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Located in a valley on the banks of the Sella, Cangas de Onis is a fantastic place for a holiday. On the foothills of the Picos de Europa, and with the cultural and historical legacy that corresponds to the one that was first capital of the kingdom of Asturias, this city is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the Principality. Here is the information of the best hotels to stay in it.


The 4 star hotels in Cangas de Onis are:

Hotel Ciudad Cangas de Onis, located on Avenida de Castilla, 36, on the banks of the river Sella and a few meters from the famous Roman Bridge. There are double rooms with whirlpool and jacuzzi and offer activities for active tourism. Can be booked in the Tel: +34 985 849 444.

The Gran Hotel Pelayo is not exactly in the town of Cangas, but a few kilometers away, in the incomparable setting of Covadonga. Has a rating of 4 stars superior and combines a classic design with all the comfort. Tel: +34 985 84 60 61.

In Cangas de Onis there are also 3 star hotels that offer great accommodation:

The Hotel Los Lagos, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Tel: +34 985 849 277). This is a historic building in which the contrast between its external appearance with some designs for absolute forefront. Has a good restaurant and a cider house.

Hotel La Casona Abamia (+34 985 940 255), 3 km from Cangas de Onis, in stunning surroundings, and with a view of the Picos de Europa. Between the rooms are equipped with the category of family rooms, in which there is a mini kitchen. It has an attractive design, modern forms with indigenous materials such as stone and wood, with extensive windows.

Other accommodations

In addition to hotels, there are other accommodations in Cangas de Onis where comfort has nothing to envy to that of a good hotel.

In the page Infocangasdeonis.com, we have a wide variety of apartments:

If you have children, an option to take into account are the apartments Prestin, is located on a private estate just 250 meters from the Roman bridge and have a swimming pool for adults and children and children's playground.

If you prefer a more intimate stay, the apartments Casa Graciano also are located near the Roman Bridge, in a completely renovated building. Distinguished with the Q, a sign of quality tourism.

Cangas de Onis 05
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Between such ignominy and helplessness, a news that brings something of light. A private school, the Best Schule, Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia), closed its doors. I do not want to be misunderstood: i feel deeply for the workers of the college; teachers, janitors, administrative staff ...
But the Junta de Castilla y León (incidentally, of the same political color that our beloved homeland autonomic artificial construction Madrid) has a policy not to perform concerts with the private schools.
And, of course, the results are what they are: only 17 registered for the year 2011-2012. Because here, for some strange magic esoteric, abracadabra! The public is private, public and private.
And suddenly it is that when you have to pay the services of a private company with their own money and not with other people's money, private education no longer cool.
If you amount a bar, i also conclude the Community of Madrid and i will be able to make unfair competition to the other bars offering the canes with a lower price than the market? I leave you, I'm going to ask our beloved administration with flag 7 stars (go on, as the Mahou!, the only thing that's worth already in the capital region community artificial! ).

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If there is a place in Spain that evokes tranquility, beauty, history and away from the hassles of the big cities is the city of Soria and its province. Full of literary resonances, del Cid, Bécquer, Machado; land of border in the Middle Ages and of animas in Romanticism is the perfect place to wander and relax. In this article show the best spa hotels.

In the city

Hotel Leonor Center. This is a modern hotel in the center of Soria, close to the Alameda Cervantes and the Plaza Mayor. The rooms, distributed on its 6 floors are fully equipped bathroom with whirlpool. In this luxurious 4-star hotel, the access to the spa is free. There is also turkish bath, jacuzzi and fitness center.

Outside the town center, yet only 15 minutes away, is the Morendal. It is a center of rural tourism

In the left margin of the river Tera. The spa is open to the public and also has a sauna, turkish bath and massage service. Can be booked in spas.Bz.

In the province

.The medieval town of El Burgo de Osma offers accommodation with a truly magnificent spa:

The Spa Hotel El Burgo de Osma, the former University of Santa Catalina, is installed in a building of the XVI century, with plateresque façade and a renaissance cloister. Royal Inn with 4 star, the first of Castile and Leon; has a circuit of contrasts and service of thermal treatments. Reservations and information on +34 975 341 419.

.San Esteban de Gormaz is a city with literary resonances, present in the poem of the Cid and declared a historic-artistic site.

It was the Convent of San Francisco, now converted into the Posada del Convento de San Esteban. Its Spa Services with personalized treatments, in addition to Finnish sauna, footbath and turkish bath. Can be booked at Selectahoteles.com.

.Real charm can be to stay in houses in Soria with spa. In the village of Blacksmiths is the Posada the old fireplace Spa with a capacity for up to ten seats and spa, jacuzzi, sauna and row of showers. It is a building of stone and wood of 200 years in a beautiful natural environment. Tel: +34 975270459.

