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To stay in the cosmopolitan and modern city of Barcelona, we have chosen three hotels bed and breakfast, truly original design hotels in Barcelona. Each one of them very different in its location within the city and in its design, but all of them desirable in themselves and in privileged areas.

B&B in the center of Barcelona

The first recommendation is a bed and breakfast with an avant-garde design in the center of Barcelona, in the ample street, 25, very close to the Paseo de Colon.

.This is the Serenity b&b, located in a modernist building appears on the National Register of Historic Places and rooms with a curious decoration, different in each of its bedrooms depending on the country chosen as inspiration: Saudi, Japan, Africa, England and India.

Included in its services, apart from breakfast, a service of kitchen and internet in all rooms.

B&B in the high area

The second recommendation (reservations can be made in bedandbreakfastbarcelona.is) consists of a bed and breakfast in the north area of Barcelona, in an area which is very different from the usual tourist circuit; beautiful, quiet and exclusive and with breathtaking views.

.Anita's bed & breakfast is located in August Font, 24 (Tel. +34 670 064 258), near the prestigious Hospital Chiron and Hospital Vall d'Hebron, which makes it a fantastic option if you need to visit these hospitals.

It's also very close to Cosmocaixa, 10 minutes walking from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and one of the places with best views of Barcelona: the Tibidabo.


.Breakfast included.

.Free Wifi.

.Minibar in each room.



.Iron and hair dryer.

.Transfer to the airport.

B&B on a boat

Since then, a bb in Barcelona is very different to stay in the same city center in a beautiful classic wooden sailing vessel: the Schooner Yasanti B&B. This is our third recommendation.

This original bed and breakfast is located in the Port Vell, an exclusive area of Barcelona, but within walking distance of the most interesting places of the Ciudad Condal, such as Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter or la Barceloneta, where you can go to the beach or enjoy good fish and seafood.

In terms of entertainment night in Barcelona close to the yacht club, the offer is well wide and for all tastes: the Olympic Port in Barcelona, or the more alternative of the terminal.

In regard to the services that are provided:

.The 5 cabins of the Schooner Yasanti are double, really spacious and have a closet. All have television, heating and hair dryer.

.Possibility to book a romantic dinner.

.TV lounge and bar service.

You can make your reservations on barcelona30.com

Plaza de toros Monumental, Barcelona , España . |  Source Fotografía
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The spins of the tarot allowing you to practice divination, as well as the fortune. But we must be clear that these are two different concepts. La Fortuna is used with the intention of knowing what will happen in an inevitable. The divination will tell us only what may occur depending on our decisions. Here are the keys to read the letters.

What do you do with the cards?

Of all the modes of laying the cards of the tarot, one of the most effective spin is the call of the planetary houses:

1. Mix the letters focusing.

2. Ask the consultant to make three piles, and you choose one, which we'll use.

3. In the center of the first letter. Represents the questioner in the present.

4. Arrange the following eight letters around the central circle.

5. The second letter represents the economic future.

6. The third, the steps to follow in labor.

7. The fourth and fifth, the home and the children.

8. The sixth, friends and relations.

9. The seventh, the couple.

10.The eighth, health.

11.The ninth, travel and the changes.

How do you interpret them?

To interpret the tarot cards there are to see come out to the right or reversed.

.The Magician, represents someone with charisma. Exceed all with skill. Inverted, their accomplishments will be dishonest.

.The Empress, represents change processes. Inverted, failure to complete their projects.

.The High Priest, symbolizes a master, the wisdom. Inverted, bad advice.

.The Carriage, represents the triumph fruit of the effort. Inverted, failure.

.The Hermit, is someone removed. To the right, advises reflection in solitude. Inverted, loneliness or obsession.

.The Force. To the right, inner strength. Inverted, quite the contrary.

.The Death, represents the change. To the right, the birth of a new positive stage. Inverted, a loss.

.The Devil, the primary driving force. To the right, enthusiasm to succeed either way. Inverted, dangers.

.The Star, indicates a good destination. Inverted, disappointments.

.The Sun, symbol of the masculine. To the right, wealth. Inverted, aggressiveness.

.The World. To the right, success. Inverted, disappointment.

.The priestess. Represents the traditional. To the right, prudence. Inverted, otherwise.

.The Emperor. To the right, a protector. Inverted, problems with the authority.

.The Lovers. To the right, love. Inverted, disappointments in love.

.The Justice, means lawsuits. Inverted, failure and injustice.

.The Wheel of Fortune, announced success. Inverted, failure.

.The Hung, represents loss. To the right, there is hope of recovery.

.The temperance. To the right, means success before the hostile. Inverted, loss of control of the situation.

.The Tower, represents crisis and change. Inverted, adapt to the changes.

.The Moon, represents our changing emotions. Inverted, sentence, or madness.

.The trial. We shall receive a reward or punishment for our actions.

.The Madman. Represents the rebellion. To the right, genius; inverted, imprudence.

Tarot de la Renaissance (1460)
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The climate of London is oceanic type of Breton, being in the classification of Köppen climate a cfb; that is to say, a temperate climate with abundant rainfall throughout the year. We are going to see what are the geographical factors that determine its climate, which make the time is changing so much despite the fact that their thermal variability throughout the year so little.

Influence of the geographical situation in the climate

London is located in the 51o North, in Western Europe, in an area of the planet whose main characteristic is the thermal moderation, as a result of its latitudinal situation and of the influence of the sea. Let's see how this affects the weather in London.

