophe Gans

At the end of life

Winter 2011/2012...
While the first colds of this beginning of winter finally are smelt, Jean Dujardin, to smile black and white and knot pap rigorous, lets burst his enjoyment to have received unhoped-for
Touched of this consecration and
In the French, he will present the public festival-goer of an elegant polite phrase, faltered in a very personal style and a quotation
... "Wow, whore, brilliant, thank you very much!".

Invited TV studio sets, "Spitz" will walk its dazed and facetious smile of nominated there; a reward that he will owe in his noticed participation in the casting

During the same month of
In February and far from the tumult of the Hollywood splendors, I found Françoise and his friend on the occasion of a concert of the trio "Didier Lockwood-Richard Galliano-Stochelo Rosenberg" .
At random of shared sports and cultural passions, but also in rather close family fates - its brother Maurice while having the same peculiarity as my brother Jacques whom I must doubtless have met Françoise.

Of these gradually discovered affinities, will arise from mixed feelings ... sympathy, complicity ... empathy.

Spring revival...
A common attraction for the mountain environment, had gathered us together with other persons to cross the course of the new year. In this refuge lost of the Natural reserve of Néouvielle, this last night of the finished year had ideally passed in the enjoyment and the carefreeness of the festivities, the projects height the head...
The future belonged to us...

It is what I believed by leaving Françoise, at the end of this first day of the new year.

After concert...
We had separated in this wintry end of the evening, as leave persons who enjoy the pleasure simple to have shared moment of friendship and successful musical evening.
At the end of the show I shall make off discreetly, letting both lovers take advantage of soft moments of close friend and carnal abandonment; unforgettable moments, rich in promises of sweetnesses and expectations ... up to the night end.
We had separated on the last notes of a melancholic "Irish Ballad", a moving composition interpreted by a Didier Lockwood and a Richard Galliano, been particularly inspired; a painful melody which I shall listen to once more by writing these same

How to dream about the future?
How do not to adhere to the comment of the father of "Small Prince", when he asserts …
"TThe future is never that of the present to be cleaned up. You do not have to plan him, but to allow it
An advice, a line of conduct and life of which I did not imagine then, all the possible repercussions …
Saint-Ex! Please, draw me a happy future …

The things of the life...
At the present time moved forward of the night and while we parted on this parking lot left and beaten by an icy wind... I still ignored that I shall never see again Françoise
Small Prince, can you stop the time and redraw it the course?

Several months after this musical evening, several weeks having left messages stayed without answer, I shall learn brutally that Françoise had lived heart-rending one loving break; a break from which Françoise will never recover and who had doubtless woken in her, of old and profound wounds...
I shall also learn that by fresh one a spring morning and silently to his close relations, Françoise will rise in her car to try to retie what had been solved.
After a last night crossed in an unknown hotel, a short-lived asylum found on the edge of a long hopeful path, having made an ultimate call to the one who is the man of his life, Françoise will join her vehicle and will roam aimlessly; a lost soul,

Insidious one fate the amenera then near a bridge, a pride of the technological genius of his time...

Breath of life...
Françoise lives from now on a moment of one
Extreme and intensesolitude . Locked in soninsupportable pain Lle will forget maybe the existence of all those who are so dear to him, his two boys and his "younger brother Maurice", quite particularly
At these moments of ultimate distress, everything can again fall over to a sense or to an other one, towards the life or the nothingness...
... A shout in suspension...

Unbearable and insidious one obsession irreparably invaded the spirit torn of this woman with a sturdy character, this bruised and definite soul, this heart which beats so hardly...
All which could connect her with the life faded in front of the nothingness...

Everything can fall over so fast to a life... so fast as the past fades as in a dream.

Françoise reached from now on the end of her path,
His life tipped over...
The shout released itself...

Françoise is no more this world todayBecause she ended her life...
The day of its funeral, this beautiful flower should have celebrated its fifty four springs.

"My lasting life, I hung on to the ideal of the knowledge but I made a mistake. We made a mistake all. It is not knowledge that we need, not at all. The individuals need to learn, but the company needs other thing, the vibration of the light on the sea, the instinct which urges to nest us some against the others, to consider us the warmth. We need empathy, we need eyes which know how to cry."
Lydia Millet

My lasting life, I hung on to the ideal of the knowledge but I made a mistake. We made a mistake all. It is not knowledge that we need, not at all. The individuals need to learn, but the company needs other thing, the vibration of the light on the sea, the instinct which urges to nest us some against the others, us to consider the warmth. We need empathy

To Françoise,
To his two sons, to its brother Maurice and to Magalie, to the close relations of Françoise,
In tou (you) those who did not forget her...

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