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Capital of the region of las Cinco Villas, Sos del Rey Catolico, thanks to its strategic location, it was a unbeatable stronghold. Incorporated into the Kingdom of Aragon in the eleventh century and was since then an important border town and birthplace of Ferdinand the Catholic.

Parador de Sos del Rey Catolico

Declared Sos del Rey Catolico as Historic-artistic Site for its wealth of monuments, knowing it, they return to times past. Here are the accommodations in this charming medieval village.

Of the paradores in Aragon, the Parador de Sos del Rey Catolico stands out for its beautiful views of the villa. It was formerly a home nobiliar, which still retains the tower. The old gardens still remain in use for guests to enjoy.

The interior of the parador de Sos has been designed in such a way as regia, with wood as the main element, coating the interior columns and with a castilian furniture. Despite this, its rooms are very bright and airy thanks to its large windows.

As usual, the regional cuisine is protagonist in the paradores. In its restaurant offers dishes such as the "ternasco aragonese, chicken in Chilindron or desserts, such as the peach of Calanda.

In addition to its usual services, the Parador de Sos offers combine a stay with activities, such as tours in 4x4.

The standard double room costs 100 euro (price of July 2011). Can be booked at the official website of paradors of Spain: Parador.es.

Other charming accommodation

In addition to the Parador, in Sos del Rey Catolico there are other charming accommodation (all prices are from July 2011, and in a double room):

.The Peiron Hotel. This hotel is located in a house nobiliar of the seventeenth century, attached to the wall of Sos del Rey Catolico. Its stone walls enclose 14 stays with theme of at the time of the founding of the villa.

Its medieval aspect does not neglect the modern comforts: the suites have a whirlpool tub. From 80 euros, in Hotelesconencanto.com.

.Home of Infanzon. Located the Jewish Quarter of Sos del Rey Catolico, recommended by the Michelin guide as charming accommodation.

All the rooms have a balcony. The house has a lounge with fireplace and a rooftop terrace with views to the historic city center, in addition to a restaurant that serves traditional food.

From 57 euros. Reservations in Toprural.com and Booking.com.

.The Posada de la Pastora is in a building of XVIII in Uncastillo, people declared a Historic-artistic site, 16 km of Sos del Rey Catolico; close to the Sierra de Santo Domingo.

In the inn there are 10 rooms, where they combine the stone and wood and living room with fireplace.

From 75 euros,in Lapastora.net.

.Path of time. A themed hotel, the first floor is inspired by the medieval past of Sos del Rey Catolico; the second floor has been inspired by the age of the discoveries, the xvth century and each bedroom is inspired by a continent.

There is a lounge with library and playground for the customers.From 75 euros, in Rutadeltiempo.is.

Prices to July 21 of 2011.

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In Spain there are four types of natural landscapes: the Oceanic landscape, the Mediterranean, the Mountain and  the Canary Islands landscape. The Oceanic landscape of the area north of the peninsula, inserted into the region called Eurosiberian and their characteristics will differ from the rest of the natural landscapes of the country.

The ocean landscape extends through the northern zone Of the Peninsula: by Galicia and by the Cantabrian coast.

In regard to his relief, this is rough, hilly with slopes and with a few flat surfaces.

The climate is called ocean type. It is characterized by a volume of precipitation not less than 800mm, regular throughout all the months of the year (with two dry months maximum, taking into account that in a temperate climate is considered dry month with less than 30mm) and a thermal amplitude low thanks to the regulating action of the sea.

The rivers of the ocean landscape belong to the Cantabrian slopes in its majority. It is short rivers, since born near the sea; regular and plentiful thanks to the abundant rainfall.

The climax or native vegetation is also known as the deciduous forest of oak and beech. With the degradation of this vegetation, whether by fire or indiscriminate logging, appears the Landa or scrub: such as heather, gorse, broom, and the meadows. This vegetation has undergone an intense process of replacement by trees of rapid economic development, such as pine and eucalyptus trees.

In regard to the soil, the soil type will be conditioned by the crag:

  • Ooze in rocky areas, there are two types of soil. The brown earth, that it is a soil rich in humus and somewhat acid that allows the cultivation and grazing, and the soil type ranker, which occurs in the slopes very eroded and is only suitable for meadows and forests.
  • In limestone crag, you can be the earth brown limestone, which allows the cultivation of beans, corn and the existence of meadows and terra fusca, which occurs in mountainous areas and has a forest exploitation.
Costa cantábrica
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Pozuelo de Alarcon is the municipality with the highest per capita income of Madrid and Spain. The foundations of this wealth is in the urban plan that in the early 80 transformed Pozuelo: first with the emergence of residential areas, which marked the arrival of high-level professionals and with the creation of business parks after. Here are the keys to staying at this prestigious municipality.

Hotels in Pozuelo de Alarcon

Hotels in Pozuelo de Alarcon of 4 stars, one in the center of the town center and the other in the City of the image, with a high rating by users:

- Hotel Pozuelo (+34 916312510). It is defined as a modern, quiet, and high technology. Located in the center of Pozuelo de Alarcon, with free parking and wifi.

In addition to offering some rooms are bright and modern, and comfortable for your customers, also offer rooms for conferences or banquets, in combination with outdoor terrace for the celebration of cocktail receptions.

