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Thursday, September 27, 2012 4 27 /09 /Sep /2012 14:00


Don't worry-you I have not been drinking or smoked the carpet, the Bill which has never hidden his affection for France, on Wednesday, mentioned with humor a possible candidacy to the French presidency. "The only two countries where I present to be elected to the presidency are Ireland, if I installed and that I bought a house, because I could compete because of my Irish descent," and France" because I am born in Arkansas, which is part of the surrendered lands at the time of sale of the Louisiana" by France to the United States in 1803, he explained. Any person born in a place of the world that has been part of the French empire, if it is installed in France, living there six months and speaks French, can be a candidate to the presidency of the country "has pursued Bill Clinton, 66 years, who has been president of the United States from 1993 to 2001. A theoretical survey on its chances of access to the Elysee him had, a few years ago, gave "good results", he stressed, in an interview conducted at the margins of the meeting of its foundation, Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

So I said to myself: this is a good news even if a little stagey Bill has added "And I said to myself: this is very good. But it is the best that I will ever be able to do, because once they have heard my bad French accent sci-fi southerner, i would be caught in the figures really low in a week and I will be grid" he is bored this poor Bill during that Hillary played in the Court of Queen of the world, and intends to present in 4 years the US presidential. So I said to myself as in our beautiful country we have another dropped him also that is trying to rebuild the cherry on the side of the economy for the people forgot his business of legs in the air, that a hot ticket would be possible. You understand that the second on the ticket that is our DSK with Bill, he shared a craving for the alcoves and the lovely trainees, but they are also very effective in the management of affairs.

DSK, am I being told, desperate attempts to repeat a health by a return, via the economic world. This expensive Dodo explained that he wanted to make " new ideas" against the crisis. As everyone knows he is an economist listening and consulted with, then I begged: Dodo is good, you started your new business: after Beijing in December last, Cambridge in March, thou art reached the VIP forum in mid-September in the city of Yalta, Ukraine, thou gave last Friday in Marrakech, Morocco, thy light on the theme: "emerging countries in the global governance". So must thou be patient, that thou thy moderate angulations, that thou not let go to thy natural slope. Anne Sinclair threw thee certainly but a new life opens to thee: to any sinner mercy, takes the wheel of Bill, I haven't written sucks the wheel because it would have been too easy, proposed him to form a ticket for 2017, him in president and debonair thee a Prime Minister chic and shock. In short, the more it would perhaps be of ideas to his buddy Nicolas but him I am not sure that he wants to do team because it is too custom, he does not like that the staff…

By JACQUES BERTHOMEAU - Published in: the afterwork the taulier
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Thursday, September 27, 2012 4 27 /09 /Sep /2012 12:09 AM


First of all I believe that Bercovici you has a little escagasse, I do recognize you not well under his stroke of the pen expensive Ghislain, in real life you are much more feisty ,your next bubbling over, whereas here you schemer vaguely to a cousin-germain of have been shattered over matine to cope on the qui vive. Certainly the scenario puts you in a comfortable position very little but when I read the words that Simmat place in the bubbles - the fine bubbles, of course, to a great year - supposedly suspended above or below your Auguste and proud head i do not find your head. I am embarrassed a tad because I have the impression of watching a wave lining and ca disturbs me, which for the champenois that I am not takes on the appearance of wine clear (yes i know a wine which is clear disorder can disrupt the uninitiated).


Another point that bothers me in the sequence that touches you, dear Ghislain, is that in the face of this mystery, the perturbation of the Royal Agreement, see the official "champagne Bollinger of Buckingham since the conquest of the Indies" thrown into the murky waters of the River Thames and you "the heir Bollinger, a leading figure in the vineyards of Champagne, dismissed as a mere VRP" your acute sense of the decision have not caused you an immediate reaction: touches of suite on your Iphone to attach the boss of the Branch 00 of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) known as the M, and of course Q, the director of the equipment section. Or, even more effective called Bond directly in his apartment in Kings Road in Chelsea. You would be dropped on May his old nanny scottish and 007 this would be made a pleasure of jumping into his Aston-Martin and to settle this case in three shots of spoon to pot through the layer of hot perv to bait a few more substantial than those of the prudish ladies to Aÿ. You can imagine the head of Simmat and Bercovici if, taking them on their own petard, you foutiez in the air their beautiful scenario just begun. The cata what, but I know you too gentlemen Ghislain, and a little player, then you did not want to take advantage of your secret weapon.


Let us go back to the beginning of the history, of this master Perignon, in his abbey of Hautvillers near to Epernay, sharing the layer of ribaudes, making berating by the archbishop-duke for his lust and his risking experimentation, ca risk of straightening the ladies to Aÿ and elsewhere in Champagne, which I mentioned the existence, especially at the output of the mass or of the temple, just before to go to the pastry chef to buy the cake from the Sunday, then proceed to the brocante. In emphasizing this fact I am only taking back what wrote in the form of council, a man allowed, Jean-Paul Kauffmann, in "Trip to Champagne 1990 " : " thou passest over there also thy weekend, otherwise thou shalt break the essential: the mass or the temple, the transition to the pastry and the flea market… " The kaafir that i am loved put a little spice in the tea-parties of our beautiful province. As to thee Ghislainn- yes i as tu for ca -, as I do te found not a head of heir since the day or we croisâmes in the corridors of the INRA of Rungis or thy colleagues in the laboratory, SCECS student the become of the pig, protesters also held up that of Reiser on their official publications, I think that thou shalt make evidence of pedagogy from these ladies to the beautiful permanent. Finally, without wanting to play on the words, thou art a Montgolfier and thy ancestors Joseph and Étienne inventors and manufacturers of hot air balloons, have been in a certain way of precursors in the art and the way to send in the air.


