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PH. Bernard Langlade L' Arbizon since the girl brêche of Aurey


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"Over clouds, there is always of the sun""
Pierre Dudan

Settle your altimeter...
Parking lot of the Barns of Lugues : 1400
Fork: 1560
Hut of Ispigous: 1650
Top of the valley: 2060
Walked 1: 2218
Walked 2: 2258

Small collar: 2295
Breach of Aurey 2654
Small breach of Aurey: 2665
Summit of Arbizon: 2831

Made uneven: 1450
A delicate fireplace
By wet weather

MapSource GPS tracks (Garmin)
Thanks to JP Dugène

The route on
Google Earth

The Regional Nature reserve
Of Aulon

The rush towards Aure...
In 2008, an excellent broadcast spread on France3Sud, so parodied its own title by dedicating a shutter to the valley of Aure.
Link towards this broadcast, at the end of article.

The Barns of Lurgues …
This attractive hamlet of the valley of Aure is situated on the territory of the municipality of Aulon, on the West this one. Established by about fifteen skillfully restored barns, this village corresponds probably to an image sometimes looked for of the city-dweller of passage; the postcard of high moved back lands and foothills of central Pyrenees; Ilôts of serenity where the traveler can again hope to get fresh ideas, in 1000 leagues
... A world to part,
Hivernalement Coupé of the world.
The warned visitor and potentially introduced, can hope to cross a few days of holidays in a popular isolation and an assured discretion there.

At the beginning of September 2012, this peaceful hamlet saw its tranquillity usual, disrupted by the organization of the 21th edition of her Fair of the Estives.
These seasonal festivities doubtless represent, so many opportunities of fertile exchanges between different universes, which sometimes meet.
The community mountain dweller and pastoral is next to city-dwellers in search of protected authenticity and skillfully put there with current tastes; eternal one remake of a well ground scenario, that of an improbable meeting of a past-present recomposed...

The most imaginative (ve) of these day visitors, can reveal on these faces of hard mountain dwellers occupied with praising the virtues of the products of the hard labours, the shade of the pioneers of bygone days. These illustrious former from now on gone down in history, had the boldness to darken the front pages of Pyréneisme in its infancy.
In a private capacity, I like the idea that a Célestin Passet who was a farmer before becoming the guide whom we know, was able to negotiate with the aieux of these hard horse dealers during bitter bargainings.
While the Republic
, la IIIth, Is there still for his calculations and questioning, the career mountain dweller of this Pyrenean guide begins in July, 1872. Accompanying count Henry Russell-Killough, they will realize together the first one of the Mount Lost by the East. Later, this outstanding guide will accompany "the Eagle of Pyrenees" " in other explorations so precarious. Count Russell owes maybe more his fame, in a Pyrenean massif The long pike of Vignemale.

The Fair of Estives-- Edition 2011

"Assured discretion? … But, my good sir, even there Dead woman-season It is fast said "

Indeed, the presence of a parking lot (situated on the right) allows the inhabitants but also the walkers of passage, to come to discover the heights of this interesting Regional Nature reserve.
That we say it to ourselves and in defects of these punctual demonstrations of life, the tranquillity of places would be total there and the rest would be probably eternal there. Generally speaking, when the summer excitement eased, the silence stays of Aure there.

Ikebana and Pyréneisme...
By penetrating into this associative workshop,
"Workshop of flower arranging Flower of life " Situated in a municipality of the Toulousian urban area, I was far from imagining that he would lead me one day on one of the beautiful summits of Central Pyrenees. Without granting of particular credit to the notion of Fate, I could not ignore this irony of fate; this internship of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) took place in the premises
One modest good traffic lane, which peaked with difficulty in 191 meters above the level of the blue streams. Pressing me on an established physical principle, a become currency (*), and because this street seemed to be able to float till kingdom come without undergoing any tsunami or even the slightest convenient roll in deceptive one seasickness, thus it was possible to me to hope to visit one day this summit from which this street had borrowed the name. Thus when the time comes, I would not have to dread any wreck there, not even insidious one
(* Fluctuat nec mergitur )

Why not to begin this discovery of the heights of the valley of Aure, by a selection of images followed by explanatory comments?

P1015831 sommet en vue mini1000

These fearless two twin are just 18 years old, when they climb in 1951 the north face of the small Peak of Noon of Ossau; a remarkable summit which the local mountain dwellers baptized … Jean-Pierre.
Would this nickname result from respective first names of these two extraordinary twins?

1968, Under pavements, beach …
May, 1968 … In the streets of Paris, a crowd of students stimulated by one "Danie the red" " talkative and other licensed troublemakers, tears away pavements in the general enjoyment. Patiently assembled Philippe-AugusteThese fragments of mountain will allow these overexcited students, to set up barricades. These same pieces of granite freed from their multisecular corset, will occasionally be bombarded on the head of enthusiastic and omnipresent members of the antiriot police. These streets taken up the paving stones, livened up by an expanding insurrectionary climate, then let appear the sand which recovers from now on the road. Although taken away from the beaches of Dauville or Morbilhan, the sweetness of this burning May will mark the spirits of these budding revolutionaries. An image quite at the same time revolutionary and festive of those whom
In May, 68, The inheritance
During the same year but taken away the tumult of the revolutionary splendors of another world, the brother Ravier climb peacefully the north pillar of himArbizon.
It is on the same summit that the third of the brothers Ravier, Doctor Paul Ravier, will kill in July, 2001. Accompanied with his two brothers, this tough mountain dweller tried the junction of small and big Arbizon by progressing on one
Delicate Fish bone.
His son, Pascal RavierGuide of High Mountain and pyrénéiste ImpliedWill go away temporarily from the mountain following this family tragedy.
The brothers Ravier

The route...

