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Prague, capital of the Czech Republic and the region of Bohemia, it is also known as the Golden City. Go to Prague is introduced into a city of fairy tale. Both their streets as its shops reflect a wonderful charm and its marked medieval atmosphere causes goes back to the travelers to time immemorial. Here we have some recommendations to find cheap accommodation in Prague, the capital city of fairy tale.

Bed and breakfast in Prague

The bed and breakfasts in Prague are simple, but guarantee a family lodging at the best price, usually in private homes, including breakfast and centrally located. One of the searchers with best offers to Prague in lodgings is prague30.com. Here we have b&b centrally located, economic (prices of july 2011) and valued by users:

Dana Residence B&B, 15 minutes from the center of Prague, 300 meters from the underground Skalka, to 6 stops from the Wenceslas Square. You can also catch the tram which takes only 15 minutes to get to the center. Its greatest appeal is that it is a nice neighborhood, but non-touristy, which is immersion in real life czech. Give yourself 22 euros per person per night.

Charles Bridge B&B, is less economic, 47 euros per person per night, but is located in a building of the XIV century in the historical center of the Old Prague, just a few steps from the famous Charles Bridge. It is not only a place from which to visit the city, but a pleasant place to relax.

Hostels in Prague

To find hostels in Prague, a page that has the highest bid is the known hostelsbookers.com. The attractiveness of this is that always has several promotions between your wide range, really interesting:

ARPACAY HOSTEL is located in the center, in a non-touristy neighborhood and well communicated with the main points of interest of the city, only 10-15 minutes by tram and to 5 minutes on the metro subway stop Mustek, in the Old City. At 10 euros the private room.

Plus Prague, with more than 500 beds, is designed for backpackers with need to find cheap accommodation in Prague without neglecting the comfort. It has an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a bar that does not close until very late at night and even a restaurant of italian cuisine. Is situated just three stops from the center. At 7 euros the shared room.

Descanso en la rivera
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The cosmopolitan german capital became since the fall of the Wall in the cultural destination requested more of Europe, with a range of museums and impressive activities. Although it is a cheap city in comparison with other capitals in terms of accommodation, the option of renting an apartment can be much cheaper and more practical to stay in a hotel: we are going to see like renting an apartment from Spain.

Apartments in the center of Berlin

Let's see what options there are apartments in Berlin Mitte and surroundings, the historical and cultural center of the capital of Germany. The apartments listed above have a good rating by their customers and the prices are for June 2011.

.Apartamentosberlin.es, is one of the most interesting sites for renting apartments in Berlin from Spain:

.Schoenhouse Apartments in Schönhauser alle, are at about 100 meters from the station of Rosa Luxemburg, the side of the bar area of the borough of Prenzlauer Berg. Continental breakfast is served from 100 euros for two occupants to 180 euros per 6.

Are the cheaper apartments Armary City, in the district of Charlottenburg. Metro Stop Bismarckstrasse. The price is 66 euros a study for two people.

All-berlin-apartments.com is another page from which you can book cheap apartments in Berlin center, and have a wide range.:

.Modern apartment and broad street in the Rosa Luxemburg, with 3 rooms for 8 persons, from 29 euros per person.

.They also have available several apartments 500 meters from the island of the Museums.

Apartment in full nature

One of the main attractions of Berlin is surrounded by a fantastic natural environment that is well worth taking advantage.

In Banbd-ring.de we have the possibility to book apartments in the neighborhood of Hansa of Berlin, within the Tiergarten park, with an incredible view of the park and the city. They have several categories of apartments, from 66 to 91 euros for two people. Stay in the middle of a forest, in the center of Berlin!

A tempting possibility is to find apartments in the beautiful surroundings of Berlin:

.Kaiser Friedrich are some apartments in Potsdam, the Versailles of Prussia. From this charming and picturesque city (between half and one hour from the center of Berlin by train), you can visit palaces of the eighteenth century, lochs and castles, biking or walking. For classical music lovers, the cultural offer and the schedule of concerts is impressive. The price varies between 70 and 145 euros.

Puerta de Brandenburgo
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Not in vain, the City of Light, is one of the main tourist destinations of the world: breathing art, Bohemia, luxury, among others and everything all at once and by the four sides. But it is also one of the capital with the highest level of life of the world and stay in Paris can be really expensive. Get a hostel is a great option to get cheap accommodation in Paris.

Youth Hostels in Paris

To avoid surprises, it is best to stay in a shelter that meets the requirements of a recognized organization. On Hihostels.com, can be reserved and see all the information necessary to Paris hostels that meet the quality standards of Hostelling International:

-Le d'Artagnan: This next to the terminal of Eurolines and 15 minutes from the center. It is the largest hostel in France and has free cinema, internet terminals, bar, cafeteria, laundry. To stay in a youth hostel in France you must be a member of your national association. If not, you have to acquire the meat of HI. The affiliation has no age limit.

  • Cité de Sciences: It has an ideal location to visit monuments and museums scientific and technological (Parc de la Villette), the City of Science and Industry, and the cinema screen with 360 degrees, the Géode, both nearby. Pudus also disconnect in the garden of the hostel that has many trees. Has a capacity for 185 guests, who can use the kitchen.

