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Santander, the capital of Cantabria, you are lucky enough to be in a privileged environment, in a bay of the most beautiful in the world, combining to perfection the sea and the mountains. With its 180,000 inhabitants, is a quiet town, which, together with its beaches and nature makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy a holiday in Santander. This article shows you what to see and where to stay.

That view

This would be a tour to take in account to see the main landmarks of Santander:

To know the Santander monumental can be from the Pereda gardens with the cedars and palm trees.

Nothing more pass through the gardens you will reach the building of the Bank of Santander.

In just a few steps you will reach the Pombo Square and the magnificent architecture of the surrounding buildings, highlighting the Real Club de Regatas of Santander.

Right away you will find the church of Santa Lucia, neobaroque style and built of Banesto, known for its ornamentation.

To be followed by the street Hernán Cortés leads to the arcaded square, a symbol citizen very loved by the Santander.

If the traveler is approaching the sea you will find the building of Post and Telegraph, regionalist style and, immediately after, with the neoclassic building of the Banco de España and the commemorative sculpture of reconstruction after the fire of 1941 of Santander.

Compared to the whole of the Church of Christ and the Cathedral of Santander is the Church of the Company, typical Jesuit style temple.

Going through Juan de Herrera, is the center of the city where you will find the Ayuntamiento de Santander and the stately home and the Library of Menéndez Pelayo.

Of course, and outside of this route, you cannot visit Santander without knowing the Magdalena Palace, the most emblematic image of the city, nor getting to enjoy some of its eleven beaches.

Where to stay

The offer of accommodation in Cantabria is very wide, and its capital is no exception. Of course, the variety of categories and prices in Santander of accommodation is very high. Here there are a number of them, with high ratings for its users:

-Hotels with Charm: In this category falls the Sonanes Palace, of the eighteenth century; it is a baroque construction was fully respected. With garden, library and lounge. Reservations in Rumbo.is.

-Apartments: ideal choice to go as a group or family. The official website of the City Hall of Santander offer a selection of them, of different keys and prices: Portal.bounda-Santander.is.

-Las Posadas: In the mentioned page of the Town Hall you can book the garden of Angela, catalogd as rural housing and located within the town of Santander, in Barrio Rucandial, 4.

santander, magdalena
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Prague, before becoming the capital of the Czech Republic, it was the first Kingdom of Bohemia and of Czechoslovakia after. Located on the banks of the river Vltava, and with little more than a million inhabitants, has since 1992, the pride of your helmet is historical heritage of humanity. This article shows two inexpensive ways to stay in Prague, in hostels and hostels.


This is a series best hostels in Prague led to travellers on a budget. These hostels allow save on transportation, since they are located in the historic center of Prague where you will find the most interesting sightseeing places such as the Wenceslas Square or the Astronomical Clock.

Can be booked at Prague30.com

The Pension Atelier 12 is a 1 star hostel in a residential neighborhood near the Prague Castle, two minutes from the metro. There are rooms with a capacity for 1-5 people, with private bathroom, and a kitchen for the customers.

Breakfast is included and there is a small terrace to enjoy the views of this lovely neighborhood and a wood-burning stove if the hosting is done in winter.

Arc Pension is in a popular neighborhood called Vinohrady, is a quiet area but close to the center of the city. This is a new property opened in 1999, with single and double rooms with TV and heating.


The option of staying in a hostel not only means to find cheap accommodation in Prague, but also the possibility to exchange experiences with other travellers in a casual atmosphere and friendly. These are the hostels in Prague of Hostelling International in the Czech Republic, to ensure a good level of quality and attention:

Advantage is a new hostel located in the center of Prague, a few minutes walk from the Wenceslas Square, an ideal starting point to move through the historical center. The reception desk is open 24 hours which means that there is no curfew. They also have private rooms.

The Downtown is a hostel which is also located in the historical center of Prague and has private rooms. With 24-hour reception desk, this hostel has a large communal kitchen and reputation of being a good environment.

The hostel Beta is located in a residential area of Prague, close to the Palacio de Congresos. Account with several types of rooms, some of them with private bathroom. The reception is open 24 hours a day, and it can recruit excursions in Prague and hire bicycles.

Prague Cityvalparaiso
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Today I am writing this in response to a link that have been published in facebook by the hand of a colleague. It is something very simple: it is to act by signing in favor of that will remove the administrative sanction to a teacher who had the "chutzpah" to carry a T-shirt with a slogan in favor of the defense of the public school.

5424124887_d27947310c.jpg I will not dwell on the details of the matter because they come fully explained in the link . But I keep asking myself the question: How is it possible that the public administration of the Community of Madrid to punish someone for ... ¡ ¡ ¡defend their own administration!!! ?. It is as if a worker of Coca-cola will be penalised by carry advertising of Coca-cola, a complete absurdity.