Finally, to become a little serious, quoting again JPK, I must confess my dear Ghislain my chagrin to find that the dance is carried out, in the BD of Simmat&Bercovici, to make a long story short, by a Parisian, certainly of adoption since do in Roubaix, " The novelty is that the Great Game * champenois is played for a large share in Paris and not more in Epernay or Reims. This movement of the pole of decision to the capital, that have chosen to live the heads of house of major groups and their staffs, is an object of concern for the future. The absence of entrenchment is a handicap for a product derived from the earth. A brand of champagne needs to be represented otherwise than by a manager who knows the costs down and maximize the stocks. It between in effect in this function a human and cultural dimension involving a solid anchor and sustainable in the immediate environment. Install in the middle of the vineyard for the photo, invite to lunch the press in the lounges of the obsolete mark carefully maintained and then split for the capital are the limits to the exercise. "


That is, expensive Ghislain, I have done my duty as a good soldier that i am that, to force to write tips unpleasant on the rights of plantation ladies to the pb: of Reims, which habiteà Paris, is located well easy to pass the hot potato to Simmat and Bercovici who them, can align very ambitiousness without the risk of being put in the closet. In short, my original question remains open, as a conclusion of a presentation of Sciences-Po: what exactly is this history of Dom Perignon Code? The answer is in the BD aforesaid: Champagne! The Dom Perignon Code at 12bis for 12€ just the price of a bottle of champagne discountee by the heads of egg of Crossroads or the terrorists - i haven't written the 'terroiristes'- of MEL. Before I finish with my missive, Ghislain, thee the president of the MVU, I beseech thee to explain to a socialist/non-revised, trend Rocard Code, what want to say the two thieves of the BD by "margins to two digits "I confess I do not quite understand the concept of "marketing history," then, why not invite me in Champagne for me unclog. I even read in a sheet of cabbages economic that Bollinger was one of the most beautiful margins of the Champagne then as thou art very pedagogue Ghislain me thou wilt. I hope, of course, that the flower of the champagne houses i will be the home due to a influential blogger.


In this hold, receive (yes i spent of the thou to you but good i cannot do otherwise depending on the circumstances), dear President of the MVU, a little shouting in the BD, my best recollection, and if this is not too compromising for thee, a renewed expression of my friendship very old.

Well to thee.

A Taulier who took to the bottle.

By JACQUES BERTHOMEAU - Published in: berthomeau
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012 3 26 /09 /Sep /2012 12:00

1348173- 785 785 gros degueulasse gros filmDo you see in my hand no hard therapeutic on a subject in terminally ill - in its funny job if intends - but even if it happens to me to take a walk in the gardens of Sainte Anne i have never crossed a subject such that Charles-Henri Orliac which seems to me reached for diarrhea epistolary. Too many words killed the sincerity Mr. the impostor, shut up you Orliac! Tuck in your niche to Nice!

If you have the time to lose take knowledge of what follows it is edifying. It is long as a etron and tenacious as a tapeworm. The only risk that I take in publishing is to receive a jetting and i do not have a PQ for this kind of diarrhea.

1- Letter sent to the editorial team of Wine&Gastronomy) e remained to this day no response on the part of the Directorate:

Dear Mr. Sacuto & drafting team of Wines & Gastronomy,

Further to our telephone discussion of this afternoon about the visit of Mr. Charles Henry Orliac to sell us a page of press in the magazine wine & gastronomy for the #140 of September October, we wish to point out to you a strong abuse and our great displeasure.

We signed an agreement for a article of 1/3-page paid for by check to 1070.42 euros the Monday, July 11 (see the contract as an attachment). In the contract, it was planned to receive Mr. Orliac on Thursday afternoon July 14 to test the restaurant.

We have accepted with great pleasure to participate in this edition of respect for the work of Mr. Sacuto who had written a wonderful article on Bernard in the field of Murtoli in Corsica, in addition we are drives and appreciate the quality of this magazine to good taste.

Why our dissatisfaction this Thursday afternoon July 14,

· Mr. Orliac coming to lunch with his family (3 persons), ordered a bottle of the domain of the Rocket 1998 to 87.00 euros on our map. Adding a total of 201.- Euro (see invoice in attachment). At the time of settlement, Mr. Orliac we argues that the meal of all were included in the addition & refused to settle the consumption in its family. It seemed to us to provide the normal meals of Mr. Orliac and delighted that he shared our table with her lovely family. But in no event to provide a meal for his wife and his son & even less to offer a bottle of wine to 87.- euros. Mr. Orliac is departed without adjust the invoice extra of his family.

· In a second time, the family Orliac insisted heavily to have their "offer" 3 nights at the hotel in exchange for a 1/2 page article in the magazine. Although complete for the weekend of July 14, he still insists heavily. Allow me to emphasize the lack of education and professionalism, it does not prompt to the unannounced a weekend of July 14 in a hotel to make a news article. You are right in thinking that in full season the rooms are reserved for customers!

We are traders and do not have to enjoy the holiday with the family of journalists who are paid a press article. We are extremely disappointed by this behavior rude, moves & by a lack of respect for our work, especially given the reputation of your magazine. We would like to receive explanations and that this unfortunate incident is repaired or at least understood.

In all cases we reject that Mr. Orliac would seem though that is on our property. We don't want to be described through the pen of a character as ambiguous in that it lacks as much panache. "The spears plates" that are bought for a meal do not interest us. We want an institution of quality, friendly and generous, we have the love of our profession and the grossness of the people who do not know the respect.

In the expectation of receiving of your news, we are sending you our sincere greetings & all our respect to Mr. Sacuto.

2- Response of CHO the caught-suckers

Madam, Sir,

I admit, very sincerely have been appalled at the reading of the mail that you have thought it appropriate to speak to "Mr Sacuto and team of editor of Wines & Gastronomy", (in french, in the text!) in date of the July 15, 2011 at 17h07, mail which I received directly, but perhaps not intentionally, and in which, in a French cannot be more approximate (addition stinted spelling mistakes), you were eventually going to my place, if this is a "indictment" in rule, at least a "table" inflammatory, misleading, and really fallacious!

If this is the fact that we have, indeed, signed, dated July 11, 2011, order no.002251 and to have made to the order of the magazine a check in the amount of 1,070.40 € no.6070474 issued on the Farm Credit, your entire prose (here I am really friendly!) is not that pure much fanfare and duplicity!

How do you eventually, and for what purpose of elsewhere, on one side to be able to "praise" on this point "a" Mr. Sacuto that you would have met in Corsica a few years ago, when in a story, or a solicitation, when that there would be unquestionably error on your part on the person (Mr. Gaby Sacuto, being the brother of Mr. Yves Sacuto, the sole and exclusive owner of the magazine, which has, in addition, never heard of you), and, on the other hand, just as arbitrarily, me "vomit" on it?

Do you think, sincerely, on the one hand, that this is very subtle, strategically speaking it means, and on the other hand, that this is consistent with the strict reality of the facts?

I then well you say that not!

We are, you and me, the only two (my wife and my son in having been the witnesses partially) to know the truth, and I stated there that you have not only "transvestite" the facts, but, even worse, than those that you expose are the pure product of your only imagination !!!

This is serious enough for that I enrolled in false, that I questioned point by point your story affabulateur, and that i reinstate a principle which would appear you do totally fault!

Not being an employee of Wines & Gastronomy such as you would, but a collaborator for quite some time, with all the confidence that this may require hand and on the other, that is, here, just lost that to try to make myself lecturing in awarding me all ills, with the appropriate qualifiers noisemakers to a approach delatrice, which would pass through your spirit grief!

