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"It is not laporteouvertequifaitlalibertémaisplutô tdesavoirpourquoil' onsort
Patrick Segal (Come the death, we is going to dance)

Titeuf at the school …

"Me displeasure, Me displeasure, Manu he said that the Earth she is blue as smurfs, It is pô really?"
"Mon cher Titeuf, this naming of" blue planet "was given to the Earth by the first astronauts who were able to observe this tint since the space."
To go beyond this pleasant discussion, fearless primary school teacher would have been able to specify in sound so relevant raise, that this tint so specific is the result of the presence of a plentiful and observable body of water in all his states (liquid, solid, gaseous). A peculiarity in the vast observed universe, which makes of our planet mother and in the present state of the cosmological knowledge, the exception among the other celestial bodies; the presence of water, an exception but also a precondition for the appearance of the life on a planet.

The Planet ocean...

World ocean: the generic and all-embracing name ofOcean, Defines this vast area of continuous salt water. This liquid world recovers more of 2/3 of the surface of the globe and surround continents and archipelagoes. This globalized Ocean is traditionally subdivided into three complexes (Atlantic, Indian and peaceful), respectively separated by the continental limits. These vast marine sets are also distinguished by their structural specificities, (composition and traffic of the water).
In these first three marine zones, are added two other oceans which sometimes make debates: the Southern ocean (or Antarctic ocean) and the Arctic ocean.
The first one is often considered only as a simple south portion of three other oceans. His limits remain all the more vague, generally in the South of 60E Parallel.

The Arctic ocean which interests us particularly, is not doubtless the most hospitable place of the planet. Through these vast marine passes which establish StraitsHe communicates with the northern parts of two oceanic sets:
The Atlantic ocean, fed by the big bodies of water through her The Barents Sea And Strait of Fram.
The ocean Arctic Is also in the contact of the peaceful ocean, via her The Bering Sea And The Bering StraitLargely covered by the ice floe, according to the season.

Strait of Béring - Latitude 66 the North, Longitude 169 W...

This pass 1200 km in length and 60 km wide in its most narrow part, separates Siberia and Alaska. During the last era Glacial periodWhile the level of the oceans was situated lower 120 meters, the current oceanic bottom was for a good part emerged. This low oceanic level so allowed a part of tribes come from Asia, to migrate to the American continent. They are known from now on under the naming of Peoples Amerindians.
This glacial period was finished, the level of the oceans rose gradually until reach its current level. The strait of Béring became again what it is nowadays, a vast oceanic pass where rush waters of the Pacific into the Arctic ocean. We can imagine easily that the common strong presents on zone, that they are bound to the tide and to the coastal and submarine relief, return the very precarious crossing of the strait.

Strait and Climate

The Earth seen of the sky...
In the center of this strait and the former limit of the "Curtain of ice, vestige of the cold war, … two islands lost in the middle of this vast arm of the sea; emerging Sandbanks of a rocky tray resting by one fifty of the meters down (bby slack of tide base and strong coefficient) Diomède (Islands Gvozdev)
By sad one summer day boreal and between these two emerging islands, two men fights in a trained and icy sea, against a strong current...

Insignificant aquatic silhouettes, followed of some frail boats: Philippe Croizon and Arnaud Chassery, left Alaska and the Girl Diomède, swim eastward, Asia and the Big Diomède.

Portraits …
Arnaud Chassery
The man who seems solid and discreet, is especially a multi-purpose and hardened sportsman; a nature lover and big spaces. Professional managerial employee of natural activities (Orientation, Mountain, MOUNTAIN BIKE, Canöe or the same sea kayak), this experienced climber is besides teaching and AMM.
But the sport of Arnaud Chassery's preference stays the swimming.