Time of walking...
Having forgotten the times realized during this hike, thus I would refer to those realized by my companion Peio. To have already shared several exits mountain with this excellent pyréneiste, and knowing its rhythm of progress, thus I would resume its own times of walking.
Mapping : Top IGN 25 1748 AND.

Following the example of nearby prestigious sound the peak of Noon of Bigorre, Arbizon occupies a place of choice and away from the main axis of the Pyrenean chain. This gap and this relative estrangement of the high summits, allows the walker to take advantage of a very clear panorama towards the plain and the mountain. Although not appearing in her List of 3000 Pyreneans And when weather conditions allow it, this summit is to be classified among the most beautiful belvederes of Pyrenees.

Accompanying a group of four walkers of which an excellent walker, Gaëlle, we shall start our walking since the parking lot of the Barns of Lugues.
With the permission of Peio, thus I would resume the presentation of its route, sensibly argued and detailed.

"- 0:00 am Parking lot of the Barns of Lurgues, 1400m :Suivre the path which leaves towards the Northwest.
At the end of 20 mn, having cut a brook, we reach a crossing in 1560 m. Presence of 2 panels, among which the one indicates "Auloueilh" and the other one "Arbizon".
Follow the latter who rises in scarf in the wood over a valley.
- 0:50 am Hut of Espigous, on 1650 m :Le path, drawn in the grass, leaves the hut in approximately 100m below on the left, and goes
- 1:00 am :Il reaches the brook in a few minutes: not TO CROSS but to go back up this brook rivets IS (left bank, thus to the right of the brook))... WITHOUT EVER
Thus continue to the right (NO.) on a path at first little visible (well to spot cairns in the grass at first) which rises along the valley and rises towards the Port of Paloume. We do not delay following a gully lined with mass of fallen rocks on the right hillside. We are then on the Coume d' Espigous. In 1870m, the path follows the shape of the valley and crosses a rivulet.
- 1:30 am at 1:45 am :Après have crossed a big rock, and before rising, always left bank, towards a forgery-collar, noticing on the right the water springing from rocks (FFountain of
Leave the valley to rise to the right to the ESE, to the right of the fountain, by using an easy rocky corridor, then one second no more difficult "fireplace-corridor".
Over the second "fireplace", towards 2235m, the path transfers to the left (ENE) and crosses a grassy projection to approach a flatter zone. (Welcome Break, unusual metallic panel ...)
- 2:20 am: the way turns in the North and reaches masses of fallen rocks Which become fast painful and unstable.
In 2420m, she goes to the left (NO.), makes a big lace and eventually crosses a small rocky bar.
- 3 hours: follow the base of a (whitish) cliff by the right.
Cross a ravine and go to the Northwest to reach at the level of the breach of Aurey, easily locatable (more visible path and numerous cairns).
- 3:20 am Breach of Aurey, on 2654 m. :La way undertakes to the right.
Too much not follow the thread of the crest but spot a little farther a path, slightly below to the right (see photo). It goes height IS, becomes more rocky and more stiff, and leads with no problem at all particular in the summit.
- 4 hours at 4:15 am: THE ARBIZON, 2831m : Geodesic border.
Immense panorama in clear weather.
Return by the same route.
The site of Peio


Since the summit, the panorama on:
Peak of Noon of Bigorre O-NO
Peak of Néouvielle O-SO
Nasty peak, Lost Mount SO
Peak of Munia S-SO
Peaks of Batoua, Lustou S
Peaks of Hourgade, Gourgs Blancs; born Mount, Maubermé E-; BEEN BORN Areng, Nistos E-; signal of Bassia, Payolle N; helmet of Lhéris, Tarbes N-NO.

The rush towards Aure ... The broadcast
Arbizon Paragliding

In lira attentively...
The routes which I describe on this blog ensue from observations and perceptions which are personal me.
This generously shared information, does not dispense the reader of the required skills (cartographic, meteo …) authorizing him to progress under his only responsibility in a potentially precarious universe. I deeply encourage the reader to plunge also, in the reading of cards and rundowns-guides. They and They are drafted (e) by professionals of the hike or the mapping. The control of these invaluable tools is thus inescapable in the serious preparation of an exit in natural environment.
The writers of Rundowns and routes published on this blog can be kept on no account for personally persons in charge, of inaccuracies, omissions or errors in their descriptions.
They disclaim all liability in the event of an accident arisen during exits suggested on this blog.

Rundown: Lagrole in Pyrenees

Texts, photos and slide show
Bernard Langlade

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