You do, Madam, not the least credible of the world, and the worst in all of this, it is you know it not even account!

I will therefore, since you asked me to force them, for your "information", and that of your husband who has perceived, to your hand, that a version "falsified", watered and diffamatrice, resume the genesis of the story!

First of all, you have been contacted, by phone, the Thursday, July 7, and have given to my wife an appointment, the same evening, toward 19h30!

You told him, actually, made mention of your knowledge of "a" Mr. Sacuto that you would have, moreover, formally recognized in the magazine on the photograph, which is on the first page of the magazine!

That is to say, we can have confidence in your "testimony"!

However, this is a first story perfectly inaccurate, heavy consequences if the it refers to what follows!

In spite of your 'admiration without terminals" to the sieur Sacuto in question, (and although there is error on the person), as well as the magazine that, to read to you, would be almost considered as a reference to the subject (and ,why not, your favorite bedtime book! ), force will be to see that you want to of the free (and nothing that), and that it will take to my wife all the wisdom and the patience which animate in such cases, to lead you to the "negotiation" of a publi-reportage to be issued on our next edition, the #140 of September - October 2011!

For page, point question, half-page, point yet! Just accept you to consider a quarter or a third of page which you may need to discuss the feasibility with your husband during the weekend because the friday 8 represented your opening day!

Appointment was therefore taken to the 11 July, in the vicinity of 10:30.

I ran to the agreed upon time, and here, surprise surprise, the magazine as a "venerable" only retained more of the all your attention, to the point of me a categorical refusal, and not even embarrassed!

It took me almost an hour and a quarter and, finally, the presence of your husband during the next twenty minutes, to negotiate with you one-third of page at the rate of one quarter, either 895 € H. T instead of 1,190 € H. T, in addition to a small article offered on the Contemporary magazine, and the passage of the article written by my care on my personal blog, and professional, for you decide! Nothing less!

In addition, with the aim of a certain quality, and integrity, at the level of the drafting, i you intended either to write the article in accordance with a topo transmitted by your care accompanied by the card-menu, method, in my opinion, much less personalized and consistent with my way of proceeding in the matter, is to invite us, gracefully, without any obligation on your part, you was suggesting i heavily, my wife, my son and myself, with our three "approaches" (sometimes) different, to "enjoy" the kitchen of your husband, and write the article according to our "felt" and of a time truly lived!

You say that you agree, apparently happy, inviting us to lunch the Thursday, JULY 14!

Until then you are probably aware, therefore, no way that we would be three, and the free of the service!

In addition, cautious by nature, and as is my habit, i did clearly on the agenda to sign by your care in the topic of comments!

You were chasing, after coup, a visit to your rule of guest house, rooms, lounge, cellar, and rooms!

It is true that having found that the weekend of July 14 was, side accommodation, for the least saturated on Saint-rémy and all its environs up to 40 or even 50 miles to the round, my wife would have you (o sacrilegious! ), on the phone, on 13 July, in the exchange of a possible increase in size by one-third in a half-page (nuance enormous with your "version" of misleading the suggestion of a half-page for three additional nights), proposed the "test" on three nights (what we are practicing to length of the year, as it is, then, my main vocation as a columnist) of your guest house which was not, far from it, in this period, "overwhelmed" by the clientele!

It had nothing of jumper, nor of shocking!

But, you would have preferred decline the offer, but not without a certain amount of bitterness, and truly without having understood nothing at the suggestion, evidence, if any, of your "interpretation" !

However, on that day, we went to three, as agreed, to 12h30-13h, after a confirmation telephone the same morning!

You didn't find anything to object!

I even declined your "offer" of appetizer, on the terrace, preferring to spend directly to table, in the light of the time! Well I would have taken, because you would not have hesitated, later, to stick grievance!

I want, here, to make it clear that we were, for the whole room of meals, and terrace, the only guests present! Only a table of three se will be attached to us half an hour later!

Perhaps that was the foundation of your unfair wrath to my place!

You have suggested, on slate, the dishes of the day, without ever stipulate that there would be free that for my person!

It had been, we have to admit, pretty cheap!

You commit, with my son, a dialog with regard to your card of wines that you switched him into their own hands (explaining even that it was leather of recovery of at Hermes), and your cellar consisting mainly of regional appellations if it is local, and we advise, in particular, two very different wines, depending on our tastes, a Field The rocket- Chateauneuf-du-Pape-1998 and a domain of Trevallon-2003 representative to your eyes to one side the discovery, and the other the reference!

We options for a discovery "measured" displayed on your map to 87 €, and this even though it was an invitation!

The "discovery" that appears in your hands, you can put it in carafe, a Grail very precisely, to "ventilate" the wine!

I was not going to, in surplus, ask you about the free wine offers!

We have, do you not like Madam, a any other meaning of the know-live and the know-how, in a word, an education which forbids us to let us go to the excesses of any kind!

It is a second nature which does not appear, far from it, you animate!

Proof if ever there is the "slippage" (the "chest thumping of pellets" would be more appropriate!) that you viewed the when that i'd of the toilet, your husband Bernard Colema which was not even time require our sensations with regard to its kitchen (in contrast to a custom fairly widespread among your peers), your husband, I said, took me, welcoming me to death, and to question me to know where it should go here!

My disappointment was such that I must confess, I would welcome it, on the time, they had not really understood that "cà" corresponded to the invoice object lunch! How could I consider such a turnaround of posture, and what he should not hesitate to call on abuse of confidence?

Even with a lot of imagination, and perversion, how could you imagine a single second that i could be moved to come spend a few extra €201 in your establishment, therefore that this had never been agreed, and, especially, that this would be almost to my commission on the contract signed?

It was already a heresy that of the design!

In deepening, I understood the words of your husband, either that he was only pretending not to be aware of the free of the benefit, either that you do him in had nothing mentioned!

Yet, my wife by going to the toilet to the end of the meal, you would have very clearly heard clear to your husband: "They want to test, well, they will test! "


Which augured already to your state of mind, and of the swindles that you "mijotiez" for the end of the service!

I was explaining to him, therefore, by the detail, our "agreement", and this without even having seen, or been in hand, your note, or even have been aware of the amount, indicating that there was no question that I rule although it is!

You commit then, Madam, in a "dance" ludicrous sensible me singer, and in which, undoubtedly, i do not admit!

My fleur de lys, another possibility, you would have put it, to this point, in turmoil?

Because to you see pathetically run of crazy facial expressions, tone of voice in addition (to the Marie-Chantal , would you!) at this point entangled in your truths, you are traveling more same account of the ridiculous to your attitude, or even a turpitude unveiled!

