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PH. Bernard Langlade Summits of Néouvielle and Lake of Cap-de-Long


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"I always felt extremely fragile in front of elements: on one side, a skeleton with some flesh all around; of other one, force in whom we rub ourselves, the rock, the ice, the storm."
René Desmaison

The Nature reserve of Néouvielle : Lakes and summits, Fauna and flora...
Just the once will not hurt, I have choose to begin this narrative with a selection of images...

Panorama-84mini.jpgThe Lakes of Néouvielle...
With the National Nature reserve of Ossau, in particular renowned for its "key" summit, The Peak of Noon of Ossau, the National park of Pyrenees manages a second national
... The RNN of Néouvielle.

The latter is maybe more known tourists and amateurs of hikes, for his numerous lakes.
His access facilitated by good mountain roads, in particular the "road of lakes" leading to the lakes of Aumar and to the lake of Aubert, explains maybe partly this success of associates. We also find lakes and laquets less accessible, less busy. . Among the images which have just visualized you, you were able to discover the most vast lake of the sector
Under a clement weather report, the blue of its waters will delight undoubtedly the amateurs of beautiful images.

"Cap de Long's dam is a dam of type dam - weight bends of a depth of 60 m and of a surface of 110 ha is the biggest restraint of water of the Hautes-Pyrénées with a volume of water of 63 millions of m3.

The dam measures as for him 100 m of height and it was built between 1950 and 1953 on the location of the small lake of Oustallat and former lake of Cap de Long.
You can fish for trouts fario and for cristivomers there which are sometimes of beautiful size.
Extract of the site Lakes of Pyrenees

The summits of Néouvielle...
Among the latter, the reserve counts several summits reaching the 3000 meter coast...

The Point Ramougn (3011), the Peak of Néouvielle (3091), the Peak of Three Councillors (3039), Turon du Néouvielle (3035), the Blade of Crabounouse (3021), the Peak of Bugarret (3031), the Tooth of Estibére-male (3017), the Long Peak (3192), the Peak Maubic (3058), the Peak Badet (3160)
The Peak Maou (3074), the Peak Campbieil (3173), and finally the Peak of Estaragne (3006), summit
That I present you in the lines which follow

The massif also contains beautiful summits, sometimes a "technical" access but not reaching this symbolic coast
The Nasty Peak (2944) , the Peak of Estibère (2663), the oriental Point of the hourquette of Aubert (2599), the Peak of Madaméte (2657), the Peak of Gourguet (2619), the Mount Arrouy (2778) , the Careful Peak (2787), the Peak of the coume of the bear (2855) The Peak of Maucapéra (2702).

Fauna and flora
The Nature reserve of Néouvielle

Google Earth allows you to visualize a card in 3D of the sector...

Views of the Sky

Settle your altimeter...
Departure: stepping Bridge Brook of Estaragne 2079
Top of the valley of Estaragne 2380
Oblique paving stone 2845
The crest sommitale 2930
Estaragne 3006
The lake-dam of Cap-de-Long 2161

The hike...
I had not meant walking in the sector, since the visit of one of the beautiful summits of the massif. Rising of the top of the lake of Cap-de-Long, the Point Ramougn3011) Excite the curiosity of the climbers by its particularly disentangled shape and its inaccessibility is similar.
On the photo above, it is the summit surmounting the lake and situated most to the right (pyramidal shape).

And on the photo appearing in link below... Peak of three councillors, Peak of Néouvielle and Points Ramougn...
The photo
I had discovered this beautiful summit to the rather stiff walls, by climbing his south wall. Accompanied with good climbers, had climbed us these beautiful walls by following the (approximate) progress of a way (D-/5a / 6 longueurs/Peu equipped) and by a fish bone in the recognized aestheticism...
Blatant Delight

After a shortened night, consider held by two good hours of road supported since Toulouse, lesoleil is hardly raised when we come down from car, the still clouded spirit. Together with three randonneursmotivé (e), Nicole, Olive and Thierry, we shall take advantage of this beginning of autumn for revivreune time encorele simple pleasure of a The first colds of October already are smelt, while an omnipresent flora has already dressed its autumn finery, for the pleasure of our enthusiastic looks; bright colour turning of a bronze warmed in a blazing red, a time of an autumn, cyclically repeated autumn legends.
We shall have to force the speed to warm us a little.
Had initially planned us to realize a buckle following partly the lake of Cap-de-long, by visiting in the passage two beautiful summits of the sector: the Peak of Estaragne and the Peak Campbiel.