"HHe participates in world championships Master's degrees of swimming in free water to Perth (Australia). From his earliest childhood, he has an obsession: one day, he will swim across Manche! Every summer, he so attends, dreamy, on arrival heroic of the swimmers on the beach of Wissant (Pas-de-Calais). It is finally August 29th, 2008, after several years of intensive training, that Arnaud carries out his child's dream: he connects the beach of Folkestone (England) with Cap-Blanc-Nez (Pas-de-Calais) in 16 hours and 38 minutes. (A A physical and mental
Then very fast, Arnaud settles a new objective: dreaded crossed by the strait of Gibraltar … That he carries out two years later, touching of little the record of France of the duration of swimming.
Through movies and conferences, he communicates regularly on his crossings to make share his passion to a wide public.

Extract of the site AzurelitePro

"Each has to sublimate in the way, with its means. It is necessary to know how to listen to its heart, the energy which we draw it is common to every
This leitmotiv repeated urbi et orbi by Arnaud Chassery, did not go unnoticed of the general public.
He especially drew the attention of a very singular man, whom does not still know the swimmer of the oceans...

Philippe Croizon
In March 5th, 1994, in the daytime which changed its life …
Young 27-year-old dad, Philippe is in full moving. While on the roof of its detached house, He defuses the television antenna, the sky falls him on the head and will upset irreparably its life: the resulting current of one 20000 volt high-tension line, crosses its body...
A first discharge kills him, one second brings him back to life...

Under the frightened and powerless looks of his (ex) Philippe marry and of his son, catches fire during 20 endless minutes; Philippe is literally "stuck" on the antenna, the lively and almost passed on burnt person. Feeling the end coming, Philippe will have nevertheless the strength to say goodbye
Everything seems Finity

In the night silence and going out of two months of coma, Philippe wakes up in a silent room which he does not know: a sterile hospital room. Barded by pipes, he eventually reports that energetic steelworker that he is, is partially amputated by four members; under the elbow and the knee, … a terrible absence. Philippe Croizon lost an arm, a forearm, the two hands, his two shins, his two feet …

At this man young and full of ardour, until this day worried to build its future of young man, father, husband, … the face of the world changed, darkened. Each can imagine the dark thoughts, the feeling of solitude and injustice, rabies also doubtless, the mixed sensations which will galvanize this man hurt in the flesh and in the soul... A passion for life.

«Everything can fall over so fast to a life, However fast the past fades as in a dream.

Heads or tails, die or decide to live?
Philippe, in spite of the dark thoughts and the extreme solitude which from now on live in his everyday life, is a fighter. Thus he will fight, against the somber fate which failed took its life but also for his son, his wife and her close relations. Of this extraordinary experience, real resurrection, and his crossing of Channel, Philippe Croizon will pull a moving work, written with his guts and a big modesty.
"Drafted by means of a software of voice recognition, this work returns on the incredible route of a man who, après every these year of fight, did not stop

j'ai décidé de vivre le livre
"Each has to sublimate in the way, with its means. It is necessary to know how to listen to its heart, the energy which we draw it is common to every human being".
Since the bottom of its painful solitude and discovering Arnaud Chassery's exploit - the swum across of Manche, Philippe Croizon hears this message of hope which will resound durably in its soul and in its flesh.

"It is not the open door which makes the freedom but rather know why we go out", Had augured at the appropriate time another severely wounded of the life, Patrick Segal.
Bright one door half-opened on another possible and Philippe knows perfectly why he will cross her.
Arnaud Chassery who does not still know him, will soon be his mentor in this long collection of life, maybe one day a reliable friend; a close relation on whom Philippe can resume taste in the life, in a new moose …

As happy as a lark …
Philippe will put every his energy so that this bruised body resumes life, hopes for another future. The liquid element and the relative weightlessness which reigns there, is doubtless the environment the most adapted to this rehabilitation. Later, Philippe Croizon will confess with emotion the reality of this appreciated revival.
A day, Philippe and Arnaud from now on embarked on the same adventure, will train a crazy dream …