SoriaEstendard de la Corona de Castella Standard of the Crown of Castile Es
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The vocation of Lanzarote conservationist, reflected in its sustainable model of economic development, has earned him the whole island the declaration of a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993. Is the existence of unique natural spaces, the environmental awareness of the population and the integration of economic activities with the environment that make Lanzarote one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Here three tips to know.

Before traveling

The first council to go to Lanzarote is have some information to avoid surprises and enjoy the most of your trip:

  • In terms of documentation, medical insurance, etc. there is to proceed as you would to go to any other place in Spain.
  • With regard to the climate of Lanzarote, there are more than 300 days of sunshine per year and an average annual temperature of 22º C, do not forget a sunscreen and any garment of light long-sleeved for the night.
  • This causes that there is no seasonality dependent on the climate, but holiday periods. The seasons of maximum occupancy are summer, Christmas and Holy Week.

Transport in Lanzarote:

Guacimeta Airport is 6 km from Arrecife. There is bus stop (buses) that connect the airport and the capital and the different municipalities between if. You can also hire a taxi. The phone of radio taxi from the airport is +34 928 520 176.

What to do

The second tip is to know a wide range of activities in Lanzarote to enjoy our stay.

Lanzarote European sports destination, is a brand launched by the Tourist Board of Lanzarote, which fight to strengthen Lanzarote as sports destination known worldwide. In this sense, it has been launched the Ironman Triathlon.

Also boost indigenous sports such as:

  • The lucha canaria

  • All kinds of water sports

  • Hiking

  • Mountain bike

  • Golf

The Cabildo of Lanzarote has a page where you can see all the sports information: Lanzarotedeportes.com.

Of course the island of Lanzarote is known for its wonderful beaches, but his vocation was not for aquatic here: there is a great offer of thalassotherapy centers and Spa, with all kinds of massages and treatments.

That view

The Cabildo insular has chosen a series of places valued for their beauty, integrated in volcanic landscapes and under the philosophy of sustainable development that earned him the statement to Lanzarote of Biosphere Reserve.

The canarian artist of international fame César Manrique the conducted under this principle, trying to join Art and Nature: they are the so-called "centers of art, culture and tourism. It is of 7 magical places that cannot be left to visit if you want to know the essence of the island:

1. Mirador del Rio.

2. Cueva de los Verdes.

3. Jameos del Agua.

4. Garden of the Cactus.

5. Castle of San José (Museum of Contemporary Art).

6. The house-museum peasant.

7. Mountains of Fuego-Timanfaya .

lanzarote_2009_17A fine example of Rigobert Bonne and G. Raynals 1780 map of the Canary
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Recently, without penalty or glory, step in our country market, the anniversary of the battle of Bailen, one of the most decisive events of the contemporary history of Spain and also in Europe.

Why do "a glimmer of hope"? On 19 June 1808, the remains of the army of a nation allegedly expired won for the first time the until now invincible army of Napoleon, the master of Europe. And as today when i got up, i can't wait to see the glass half full, i couldn't stop to establish a historical parallels between those difficult days and not less difficult our.

The army of the Marshal Dupont (winner in umpteen battles in Central Europe) he was so confident, scorning the natives. His army was composed of troops -fledgling, kids without experience in the front (first mistake)... and even then could have been overcome, because in all the previous meetings the spaniards went fleeing before the push of the imperial cavalry: Why would it be different this time?

The second error and more fat than the previous was the sack of Cordoba. For three days, the French soldiers looted, burned, murdered, raped and looted to pleasure. Thought they had learned to the spaniards forever.

But the effect was just the opposite: the looting and indiscriminate murder ignited to the population in such a way that there came a moment in which there was no rifles for many volunteers. Here's my first thought: if you spend playing the candle too fuck to the staff, at the end you will face.

The Spaniards learned commands (finally)! lesson: nothing of peasants in risky jobs, which then went running -removal leaving the flanks; instead, placed marines , veterans of Trafalgar. When the dreaded imperial cavalry attacked, the machacaron. Second personal reflection: discipline and determination can overcome to a greater enemy, but entrusted in our weakness.

The French had no option by his greed: going so loaded with the treasures of the looting of Cordoba, who could not maneuver quickly, were too slow and in the end they had to fight on a plain sterile with the entire Solana, and with the Spaniards by controlling the only pit.

Here are the third and fourth reflections: greed and excessive can blind the enemy, nor water.

And, by the way, as soon as the news that the invincible French army had been defeated, all over Germany rose up in rebellion against Napoleon: the ambitious, the Despoiler of artistic treasures; the intended to form a united Europe not under criteria of equality, but converting to all Europe in a Paris economic colony.


Tomb of Napoleon at the Invalides, Paris.

What I mean?

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