After us to be warmed of one revitalizing ardent tea, we shall start our walking below the dam of Cap-de-Long (approximately 1.5 km and about lower 100 meters). At the level of a small stepping bridge Brook of Estaragne (2079 On the card)We shall take off Due south.
We penetrate in the valley of Estaragne. The route does not present particular difficulty: the path is drawn well and rises gradually by following the left bank of the
More upstream, we reach a projection gone back up by the right. We reach finally the top of the valley of Estaragne (2380) And central girders then the wall of the Cylinder of Estaragne. The course is kept on the collar of Estaragne Déjàse profile on the background of a bright blue. At this level, the slope recovers strongly
To note that the persons wishing to make the buckle without passing by the peak of Estaragne, could borrow the collar to realize her; route not yet tested personally.

After a rocky projection (2570) And leaving the collar of Estaragne on our right, we shall walk gradually southward and towards the left, using a passage in balcony overhanging the valley. By taking gradually a little of height, the path Cairné And grassy, quickly becomes more rocky.
From 2720 And approximately 2:40 am of walking, we shall turn towards the Southwest in the direction of a small tilted paving stone (3:05 am, 2845). On this passage which can be delicate to cross, it will be necessary to put hands (escalation in adhesion with some slides and good grips).
In this October, the cold of season left some tracks: modest flow on this oblique wall ... became ice. Thierry, who had quickly risen on the right, will find himself in trouble on this surface in the icy passages. Olive, gone up forward, will be quits it to go out his RopeSensibly caught by Thierry who will cross then the obstacle in passing more to the left.
To note that even without the presence of ice or hoarfrost, this passage deserves a minimum of concentration. A not caught up skid jeterait the clumsy person in an endless slide; an endless skid in the doubtless disastrous outcome.
It is what pointed out to us two walkers of CAF premises, who had joined us on this passage. Not much time previously, a clumsy walker left it the life.
The oblique path then the South-southeast then returns on the West, on passages in mass of fallen rocks which allow to reach the crest (2930). Above, the summit of Peak Of Estaragne 3:50 am is reached by by-passing the crest by the North (, 3006). Since this oblique summit and in the vertiginous walls, a magnificent panorama offers itself to our envious looks.
I shall learn him at this moment, the peak of Estaragne is the first one 3000 of Thierry. It is also ... the first Pyrenean summit climbed by this excellent walker.
In front of our envious and inquiring looks, the summit of the Peak of Campbieil (
3173) Waits more than our visit...
In our initial route, it was planned that we chain the ascent of both summits. Nevertheless, the presence of a dangerous layer of snow frozen on the walls of Campbiel, will incite us to see again our ambitions of departure. Not equipped (absence of ice axe, studs), we shall decide after discussion with our friends cafistes, to put back the rise to Campbieil in the another day.

After a repair and contemplative pose of use, we shall lower Southwest near the crest up to a collar (4 hours 25, 2920m) Then shall plunge NNO towards the valley of course - de-Long. By tumbling down each at its pace, masses of fallen rocks under the campbiel, we shall reach the valley of Cap-de-Long.
We shall not come down until the level of the brook, but take off towards the Northeast (2840) In the direction of a laquet.
Right now, we shall pass on left bank of the brook (2590).
Proof in image of the local biodiversity, Nicole will photograph near the stream, the beautiful succulent plant which seems to tighten us his Small arms Hairy.
After some searches on an excellent botanical guide, whom I deeply recommend and that I have the honor to possess (*), I shall eventually identify this sort, helped by this best seller. An identification then confirmed by the sensible advice of some enthusiast of botany, that I also thank. This beautiful plant is one
Androsace ciliated (Androsace ciliata).
The naturalist and the cartographer Georges Dupias dedicated one maid left his professional life, in the census of the new sorts of the Pyrenean flora. He is besides an assistant manager of the Service of the card of the vegetation (CNRS) and participated actively in the development of the National park of Pyrenees.
* Flowers of the National park of Pyrenees (
2 Volumes) of Georges Dupias.

The slope becomes more marked appreciably and we shall go back on the rivedroite (2340). Losing gradually of the height, we shall eventually lower due north in the direction of the Southern bank of the lake of Cap-de-Long. Turning gradually eastward and loser of the height, we shall join a rocky path in balcony; a part of the route rather "breaks legs", where alternate an endless succession of rises and descents. Indeed, by arriving above the vast Lake of Cap-de-Long and after this good day of walking, we2280). This rocky path in balcony stretches above the lake. The environment became very Zen: between these big blocks, abound junipers and pines with hooks, but also beautiful flowers in the brilliant colors presence of which fragile seems inconvenient in an environment so inhospitable. The native, sometimes very discreet fauna, knows how to draw the attention Écla Aunts.
In front of us, erasing the landscape of them massive verticality, the summits of Néouvielle reveal their sensational whiteness on the background of color heavens azure. The vast lake of Cap-de-Long overflows almost a Colors Seas of the South. The presence of a characteristic flora of the mountain environment, the pines with hooks and feet of blueberries, particularly, does not prevent the illusion.
By following the endless lake by this path in balcony, we get closer gradually to its bank and will eventually reach Cap de Long's dam (
We shall find a multitude of tourists in the extravagantly colored clothes there, come take advantage of the landscape by cooling in one of the numerous camps... open-air dance halls at the water's edge.
For the continuation of the route, we shall have to lower the road on 1.5 kilometers, to get back our vehicle (