From a continent to the other one …
Both swimmers will unite their strengths but also their courage to make a success of an incredible challenge: for four months, connect 5 continents by swimming: Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and America and so to make a real world tour in only four months. Philippe and Arnaud will have to adapt itself and entrainer hard to push away their physical and mental limits; they already have an idea of undid who waits for them. Indeed in 2008, Arnaud Chassery realized the crossing of Manche. Two years later, he will make a success of the extraordinary crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar.
It is in 2010 and equipped with an equipment in titanium and buckles of palms
"Asymmetrical" Composite of glass carbon-fiber and Model specially conceived for Philippe by a young company located in Vannes That Philippe Croizon Makes a success of the exploit.
U term of a long and patient preparation, he makes a success of the crossing of Manche by swimming there joignantFolkestone and Course Grey-nose, in 13 hours and

Connect 5 continents by swimming …
... "AAn ode in the overtaking of one, in the solidarity and in the equality between
In figures, this crossing represents:
The precarious crossing of four straits, or p
Read by 85 km of swimming and 45 hours all in all
Face violent currents, fear of meeting sharks, killer whales or jellyfishes in the mortal poison,
Evolve in very warm waters (until 26°C in the Red Sea) ) or very cold
(Between 0°C and 3°C in the strait of Béring).
A thermal parameter which will raise problems to Thierry, whose body is particularly sensitive to the cold. A peculiarity which will clearly be clarified by his friend doctor, during the Arctic expedition.
Without forgetting also the uncertainties bound to the administrative formalities (authorizations, reassurance), met here and there.

This crazy dream was realized finally, by exceeding the objective difficulties, the concerns and the questionings. During this long preparation, Philippe was made a new friend: the young person Téo. A teenager who for medical reasons, is also partially amputated by a part of his four members and who, in his turn, found his new mentor, new hopes.

Beyond the human exploit and beyond the gratitude MediaThis sporting achievement is also and maybe especially a human and united adventure; an adventure where the circle of acquaintances
Occupy a place of choice ; And quite particularly Suzanna, the new partner of Philippe as well as the mom of Philippe, without forgetting the young person Téo who shares the same peculiarity as Philippe.
Beyond the spread images and the unspoken, the history of these two exceptional men allows us maybe to bring to light their love for their close relations, the empathy which they show towards their fellow men.
Swim beyond the borders Or the exploit which moves closer to human beings, gather in a healthy communion and beyond their differences …
Another look on the Handicap but also another philosophy of life.

"It is beyond the words that are made the real memberships"
Patrick Segal (The man who walked in the head)
(Patrick Segal, become paraplegic following an accident, will live upheavals similar to those lived one day, by Philippe Croizon.)

Thalassa, the magazine of the Sea...

Undoubtedly it is necessary to pay a well deserved tribute, in this excellent broadcast spread since a few decades on Fr3.
The team deGeorges Pernoud spread November 30th, 2012, moving report dedicated to these two exceptional swimmers, that are Philippe Croizon and Arnaud Chassery. A movie realized by Robert Iseni, Charlène Gravel and coproduced by Gédéon Programmes
Without falling in of attractive dumped excessively loaded with emotional, which make the delights of certain television, the directors depicted with a lot of modesty, the history of a very singular life. Beyond an authentic sporting achievement lived by these two sportsmen, it is also the history of the resurrection which these authors put in images.

"Swim beyond the borders "

"Push away the human and physical borders, see beyond the usual look of the valid on the disabled persons …
Swim beyond the borders An unpublished documentary is. It is the history lived by Philippe Croizon and Arnaud Chassery: connect in 4 months, side by side, 5 continents by swimming. A real ode in the courage, in the solidarity, in the overtaking of one. A magnificent example of equality between the men.

From a Continent to the other one...

The report
Swim beyond Borders
Another look on the handicap

Thalassa, the magazine of her Sea

Text: Bernard Langlade
Translation: Flavius.Reverso

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