- I-hotel Madrid. This hotel in the City of the image is offered as a modern hotel that has up to four paddle tennis courts lit. It also has meeting rooms and multipurpose. An advantage of this hotel is its easy accessibility by public transport: next to the Cinema City station of the metro network. In Infohostal.com.

3 Star hotels in Pozuelo de Alarcon:

- NH Ciudad de la Imagen (+34 917110222). This is a cozy hotel, is directed primarily to the business traveler, you are looking for comfortable and functional living and with a good relation quality-price, the rooms are all exterior.

Hostels in Pozuelo de Alarcon

- Accommodation Rosade. It is a former private home that has been converted into housing. Among its attractions is an Andalusian style patio and a garden with a swimming pool. Reservations in Rosade.com.

- Hostal Cheska. It is a hostal with six double rooms, with a decoration on the family rooms and careful. Reservations in Hostalcheska.es or by phone on +34 620 803 339.

000151 - Pozuelo de Alarcón
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Our history has traditionally been divided into in prehistory and history, is to split your time in Antigua, Media, modern and contemporary. We will see here the main events in the Prehistory and Ancient History; at the end of which, the process romanizador had achieved the establishment of the Latin, the language of which derives from the Spanish.

- Prehistoric and Protohistoric period:

The Prehistory begins with the arrival of the human species to the Peninsula (Atapuerca, around 800,000 years) and would cover up to the colonization, in the first millennium B.C.

The Protohistoric period would begin with the Phoenician and Greek colonization, who founded colonies and factories in the mediterranean coast peninsular (Cadiz, Mainake, Ampurias ... ). In parallel, waves of people of celtic culture settle on the Peninsula.

In the middle of the first millennium, is already the division between celts, Iberians and Iberians.

The defeat of Carthage in the first Punic war (264-241 B.C. ) and the loss of their possessions in southern Italy, it causes this power search Iberia lost territory.

- Ancient History: The Iberian Peninsula enters into the history of the big door and violently, with the arrival of the Roman armies of Scipio to end with the main reserve of men and metals of Carthage in the second Punic war (218-201 B.C. ).

The arrival of Rome involved the conversion of Hispania in roman province. Hispania will be divided into two provinces: Citerior and further.

The hardness and rapaciousness of Rome in Hispania caused the rebellion of the Lusitano (the hand of Viriato) and of the Celtiberians (site of Numancia). The victory of the Roman Republic - Numancia in the 133 bc - was total and only at the end of the republican era, only the Cantabrian territory was outside the domain of Rome.

The Cantabrian territory will be conquered by Augustus in the late first century B.C. Augusto splits Hispania in three provinces: Hispania Baetica, Lusitania and Tarragon.

In the third century the Roman Empire goes into crisis and reorganized the provinces. Diocletian creates two provinces more: Gallaecia and Carthaginian. All pass to belong to the Diocese of Hispania, within the Prefecture of Gaul.

To conclude, our Ancient History ends with the arrival of the Visigoths and the end of the Roman Hispania in the V century begins the Middle Ages. Although according to many historians it will not begin until the arrival of the Arabs in 711.

1 Mapa de las provincias romanas en España y Portugal.   Date 1893 |
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With one of the most extensive historical helmets of our country, Valencia is an international tourist destination thanks to its heritage and its new scenic areas, such as the Oceanografic. Also Has traditions such as the Tribunal de las Aguas, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This vocation is aquatic what makes Valencia has a great range of spas. These are the best.

Spas in the city

These are the best spas in the city of Valencia. They all have in addition to magnificent infrastructures, thermal treatments at their offer:

.Spa La Alameda. Located in the center of Valencia, near the Exhibition Center. It is an urban spa with mineral-rich waters and hyperthermic. It has swimming pool and active Roman thermal bath.

It is located in one of the emblematic buildings in Valencia as in the former home of lactation,a building that has always been a benchmark in the city. This is a modernist palace, carefully restored and next to the source of thermal water.

Its medicinal waters are indicated for the treatment of rheumatism and respiratory diseases, they are also very relaxing, which is why they are indicated for anti-stress treatments. The spa also offers beauty treatments. Reservations in the 901 222 002.

.Urban Spa Sospedra Dove. In Avenida de Aragon, 30 (phone +34 963 692 842). This is a urban spa in the center of Valencia, which offers tours and thermal treatment program custom body and facial. In addition to providing anti-stress treatments account with your Pilates center.

.Olympia Spa and Hotel. Offers a series of programs, tailored to the client. Reservations can be made in the +34 963 033 390:

- Program Hotel and Spa. Where you can join the stay at the hotel with the realization of circuits and body treatments.

- Thermal Circuit. Travel of 1 h and 30 min guided with pools of different temperatures, thermal bath, foot bath,shower and bithermal scottish.

- Massage. Can be combined if desired with thermal circuits.

Spas in the province

Outside the town of Valencia, there are also spas with all kinds of circuits and treatments:

.Spa Hotel Mas De Canicatti, in the town of Vilamarxant (+34 96 165 05 34). As innovative element they offer in their Orange Spa treatments based on citrus fusing western and eastern techniques in a space of absolute tranquillity.

.Spas Hervideros de Cofrentes (902 74 74 01), in Cofrentes. Located in a beautiful mountain environment.

They are specialized in all kinds of thermal treatments, to do so, they have:

  • Different types of waters from different sources: the Salinas, the pestle and mudpots.

- Different types of specialists: doctors, physical therapists and beauticians.

beautiful woman have massage at spa and wellness centerwaterfall
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