I took leave courteously, although the envy me titillait of you chastise roundly!

During the afternoon, your husband left a message on my laptop for the further contact, what i do fearlessness not to make the surroundings of 17h.

The discussion, quiet enough in fact, after a serious development, completely ignoring the "notes" object of the scandal, and confirmed the drafting of your article to which i had to communicate to you, for your information, a copy by mail of the next week!

I had pledged myself to do so, as far as possible, abstraction in my article of your deplorable attitude!

For me, the case was therefore closed!

Nope! Since the next day, believing contact the owner of the magazine, you "repandiez", Madam, to my subject, from Gaby Sacuto, that I know, and that I felt, on his laptop, for me to "assassinate" in terms more than scathing, and spurious to say the least!

You join, to the speech, writing, such as a ecrivaillon, by sending a mail confusing as i returned to the beginning of the present, flanked by the famous note which i liked finally the amount, is 201 euros!

All this fuss, this whole infamy for a breakfast, offered in addition, which the assumed cost, and the lack of profits (will-y boldly! ), function of the undeniable lack of clientele in this July 14, would be, wine included, to 201 Euros!!!

The "loop would have been fastened" if and only if, you had committed a great error of evaluation, and light, on the net, my place, not only about intolerable, but also, specious and treacherous to the environment!

I would be able to answer therefore by not publishing on the #140 of our edition that a advertising of a third of page (according to the agreed format) on a black background, with logo, photos, text and coordinates, in all points similar to the document that you stream currently, but also, by the way, as promised on my personal blog (nothing to do with Wines & Gastronomy, I reassure you!) article detailed conforms to my "felt" and "lived" !

Receive, Madam, my greetings.

Charles-Henri Orliac

Columnist "assessor "gourmet and hotelier

Wines & Gastronomy

By JACQUES BERTHOMEAU - Published in: the afterwork the taulier
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012 3 26 /09 /Sep /2012 12:09 AM


At the time of my short trousers, the girls of patronage, it was the "hardy souls" and boys in the "course valiant", i never been to simply to be the captain of the valiant Mothaise, basketball club. Valiant, that is a word rarely used but which goes well to those and those that intersect the grapes because we must be brave, have in the hard work, for face of the Dawn The Long of GrenacheParcel nicknamed as well by the Guichard" because the rows" their seemed endless. Isabelle admitted that she has "never counts the number of CEPS on a row, but to work there, to carve and ebourgeonner, I have the impression of never finish, a bit like Sisyphus and his rock. It forced the humility…" and she hopes that "the gatherers will be in form. South facing with a cant some, the rays of the sun seem stronger. "


Thus, in the pile of mail in the return of my stay Corsica, i had the great good fortune to discover a small opus - I do not know if Isabelle Guichard bed my chronicles, but I loved the beautiful small books - of editions of the Rouergue" Revenue of discontentment " 18€ including the jacket i am offered the spectacle of small hands sorting grapes. I confess that I have a taste very moderate for the books of recipes but here, in perusing I discovered a talent of writer or writer, according to the spirit of the time, of the mistress of the house: Isabelle Guichard. Its texts have made me the heart and soul valiant and i well need in these times of uncertainty. The strong relationship with my heart, the pump, the date of the time of my Wolf-Parkinson -White to Lariboisière with the Pr Leenhardt ; as to the soul it is hard to be light. This comfort i owe to a news service and that those who are at the origin in are really thanked them.


But I also have to digress about Guichard. The first Guichard that I have known, so to speak, had been well known since member of the small circle of the barons of Gaullism, while being itself a real baron, and se prenommait Olivier. The second, I have never known except under the name of a stadium, nicknamed the cauldron, him is prenommait Geoffroy and he founded the Casino Group sis in Saint-Etienne . The greens of the great days to Marcel Saupin face to a FC Nantes of dream, the time of my youth. And then it was Daniel, class 48 as bibi, The tenderness 1973… The singer. Finally, in a shortcut as the history the likes, by chance, by the grace of my area of freedom, I noticed a new Guichard hidden under the name of her husband: Aline which happened to be the Baroness since daughter of Olivier Guichard and thus neo-grower in a castle, because to Bordeaux there is that of the castles. And i thought i was finished with the Guichard when mail loomed Isabelle, who shared with Aline the same taste for the kitchen while making a hunting-crossover of surname Guichard. Rest the vine, wine, but in this they are in will explain if they wish and www.baronneguichard.com www.domaine-guicharde.com.

And as the chronic font discovering links Arnaud Guichard, the husband of Isabelle, is the rear-small son of Geoffroy Guichard.

I have left more of course to offer you a slice of the book of Isabelle, the first great inserts: its texts between the revenue, it must enjoy as well as the dishes that she concocted for its cotriade of discontentment. I had to choose, then i fell out of the side where i was supposed to: what is the hand… to the kitchen as to the vine. Of course I chose the vine:

" The size is perhaps the moment or the hand is done the less hasty, the more measured. The winter is long, the mistral violent and the pouring rain participated to its hardness. The gesture is therefore less press. Prior to all this which will follow, the size restored a little order in the field. It slice without fail in a sometimes inextricable tangle of branches, reshaped the cep, gives him a bit of pace, a port plus Altier, more austere, sometimes even deadly. The vine shoots, cuts and grouped into regular heap along the rows, chant the plot of land. The hand then seems to dominate the plant by printing its imprint on the plant, but this apparent supremacy does not last long. The latest shots of secateurs to sentence given, the wounds of size begin to weep, the seve mounted again. Soon the first buds will swell, burst and tiny sheets of a tender green will flourish. "


For the recipes my natural inclination makes me Choose: pasta salad (of farfalle), the osso buco and the peach salad white to the mint. The any watered the cuvée for small hands opens of Isabelle. "Develop a nice wine, without oversimplifying or explosion, but in the finesse with a suspicion of elegance, such was my pious hope. Not a question of go to overextraction: we decided with Arnaud to dip this small tank twice five minutes per day at the beginning of the alcoholic fermentation and then to let alone to do its first not. "

Image.ashx.jpg Image.ashx2.jpg

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 2 25 /09 /Sep /2012 16:00

daniel_cohn_bendit_582365.jpgAs a member of the friendly informal of the sixty-portrayed non-revised i am fully the levers behind Daniel Cohn-Bendit when he said "I want a green party which will make the policy, and not of postures. Europe Ecology-the Greens has lost in one year, the half of its members. But ac, ac does not pose a problem for them! It has been a presidential campaign execrable. But that doesn't their doing nothing. It was a bad campaign for the legislative. But it is the same, ca is not their doing nothing. They are going to vote against the treaty, and for the budget. The torticollis is given to the opinion. "