It follows that the public authorities of the Community of Madrid working for the private powers. Following the analogy above it is as if the executives of the company mentioned will work to improve the results of ... ¡ ¡ ¡Pepsi!!!. Wouldn't it be this regarded as "high treason" by the shareholders and would depose these managers of fulminant form?

The second aspect of my reflection is much more sinister and disturbing: How has been able to admit the complaint of a particular individual (in this case, the director of a college concluded, the Liceo Consul) by what they put on a shirt?

I have serious doubts as to whether this is constitutional, there is no freedom of expression? Would it not be possible for the State to act ex officio against this measure? If not democratic by conviction, because in Machiavellian plan, for putear press to its archenemy (does anyone imagine the revenue that could draw from this the opposition if outside averagely intelligent? ). Oh, and do not!, that this is to prolong the looting a few more months, before the catastrophe that has them.

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The capital of Turia, is possessing in addition to a rich historical heritage; of spaces, such as the city of arts and sciences, and is headquarters of celebrations as the flaws and the competitions of Formula 1, which turns it into a first-class tourist destination. Here you can see how to get sleep cheap in Valencia in hostels and hostels.

Hostels in Valencia

One of the ways to get cheap accommodation in Valencia is to stay in hostels. The shown here belong to the Spanish Network of Youth Hostels, which is always guarantee that there are standards of quality, all of them can be booked at the page of the network, Reaj.com:

The Youth Hostel Ciutat De Valencia is located in the center of Valencia, in the neighborhood of Velluters, in an old renovated building of the nineteenth century, in the calle Balmes, 17. The rooms are not separated by sex, and there is internet access.

Network Nest hostels. Also in the center, in the Peace street, 36.

Center Valencia. In Samaniego, 18, is a centrally located hostel in Valencia with handicapped access.

Purple Nest Hostel Plaza Tetuan, 5. Presumed to be the only hostel with air conditioning, and have a good bar to socialize and very close to the Barrio del Carmen, known for its bohemian atmosphere. In addition to maps of the city and access to the internet, offered the being able to rent bicycles.

Hostels in Valencia

To stay in hostels in Valencia, the page Hostelbookers.com is highly recommended, with a selection huge and detailed, with photos and situation. Cheap, well valued and downtown are:

Deluxe Rooms, are called themselves as a luxury guest house. They have themed rooms, each with different decor: a Buddhist temple, a tablao flamenco to only 200 meters from the City of the Arts and Sciences. For 17 euros per person (price of July 2011).

Hostal Tartessos, is very close to the Town Hall Square, very close to the beach. All the rooms are very spacious and have private bathroom. In the price, 25 euros per person (in July 2011), breakfast is included.

Hostel Moratín. Modest, but clean and very well located (street Moratin, 15), with wifi and bathroom in all rooms. EUR 26 (July 2011).

Beach Apartment. This is not a hostel, but in an apartment, with access to kitchen. Very close to the America's Cup port, has a really attractive price: 15 euros per person (in July 2011).

Escudo de armas de la Ciudad de Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana, Españvalencia
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Known as Christiania from 1624 to 1878 and as Kristiania from 1878 until 1924, Oslo is the capital and also the largest city in Norway, it is also the economic and cultural center of the country. With approximately 600,000 inhabitants it is a charming town set among green hills and sheltered by a fantastic fjord. Here are the keys to achieving economic accommodation in Oslo.


It is known that there is a high level of life that there is in the Scandinavian countries. For a holiday in Norway does not become prohibitive, the recommendation is that the bores in Norway are economic.

As in all the countries of its environment, the supply of shelters in Norway is wide. These are the hostels in Oslo best valued, can be booked at Hostelbookers.com:

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim. Located in a beautiful natural environment, 4 km from the center and with a breathtaking view of the fjord. The hostel offers laundry and kitchen. Breakfast is included in the price and there is the possibility of lunch and dinner in the hostel if advised in advance. It must be borne in mind that the rooms are not mixed.

Youth Hostel Holtekilen is 8 km from the center of Oslo, a quarter of an hour by train from Oslo, within walking distance of the Telenor Arena. This is an area in full nature, part of the fjord. With breakfast included, tours can be purchased at the lodge.


The following hostels in Oslo are also the best valued by its users and can be booked through Hostelbookers.is:

Anker hostel, only 10 minutes walk from the Central Railway Station and from the main avenue of the city. It is open to people of all ages, with an international audience and informal. All the rooms have private baths.

Sentrum Pensijonat. A small hostel and a pleasant atmosphere in the center of Oslo. A 2 minute walk to Karl Johans Gate, the main street of the city, and from the train station, Oslo Sentralstation. Rooms have single, twin, family and also mixed dorms. The bathrooms and showers are in the corridor.

Apartments Oslo Hostel is located close to the famous Munch Museum and the Botanical Garden of Oslo, in the center of the city. This option offers more privacy than a hostel or a hotel. Each apartment has its own bathroom, equipped with a washing machine.

Oslo, Norgeship
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