1.With regard to the latitudinal situation, the area is the convergence point for two centers of action associated with two air masses very different, the warm tropical air and the cold polar air (this impact zone is known as polar front). These masses are:

The Azores anticyclone, a mass of wet air (born in the ocean) and warm (is of tropical origin).

The depression of Iceland, we are talking about air also wet (also born in the ocean) and cold (polar).

The clash of two humid air masses with different thermal characteristics associated precipitation.

2. With respect to the marine influence; the English coasts, are bathed by a branch of the Gulf Stream, a warm current known as the North Atlantic Drift, which makes the temperatures are 11or higher than in the same latitudes in America, in addition to facilitating the formation of clouds filled with moisture.

3. In regard to the influence of the relief in the climate of London it should be noted the absence of mountain barriers, and therefore, the penetration of the influence of humid winds.

The stations in London

All the geographical factors identified are combined to make the time in England is in all the stations very unstable and moderate heat with very little interannual variability.

In January, the average values of the temperature in London are of 4° C. The aforementioned maritime influence, which moderates the temperatures, along with the low average altitude of the south of England, makes this temperature is less low that in many areas of inland Spain in the same period. In addition, the variations in temperature in winter are only of 5 or 10 °.

In July, the average temperature is 18 º; but to be in such an unstable area is very common both the arrival of cold fronts both as cyclone, with which the temperature can be very variable and of days quite cold go to days with 30O.

Big Ben en Londres
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Madeira, located in the Atlantic Ocean, midway between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands, is one of the best destinations for nature lovers: impressive mountains and canyons, small picturesque towns, trekking routes that pass through landscapes of incredible beauty in the midst of a lush vegetation and a sea blue always, ideal for water sports.

General Information, arrival and accommodation

. The first thing that you need to know to discover Madeira is to know some basic information:

With regard to legal requirements, Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal; therefore belongs to the EU and passport is not required, being its currency is the euro and its language portuguese.

It consists of two major islands, Madeira and Porto Santo and the Desertas Islands and wild.

In regard to the geographical characteristics of Madeira, the island has a mountainous relief, a mild climate similar to that of the Canary Islands and a very peculiar vegetation, the laurel forest, of incredible beauty and rarity. Porto Santo has a plain relief and a drier climate.

.The second thing is how to go to Madeira. The connections between Funchal and Lisbon are daily and the trip lasts 1 hour and a half. Air connections between islands are of 15 minutes. The ferry ride between them is 2 and a half hours.

.The third thing that is important to know is the type of accommodation in Madeira. The hotel offer is very wide, but we must not lose sight of the possibility of staying in villas. The quintas are charming accommodation, located in old haciendas, with all the amenities and with an exquisite gastronomic offer.

What to do?

The mountainous terrain of the island, and its exotic vegetation make it ideal for the practice of the hiking trails in a few very special, the levada walks, which are irrigation canals that run throughout Madeira. There are dozens of them and are also currently used as hiking trails, with varying levels of difficulty, that pass through breathtaking scenery.

The fifth thing you should know is that the temperature of the water, which never low of 17º is ideal for the practice of sports. The existence of the trade winds allows the practice of sailing.

If you are looking for beach, the island of Madeira is not the best option, since there are no beaches in this mountainous island; but if in Porto Santo, with a climate always dry and with a plain relief, which means excellent beaches and plenty of sunshine.

Madeira 3
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Barcelona is one of those cities that seem to be touched by the destination to be an inescapable tourist destination: the sea, with mountains, traditional and avant-garde at the same time with its Gothic Quarter, its modernist architecture and its skyscrapers of design and its brand new Olympic Port. To learn what it is, a good choice of accommodations in Barcelona are the bed&breakfast.

More economic

Highly recommended is: barcelona30.com. We can stay in bed&breakfast without luxuries, but in a good family atmosphere. In addition, the page we can also find other types of cheap accommodation in Barcelona, as well as apartments, pensions or hostels. There is a offer wide, so we have chosen the located in downtown areas and highly rated by customers. The prices given are the month of June 2011:

.Casameva B&B, in Via Laietana. It is a cozy accommodation and very well located because many of the most popular places of the city are just a few minutes walk away, as the neighborhood of the terminal or the Gothic Quarter. The Barceloneta District is only 10 minutes away. We can stay from 37 euros per person.

.Sant Agusti RSA Barcelona. Also very well situated, in almost the same Las Ramblas, its rooms have private bathroom and a terrace-solarium ideal to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine from the 28 euros per person.

.Domus Gòtic b&b . From the 26 euros per person we have accommodation in the beautiful Gothic Quarter. Its rooms have private bathroom and balcony.

.Guest House Sagrada Familia. They have suites with views of the Cathedral of the Holy Family, and are very close to the lively Els Encants flea market. From 24 euros, also have a wifi connection.

.B&B Casa trippy. From 22 euros per person we have accommodation available in this B&B of the neighborhood of Gracia, one of the most popular and probably the most lively of the Ciudad Condal.

Bed and Breakfast atypical

The previous accommodations not deplete in absolute the option of b&b in Barcelona. A stay in one of them doesn't have to be synonymous with austerity. Barcelona well worth a stay can be different:

With house Style.

Located in an elegant neighborhood of Barcelona, the barrio of San Gervasio, we have this floor-palace. In contrast to the previous quarters, we will not see waves of tourists. Can accommodate up to 12 people and has impressive terraces. You can even have the services of a cook. From 47 euros per person.

A b&b really is the atypical Yasanti b&b, this is a schooner anchored in the yacht club Port Vell with double rooms and all the amenities. From 56 euros.

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