As the man who was almost a paradise, the durable Jean-Pierre Chevènement, i felt that "a Minister ca closed its mouth or ca resigned! "Then that hoot Cecile Duflot welcomes you to its Special and Pascal Canfin in the government of the drinker of Muscadet wine? Enough of cynicism and opportunism" what I do know, however, is that if the ecology, that is the question of Jean-Vincent Place, I do not want! If it is an ecology cynical, I don't want him! "This is not me who said it is still Dany. I have never voted Green but i kept the hope that the exercise of power would give them a sense of responsibility. Nope this are of the Khmer Rouge greens, irresponsible, when I think that Place was Jean-Vincent parliamentary strap of Michel Crépeau! "But no to the federal Council will have the consistency of fit to the rostrum to ask ca because they want the butter, the money of the butter and the blue eyes of the farmer. The Federal Council of Europe Ecologie-Les Greens must ask to get out of the government. We cannot continue in the government and vote against a major text ".

This writing, my kick in the cul of official Green makes me share the flashiness of Dany "Create something else, yes and no. Everyone knows that I am tempted to stop. But the times, I have of the flashiness… The European parties will each appoint someone to be the president of the European Commission in 2014. At the Congress of the European Green Party, I could be a candidate and make a list of the European Greens in France with Eva Joly, with Jean-Luc Mr Mélenchon… But what I am describing here, it is an unlikely scenario. " Go Dany the party of old cons as we had of the future because the young cons are still more cons that we…

The chateau Latour to Pauillac wrote to Jean-Marie Jean-marc Quarin to clarify its commitment to the biodynamic viticulture:

"Our commitment vis-à-vis the bio and more particularly of the bio--dynamie is very real. We do not use more of course no herbicide for many years (not even for the "ends of rows " ), and we started seriously a approach "alternative" since 4 years now. Thus, in 4 years, we have gone from 3 to 20 ha, mainly in the corral, entirely in bio--dynamie (i hear therefore low doses of copper, sulfur, not of treatment with anti-bot, herbal teas, the preparats biodynamic, compost developed on the property).

In parallel, we have been pardoning since 2009 the work of the ground with the horse, by the training of winemakers internally, the construction of a team, the purchase of horses. In 2012, we worked 35 ha to the horse.

We are therefore more to a period of testing, but in "transition", before switching the entirety of the vineyards which are the Great Wine in bio--dynamie. "

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viewerboeufs.pngThe mannes of my grandpa Louis will disconsolate since the horse returned in force in the agricultural landscape and wine more precisely. At the time I had chronic to pay tribute to him "I have two great horse in my barn" Link And when the agency of Bernard Magrez me announced that "after having been among the premiers crus Classes to give the taste of the day the plowing of the vineyards to the horse in a stroke, the Pape Clément's Castle to Pessac Léognan will today even further in his work of the terroir with the arrival of White and Marel, two magnificent horse for 4 years" I cannot help but to taxing of visionary, even if the qualification of taste of the day me defrise a tad and that I would have liked loves, to a blogger of my renown, the Bernard me the had announced its own goose feather.


That said the press release - i hate press releases but good that one informs me then I put my handkerchief on my allergy -

"Of gascon race, these two horse of 400 kg, were pupils in the Ariège, at the Bastide of Serou, and obey only the Occitan language!

This is not for the folklore of the plow to the former that Bernard Magrez decided to use the horse in addition to the horses for the plowing. There are specific technical reasons.

The horse can in effect a labor more efficient:

- They work more slowly than horses and are therefore more specific to their work between the rows of vines,

- More powerful, they develop more strength, especially when starting. An ox can pull and retain more than twice his weight.

- They will stop when they encounter a difficulty or an obstacle, unlike the horse, which does not stop once started. This attitude allows you to avoid that the plow not torn off the feet of vine at the time of the detaching.

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, the animal traction also allows you to protect the floor of the damage that cause the tractors. In effect, the use of animals avoided the compaction of the soil as well as the negative vibration to the maintenance of its quality. In addition, the animals may also achieve the plots difficult to access for vehicles. It is a real progress that led the production of the Castle Pope Clement once again toward excellence, which is the creed of this grand cru…"

Touching the horse, the lead with a sting that was not in the scope of anyone and it was a learning. However, in the case of the vine, as shown in the photo it is no longer a question of horse enjugues, Jaunet, Blandin from my childhood that he needed to know to transfer at the end of the field or driving on a dirt road but a beef virtually held in left by a driver. I do not know how it is strapped but i am sure that Bernard Magrez, with regard to my beef high skills, will be a pleasure, during one of my passages in Bordeaux, to get an education or to get an education on the conduct of the single beef in the vineyard. My title on the jobs of the future was able you seem provocative and flippant but it was not the case: if the Great Vintages for all the reasons that are the their want well invest in the employment of young people - they have the means - I do not see the name of what it would have to do the thin mouth. In effect, the 2 horse of Bernard Magrez, pure gascon, only heard that the occitan as their cronies horses is not held by in a hangar it must maintain and feed throughout the year.

This are the small streams which are the major rivers and I am not kidding with the jobs of the future finance by the thickness of the CCG. In his time, in May 2007, well before this was trend, i had committed a chronic: Wine of horse LinkThen today thanks to White and Marel - not very occitan these surnames - i can qualify the wines of Pope Clement of fine wines. I am looking forward to the day or I will go and see these two beautiful cattle, and even if I am not talking about the occitan, I am sure that my patois Vendée will be sufficient to make them raise the ears and beat of the queue on their flanks.

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Nothing is more pleasant, comforting even, than to see confirm a hunch. The latter often regarded as a sixth sense would be the monopoly of women, which of course is false because it is one thing above all very intimate, which is in every human being. Therefore, in my small garden interior, with my old experience of gardener of words, I have to following perceived among Sonia this little something that makes the difference, an alliance of passion and thirst for knowledge. The chronicle of today, like the first, I was delighted because it flattered my ego of taulier the long short: i was not mistaken! Sonia is the good seed and I am pleased to welcome him on this space of freedom with its freshness and its mastery of words: the final flight is to enjoy without moderation!


The wine lover, this is a rather odd, now has the opportunity to make the discovery of designations and terroirs less publicized. It is true that this requires an extra effort because, beyond the adventure taste, sometimes we need to go find these wines on the spot because they are little or not distributed outside the region of production. However, as with many things rare, this does not give them that more value. There is also the pleasure that can lead to the discovery, the one to be back in the place of the great signings of terroirs sublime and unsung.