Flying over the route in 3D...
If you possess the (free) software Google EarthYou can visualize the initially planned route and without making the slightest manipulation.
Not having been able to realize the ascent of the second peak (Campbiel) and contrary to the virtual images,
Having risen on the first summit (Estaragne)We shall come down immediately in the valley (without passing by the campbielh) coming down towards the lake of course - de-long.
The first lake perceived in the beginning of simulation is the lake of Orédon.

Download Earth Google

The route in images
With more details and in music...

The summits of Néouvielle

Diverse information...
. Cards: IGN in 1/25000
Card N 1748 OT- Gavarnie - Luz-Saint-Sauveur - National park
Card N On 1748 AND - Néouvielle-valley of Aure

. Profile of the hike :
A buckle 14 km in length and of 1300 meters of made uneven
JPEG - 8.7 ko

. Access:
We shall reunite Pyrenees by borrowing A64 in the direction of Tarbes, until Lannemezan (ttaken out 16--Lannemezan / Arreau / Auch)). In the traffic circle, take the 3rd sortie:D939en direction deLa Barthe-de-Neste / Arreau / Auch / hospitals. Take then the direction of Spain by.
Having left Saint-Lary-Soulan, D929 leads
Then to Tramezaïgues, Eget-quoted then to Fabian. Since this last village, continue on the same road which takes off towards the right (and the North) ) on the heights of the fir plantation of Couplan. A little higher and in a wide bend, the road leads us to a
(That we leave on his right)
Led to the lakes of orédon and to the other lakes of the sector: Laquettes, lakes of Aumar and Aubert. In the same bifucation, we shall continue on D929 leading to the lake-dam of Cap-de-Long.
In fact, for this route in buckle,
We start the forward to have reached the dam of the lake of course - de-long (22161). The departure is made since the road, below and as high as the brook of Estaragne Quoted on 2079 on the card IGN (approximately 100 meters below the dam).
To note that...
"The road is closed dice at the end of October (according to snow coverage or risk) till the beginning of June, a partial opening can intervene until Artigus (aaccess to Oule)). The access to the lake of Aubert by the road since Orédon is regulated between July 1st and September 15th.
Extract of the site Lakes of Pyrenees

. The Nature reserve of Néouvielle
Views of the Sky

. Another look
The blog of

The corner of the climbers: point Ramougn - Fish bone Been born...
This is what says about it the Guide Pascal Ravier, besides the nephew of the famous twins pyrénéistes:
What's to be done in mountain after a fall of snow at the end of June? Of the mixed! Travel on Tuesday, June 22nd with Yo of the fish bone northeast of Ramougn (D D inf / 200 m.). Attractive classic with beautiful sections of rock-climbing on a very frank granite. To finish, it was rather dry, little of Approaches and return opportunities by the still very low snow coverage on sides is of Ramougn. The fish bone is relatively equipped (quite a lot of hooks). Plan qq camalots between 0.3 and 0.75 for the comfort and qq stoppers means. Descent by her Facet is of carefree Ramougn in spite of the snow on ledges.
A beautiful running of fish bone which will give rise in of
Remarkable images of escalation. They reveal us the air progress of the access to a summit on which the father of the video director had brought us: Alain Charbonnel (blue beret)
These images were realized by means of a camera GoProWhich reveal a new pictorial quality in this domain.

Point Ramougn:Arête Been born

In lira attentively...

The routes which I describe on this blog ensue from observations and perceptions which are personal me.
This generously shared information, does not dispense the reader of the required skills (cartographic, meteo …) authorizing him to progress under his only responsibility in a potentially precarious universe. I deeply encourage the reader to plunge also, in the reading of cards and rundowns-guides. They and They are drafted (e) by professionals of the hike or the mapping. The control of these invaluable tools is thus inescapable in the serious preparation of an exit in natural environment.
The writers of Rundowns and routes published on this blog can be kept on no account for personally persons in charge, of inaccuracies, omissions or errors in their descriptions.
They disclaim all liability in the event of an accident arisen during exits suggested on this blog.

Texts, photos and slide show
Bernard Langlade

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