-Clichy: The hostel, which is located near the metro station "Mairie de Clichy, is well connected with many of the major monuments of Paris, such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, Montmartre and the Louvre Museum. It has the capacity for 338 guests and has a bar, Internet access, TV lounge and kitchen

Cheap Hotels

The Beaunier Hotel is situated in a quiet street, typical, but only a few steps away you will find all kinds of entertainment in Montparnasse and Saint Germain des Prés. There is also direct access to the exhibition center.

Hotel D'Amiens is located on a quiet street in Paris, near the main avenues, banks, restaurants and shops. It is located between the Gare de l'Est and Gare du Nord. The 53 rooms are fully equipped with bathtub and shower, toilet, hair dryer, color satellite TV and direct dial telephone

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Many times, being a student is equivalent to having a tight budget. The best option to find cheap accommodation in Madrid are the hostels. There is no single agency that manages: some are associated with the Spanish Network of Youth Hostels, others depend on the City Council and others to the Community. We're going to see some that are found in the city and those who are in the region.

Hostels in Madrid

1. First we'll look at the shelters of the readjusted (Spanish Network of Youth Hostels, 91 276 74 78), photos, information, availability and reservations in the page reaj.com:

.Hostel Richard Schirrmann. Located in the Casa de Campo, a natural environment pleasant, but something far from the town center. If we are going by car, we arrived in the A5, exit Amusement Park; by bus, we have to take the line 33; if we are going by subway, the bus stop is Lake, which is 1 km from the hostel.

.Hostel Santa Cruz de Marcenado, Argüelles, a central neighborhood, nice, quiet and pleasant. About 10 minutes by metro from the Puerta del Sol.

.Hostel San Fermin, in the peripheral district of Villaverde, but very well connected with the center by metro, on line 3. Approximately a half-hour from Sol station.

2. The Town Hall of Madrid only manages a hostel (can be reserved and see all the information in ajmadrid.is), but this is really fantastic, the municipal youth hostel.

Recently opened, modern and avant-garde style, has an intense cultural life.Located in the calle Mejia Lequerica, 21. The nearest underground stations are Court, Alonso Martinez and Bilbao.

3. To the International Youth Hostel Federation belong hostels in Madrid that do not belong to the readjusted, but meet the standards of the IYHF, and with less stringent standards. Information and reservations at madrid-tourist-guide.com.

Hostels in the Sierra

An idea very advisable is staying in shelters in the sierra de Madrid, are located in an environment of great natural beauty.

The communication between the sierra and Madrid is very good, in terms of both the frequency step of the public transports such as roads, depend on the Community of Madrid and can be booked at madrid.org/infor.joven.

1. In San Lorenzo de El Escorial we have the hostel El Escorial , within the town and the hostel Santa María del Buen Aire, in the vicinity.

2. In Cercedilla, in one of the most beautiful areas in the Guadarrama, in the Fuenfría Valley, there are two hostels: hostel The Meadows and hostel Villa Castora

1 Madrid: Puerta de Alcala. 1 :  . |  Source | Author Gellerj  | Date
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With 8048 km2, the province of Avila, is extremely diverse, with very different regions: The Morana, to the north, a land of cereals; the central area of valleys and mountains, in the Central System, the backbone of Castile; the south area, Tiétar Valley, where the smoothness of the climate has changed the landscape, people and nations, the so-called Andalusia from Avila. We're going to discover their towns and landscapes with more charm.

Their people and their history

If something can boast the peoples of Avila is history, this was on the frontier, the advance of the Extremadura castellana for a thousand years, as evidenced by the walls of his capital.

Some of them have retained their mark and have been appointed joint historical-artistic, here is a list of municipalities that have achieved the distinction:

.Bonilla of the Sierra, with fewer than 200 inhabitants and a set of medieval plays comparable to that of a capital.

.Madrigal de las Altas Torres, the cradle of Isabel the Catholic, with an impressive mudéjar, characteristic of the region of Morana, and surrounded by walls.

From here we can perform a Mudéjar route to the nearby Fontiveros and Árevalo.

.Arenas de San Pedro, head of the Valley of the Tietar, among the many Romanesque monuments, highlights the castle of Triste Condesa.

Its location is ideal to perform route through the Sierra de Gredos.

.The Barco de Avila, formerly Boat de Tormes, highlights the castle of Valdecorneja, of the fifteenth century, the Romanesque bridge from the thirteenth century and the church of the Assumption of the century XV.

.Piedrahita, between the expected monuments from the medieval period (including its fantastic square), which are abundant in the villa, we are amazed at the Palace of the Dukes of Alba, from the XVIII century and classicist style, very similar to the Palace of La Granja.

Their peoples and their landscapes

Many of the charming towns of Avila are in addition to the natural environment in which they are located.

This is a path in hilly areas, where we join the attractiveness of its ecological interest with the artistic interest of peoples.

Granite Formations we will appear next to beautiful villas, just off the N-110 from Avila to traverse the peoples of the plains of the Vega of the Adaja reach Villatoro and the already mentioned Bonilla of the Sierra, in an exceptional setting in the Valley of the river Crow.

The next stops are Piedrahita, Barco de Avila and following the course of the river Tormes, Hoyo del Espino, to access the Protected Natural Area of Sierra de Gredos.

From here we will have panoramic views from the circus of the Gredos Mountains, a spectacular rock formation glacier surrounded by rugged peaks, to the Laguna Grande and the Pico Almanzor.

Los toros de Guisando (HDR)
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