Since 3 years I have the chance to live a good part of the year in the Massif Central and the other in Paris. And just imagine, the Massif Central is not only the volcanoes, rivers, a large river, and of good gourmet products but it is also of beautiful wine-growing areas which are still fairly confidential. These are small appellations which do not exceed the 650 hectares and the areas of human size between 5 and 20 hectares, for the most part. My first encounter with these wines is made through the designation of Sides of Auvergne. I have traveled a good part of the vineyard, worked in the vineyards in a domain, i am aisle taste on the part of some and the other, discovering as well the thousand facets of the richness of the terroir auvergnat and of its wines.


The pleasure experienced when this experience has given me want to continue my exploration of the vineyards of the Massif Central. And as it happens sometimes when you fervently desires something, life offers you opportunities to meet your wishes. A first meeting with a vintner from the appellation Côte Roannaise vineyards among a friend retailers, another one with a vigneron of the sides of the drill when the creation of a lounge of wines bio in Auvergne [ 1] and a request to carry out a mission for them and discover these two designations of 200 hectares each, on the spot. It is this discovery that I invite you to share with me.

The first thing that I noticed they are the ties that bind these two designations. They share the same local vine variety, an appellation in wine country of common - wine country of d'Urfé - and a geographical proximity. On the other hand, the terroirs have their specific identity producing wines each with their own personality. The grape variety are talking about-in: a gamay but not any, a gamay local: the saint romain. I was delighted! Why? Because I love this varietal! And the idea of discovering a new expression through one of its variants do made me that more impatient to taste the wines.

But i was not at the end of my surprises! I have a small fad, i have been collecting the stones picked up in the vines, my small pieces of land, my memories. And that is what I found? The granite. Yes, and then, there are elsewhere as you telling me? It is true, except that I picked up the granites of different colors ranging from white, to pink, passing by the yellow and black. A true small collection to all of them alone! This is not completed, side terroir, the drill has, in addition to its granitic soils, soils of basalt (a volcanic rock) and the basalt, i know rather well because are found in sides of Auvergne. Necessarily, I wonder if I will find the similarities.


Thus, I have conducted my small taste survey thanks to various opportunities to professional tasting or not [ 2]. The gamay saint romain has proved, of course, different from that of the Beaujolais and that of the Auvergne. There is an idea that has a tough life: all the Gamay is similar. Yet, not only, there are different varieties of gamay but they do not express absolutely not in the same way according to the terroir and the method of vinification chosen by the winemaker. And my dear gamay is a varietal that is evident in its aroma and its raw material the ground on which it has grown and the hands of the person who has shaped. This is not a thankless task, it is grateful to its mother earth and his sire vigneron. All the varieties are not created equal on this point, the chardonnay for example, is not allowed to express that some great terroirs.

In the Roannais the saint roman is a monster of finesse, it takes in turn, the air spring of a basket of fresh fruit, lightness, flexibility and the elegance of a ballerina bottlenose on your language. It is a gamay merry that it wants to share between friends. But it can also win in leading to the sensual wines whose flesh reminds you the sweetness and the velvety skin of a. It is a gamay romantic that the you want a drink in two, at the corner of the fire. In the drill, he takes the spicy notes, the dominant terroirs to granite can give him the roundness, of the fullness and the finesse. We toasted sandwiches in a ripe fruit juice groove, it is a gamay gourmand. It is the drinks as a sweet. The basalt may send him a more assertive character, a personality more marked by a tannic structure more or less closed. The gamay has the beauty, the energy and the strength of a tango dancer who carries you in its arm muscles! It is a gamay race, at fort temperament who loves the company of a good meal.

One would have thought that from a single grape variety the aromatic diversity would be more restricted as the complexity of these wines seems chatoyer to infinity as the colors reflected by a gem. I will let you enjoy the red, rich in emotions and titillerais your taste buds with the whites another time…

[ 1] The Petrosus association which I am part is at the initiative of the creation of the salon des vins bio in Auvergne: Ecovino.

[ 2] It is true that the context in which it enjoyed a cuvée may influence your perception of the wine: alone or during a meal, in a professional context or friendly, in the presence or not of the Winemaker. As the said if well Kermit Lynch" this is not the wine [ …] who is different. It is you. "


By JACQUES BERTHOMEAU - Published in: Books of Sonia
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Throughout the year the Bonhomme moves with bobonne and the fruit of his copulation, skimming hotels and restaurants to spread on the canvas of notules badly presented, without interest and of course he is proud of it. As it is never so well served by himself the perishes arrogated to the influence sesame of course to continue its job sleazy to restaurateurs and hoteliers in poorly of notoriety. The title of his blog THE moment Restaurant "Gourmet, and a hotelier, designed, proposed and animated by Charles-Henri Orliac, Columnist - "Assessor "Gourmet and Independent Hotelier" - already worth the detour but two elements have been added to the glossy CV of this blogger impostor: its response to David Rathgeber the restaurant the Base to Paris which has jilted and his interview broadcast on You Tube. Charles-Henri Orliac is the quintessence of the parasite that is rampant in the backwater of the gastronomy. What is living this individual and his small band family? Without doubt a form of "plunder" or those who accept his contract he shall grant a benefit in kind equivalent to a form of remuneration of its awful pretentious and chronic. I clicked on several of the following: never a single comment but or are therefore its readers? Of course, the very brave columnist we offer the choice of our reactions between: amusing and interesting. It does not take risks the coco but there also plain Gros Morne, zero points.

Therefore, Why devote a chronicle to this disaster sire? Better would be the leave floundering around in his miserable job, the ignore you will tell me. Except that, for both those who lend themselves to this game and for its potential readers must be cut short in such practices, the toss out on the Net. Laughing at them. And this is not just because this writer without great talent, in his interview, asserts that he is transparent and that, contrary to the official competition: that of the chroniclers gastronomic well seated and that of the new generation of bloggers gourmet. The other font like him: do not pay their additions and are staying culminates by the flower of the hoteliers to charm. And here comes my discomfort because since I ride in the country of the gastronomic critics what I see and hear makes me think that the ethics of the profession is really not nickel chrome. Pull on this creep's gonna end up deep to Orliac, push the cries of orfraies, wrap themselves in a dignity outraged what is more natural but attention to pull too much on a large bag of shit some risk of splashing. Should sweep in front of your front door to play the gentlemen and the ladies own. The buddies and the rascals swarm, to apply, are cheering each other, to spend the dishes, collaborate without the slightest discomfort around the beautiful tables. Pay his addition is the only guarantee of a true freedom of expression.

I does not practice or the gastronomic critics, nor that of wines, and I won very correctly my life by elsewhere, so I would stay there because I don't have a vocation as a prosecutor and judge. I simply request to some and to save me some of the presentation of their unwavering commitment to the small winemakers, the small restaurant or small hoteliers in the name of a activism verbose and hollow. Actions speak louder than words in this area and prancing around among the stars in mingling with free the flower of the nomenklatura is give this Orliac of grain to grind.

Just as for the policies to which the people asked, quite rightly, of transparency, in order that they do not lend the flank on Poujadism of extremes who shout "all rotten "ladies and gentlemen tell me that it is the hand that feeds you and remove-me of the doubt because i hate suffer the ridicule of a character as this Orliac. It is as simple as an addition or a note of hotel. Thank you for sparing me the justifications they are worth what are worth the compromises that they are small or large. For as much i do not criminalized in white knight each is free to live according to his whim but I have always had in horror the fathers indecent if condemning against the moral depravity that in the secret alcoves played to dada on my bidet with girls more or less priced. What I am saying and I'm writing: it is made not crap! For Heaven's sake-me the peace with your small breaks above. Thank you, the service is included…

The story (via Food Intelligence)

A blogger presenting themselves as the author of the site the more visit in France asked him three covered free in exchange for a good review on his site ...

David refused and splinters of a letter to explain the why, excerpt: "Dear Sir, Thank you for your interest in my restaurant. But that is, I do not operate in this way. I am Craftsman i worked hard, more than 80 hours per week with 5 employees, I purchased a very good quality product suppliers do not offer me anything I have a rent credit and a tremendous burdens. All journalists who come to me pay their addition.

Response of the columnist ... "Appraiser"

"I think that in matters of goujaterie you are a Phoenix!

Dare to come to me to make the apology of your hard work, and you display it as a "martyr" of the gastronomy, or a "victim" of the culinary art, in throwing me to the figure the number of hours spent "to serve", and meet, your customers (that is, here, the lesser of things for a leader, or then we are talking about "junk food"! ), appears to me to the least moves, or even totally unacceptable for a leader worthy of respect!

Be aware that i "tested" approximately 350 tables the year, and that, never, no never, i never had to save this kind of nonsense!

The heads with whom I would have been roundly explains, certainly, it has been!

But a leader, a "true", which would try to guilt me simply because I had "sucked out" of his normal routine, and that i would have proposed (o sacrilegious!) to proceed according to a certain degree of fairness, is it to say, that i practice to length of the year (hotels and restaurants included), the free services provided by each of the stakeholders, the same one does not deserve my attention!

You have understood nothing at my approach which consists in this that leader, as columnist, provide the best of themselves without that it was, the less of the world, pay issue!

The equity, I say to you, and nothing that the equity!

It would tend to consider, to read to you, that you would be the only one to work and to "refine" the quest for a (relative) perfection!

I am laughing at royally that journalists (the idiots!) will come to your home pay for a delivery, and you offer, moreover, gracefully, the fruits of their labor, when that you would have, on your side, not the slightest respect as to their drafting!

Has you "hear", it would be sufficient to pay for having the authority to criticize you!

Well, you should be aware that i would have no need to come, as you would expect, "take advantage" of your creativity (I hope, at least, it exists) in a context of free, and equity, because your personality, and your stupidity, i would have widely discouraged!

You do not appreciate (or, including to elsewhere) my approach, and, on my side, I discovered you pathetic, if this is appalling to greed!

"Small" you are, "small" you will stay!

I have the honor to not greet you!

Charles-Henri Orliac

Columnist "assessor "gourmet and hotelier "

By JACQUES BERTHOMEAU - Published in: the afterwork the taulier
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Hell and damnation my filly and my colt remained at the paddock, the tail low to the dashing and proud Bruno, the chamfer frowned upon for the haughty polytechnicienne which is the played charretiere, they will not line up, lack of support, to the Grand Prize of the heirs. I suspected a little but I expected better of the share of these yearlings property born, they gave me disappointed by their inability to bring the debate on the ground of the true sludge, the one who smears the hands and the dancing shoes to the vertiginous heels. Not disappointed for two under because the spectacle of the big sausage of Saint-Quentin , adipose to desire, I was glad. He created the event by announcing, with its air of trader madre sci-fi by its look of canon libidinous, he would not interfere in the battle of heirs between the small roquet and the cocker sad. The declaration of Xavier Bertrand was a monument of jesuitisme mastery, a little surjoue or the it smelled the enjoyment of the doorman of insurance who came to kiss with roundness these competitors. This type is the worst of the band the pretenders because under the bulges to cache what France rance has meaner, this small provincial bourgeoisie which is receives, is reinforced, annuitant and without ambition. Tabard in Echoes, who did not miss a to force to write and yapping on this issue until such time in multiple microphones, says without laughing that Xavier Bertrand" has been a secretary general of the UMP appreciated by the militants. It has been a minister of health and labor recognized competent and worker. But this is not to insult that to say that he has not yet in the opinion an image of being treated as a possible presidential candiate. "Why not but, quite rightly, the writer points out that in "policy, there is no secret: In the absence of naturally be recognized in this category, it must be made self-same, that is to say, the mean and the repeat until it becomes obvious. That is what has made Cope, saying, in 2007 to prepare for 2017. Bertrand has learned the lesson. "For as many spell-it by the top the bouboule? I do not think so, it is simply to keep afloat. The conclusion of Tabard is well in the image of these editorialists vibrionnant" but, you never know why, Bertrand has an example in head: Francois Holland, of course, declared candidate with an image of former apparatchik less charismatic than its competitors. "That is what comrade, have you got any wrong, history hates the oracles, especially those who reflect in ebp-clods.


A little week all hell has broken loose for me but the kick of cartons, support for the major candidates of my new party has allowed me to pull out of my pot to black: grotesque on the part of a so-called former Prime Minister who wants to be man of status and well to the height of its competitor. Grotty absolutely, the rue de Vaugirard with all these vans mobilized resembled the Trail, lacked more than those without papers. Another reason for satisfaction Nicolas Sarkozy has made its return to the Constitutional Council. On Tuesday morning, the former president of the Republic, with its new look "beard of three days" a little surprising a seat for a meeting devoted to three priority issues of constitutionality (QPC). "Attentive", according to the observers, the specificities of the local law in Alsace, in the Code of the expropriation and the copyright in the transmissions of works for the foundations… but always silent, as are the Wise Men around to Jean-Louis Debré. Frankly I find that it does him will not at all, it has the air of a small hit of suburb, to his age the beard of the De Niro would be more in report with its new status. Without doubt it is to make young, appealing to Madam who has shed its bulges, i do not know but since he does not think that to ca first, it should shed of its sole grounders and barter for cowboy boots. This type is a drug, it is you hit to the policy, addictive, addict package it follows the competition at the UMP with greediness. In speaking to his relatives of the cocker sad, his former associate to Matignon "he has made the judo". The judo or the art of using the force of his rival for the return against him. Sarkozy would prefer, he entrusted , that the victory of its former prime minister is not overwhelming. Because then Fillon would be halo the legitimacy which would make it more difficult its return to him, Sarkozy, and it does not think that in ca, even if he shaves much less as before ... "He does not want to be the Giscard of Fillon", ensures the faithful. Decoding: There is no question that Fillon the prevents to return as once was Raymond Barre had prevented Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.

For the left bobo-an opinionated, submit Valls as a Sarkozy on the left, is the ultimate insult. "Do they not realize the gift policy they are to Manual ?, is amused in front of me a friend of the prime flic of France. The people on the left has changed: he wants to order and the authority. Manual they please." According to Herve Gattegno of the Point, this is not because a minister of the Interior is closed (and popular) that it is crypto-sarkozyste. "First, let us say that be compared to Nicolas Sarkozy may be as well a tribute that a critical, according to the mere mention of his energy and his popularity when he was on the inside, or then his agitation and its races. What is idiot in this reference, is that it has the air of mean that any minister of the Interior who wants to take the issues of security to arm-the-body would be a crypto-sarkozyste, a traitor to the values of the left. On the merits, Manuel Valls has more differences than commonalities with Nicolas Sarkozy. But there is a similarity that is quite conspicuous: it is obvious the screen to the government and of the coup, there is a lot of enemies. The main difference is its mode of exercise of power, which is everything except hysterical. Manuel Valls is also quiet that Nicolas Sarkozy was frantic. It is true that it moves, like him, on the theater of some miscellaneous facts and that it also seeking to capture the confidence of the police. But it is not every time the announcement of a new law; does not spend his time to denounce the "laxity" of the judges, and is not safe in a bidding war. One can feel firm on his beliefs. And convinced that we need to be firm. It does not make him a man of the right, but without doubt a minister dextrous. "

By JACQUES BERTHOMEAU - Published in: Roman
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"The popularity of the executive still bullied" headline there is 4 days Release" the two polls published this day about the executive do not give exactly the same figures but converge on the trend: their popularity is not the best, the President, in both cases, less than 50 %.

According to LH2 for the new observer, 49% of respondents have an opinion "very positive" or "quite positive" of François Holland - a decline of 4 percentage points compared to the last wave, conducted in July - compared with 43% having an opinion "enough" or "very negative" . On the side of Ipsos and to the Point, the balance is even more unfavourable: 44% of respondents are a judgment "very" or "rather favorable" on "the action of François Holland" against 49% of the opinion "adverse". Detail which may be its importance, the first institute asked the question of "opinion" on Holland, the second speaks of "the action".

But what is the popularity to the fair?

The fact to be known and loved of the greater number.

Emile de Girardin felt that "The popularity is more commonly a pitfall that a reward. "

The popularity, it is like the wind, ca can turn at any time and our policies which, democracy requires, must submit to the verdict of the universal suffrage are placed in a dilemma about which their is very difficult to overcome: to be elected they must attract the greatest number, so to be popular, but as soon as they are elected placed face a reality on which they have less and less taken they will expose themselves to the unpopular.

For my part, I have always had in the choicest period so-called state of grace for a newly elected President or, on the pretext to keep its promises, it rewards the sum of the growing pains of his camp. I am a mendesiste: govern is to choose and choose is frustrate a part of those who voted for you in the second round. Our mode of two rounds, the first one chooses, the second face of the two candidates arrived in head some voters align themselves, with more or less, of belief in the two which they believe to be the closest to their beliefs. It gives the frustrated in power, a lot of disappointed potential, brief the deficiency of voice rest which toggles the election for one or the other camp but for as much, except government alliance, it is the hard core of the first round which is the basis for the action.

The obsession of the re-election, of course, understandable, should not lead to half-measures: it is asked in the captain of a ship battling the big time to be popular? No, he is asked to be in the maneuver and to bring his boat, its passengers, and crew to good port. We the French have an unfortunate tendency to be great supporters of the change, the reform, on the condition that this mainly affects the other. The conglomerate said of the middle class is a catch-all practice for that those of the top could be put in before those of the bottom without forgetting those soft belly between the two, not to take his part in the effort. I have always admired the speech anti 35 hours of frames (i have never supported this reform and especially its implementation stupid) higher than the large companies, and their taste very pronounced for RTT: cape on Deauville, on Friday before the rat pack in the 4x4 union. Let us bury our heads in the sand, the vast majority of us have benefited from the indebtedness of the State or the social regimes. I read in the report of the Court of Auditors the substantial savings that could be done on the transport of the sick: how many people who could use their own means prefer mobilize an ambulance because it is reimbursed by the SS?

That the top layer of the leaders of the major companies are either goinfree, continues to be fattening, I am of course the first to admit, but the law of the largest number requires unfortunately that the base of the effort is to be the widest possible hope to reverse the spiral of debt. Remains to be done of the economies on the functioning of the State, territorial communities, typical structures consular chambers… In a book published this Thursday, the hon PS of the Aisne René MME DOSIERE launched the tracks to save money - it is among the local communities that we should scrape: he found 15 billion euros this is not nothing! This bonanza would even under our feet, or rather between the layers of the intercommunal millefeuille. In his latest book "The State the regime", editions of the threshold, the hon apparent PS of the Aisne recommends a fifties of measures to reduce public spending. And therefore it is in this famous communal block, according to him, that is to say, the Commons and the communities of commons, that the bulk of the money is to be done. "In cause, depending on the elected picard, the duplicates and the unnecessary expenditure of staff who allegedly exploded the past 15 years. "When the municipalities and communities create a job, the commons did not eliminate, René MME DOSIERE summary. In a period where the money is rare, we should be spending less. " "Waste less to spend better", it is precisely the sub-title of the book of the member of the Aisne.


Of course, the decline of the wing is going to do the unhappy, trigger of the resistors, but over the medium term, 5 years at random, when the dividends of the unpopularity will fall into the pockets of our rulers, that we shall truly desendettes, that we will have found room for maneuver for invest in the sectors of the future, it seems to me that the re-election is more secure to be assured, then that one course at a zigzag his way down, to try to do only appeal to its electoral customer, will be the pledge of a beautiful alternate penalty: the French loved it, me not… then "Long live the unpopularity" linked to the courage of those who faced the difficult times with determination

By JACQUES BERTHOMEAU - Published in: berthomeau
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