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Madrid is known as 'city of culture, business, leisure, political capital ... by the speed and dynamism that imposes a frenetic pace of life, it is sometimes necessary to switch off and unwind in a tranquil atmosphere make for a moment forget about the stress of city life. The best solution is to approach one of the urban spas in the city.

Spas downtown Madrid

The rise of the awareness of the importance of the health and welfare has enhanced the appearance of urban spas in Madrid. Here there are two spas centrally located and with a very different philosophy:

. Aqua Spa Center (reservations in Aquaspacenter.com) . Located in the Alcántara street, in the Salamanca district, this center spa offer:

  • Thermal Programs

  • Body Treatments

  • Massage

  • Complementary services such as waxing, manicure, pedicure, etc. ..

. Medyna Mayrit Arab baths, a spa in the historic center of Madrid, very close to the Puerta del Sol. A concept of spa very different from the preceding:

  • The Arab baths are under a cistern of centuries old. retrieved by using usual materials of the time, to move the client to the Arabic era.

  • The Hammam is the typical Arab spa and consists of three rooms with different temperatures: a warm water with three swimming pools to 36º C, hot to 40º C and the cold to 15º C.

  • The circuit is completed with a turkish bath (steam room) and with a rest room with source of tea and with water. It concludes with a relaxing massage and aromatherapy.

  • Reservations in Medinamayrit.com.

Spas in the Sierra de Madrid

Very close to the city, there are spas nestled in landscapes ideal for make us forget the stress of the capital.

.Urban Spa Moralzarzal. In this beautiful town in the sierra de Madrid, this spa offers:

  • Hydrotherapy: hidrocineseterapia; geriatric hydrotherapy, hydrotherapy for children child with a disability.

  • Rehabilitation of sports injuries.

  • Aquaspinning.

  • Thermal Circuits, turkish bath, Finnish sauna.

Reservations can be made at Hidrosierra.is.

. Hippolytus Hot Springs, a spa in Alcalá de Henares inspired in the past of the ancient Roman Complutum.

In addition to thermal circuits and swimming pools to keep the structure of the classical roman baths with tepidarium (warm water), caldarium (hot water) and frigidarium (cold water), offers beauty and health treatments:

  • Foot reflexology.

  • Aromatherapy.

  • Shower of salts.

  • Facial Treatments (black clay, implantation of pigment,etc. ).

  • Body treatments (manicure, pedicure, massage, etc. ).

  • Physiotherapy (muscle recovery, lymphatic drainage, sports massage and therapeutic.

  • Reservations in Termashyppolitus.com
beautiful woman have massage at spa and wellness center
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Is there a few bugs so stupid as to spend more energy on winning a food that what you're going to get from it? The answer is ... yes!

This is not a tickling fun in scientific study (we are in summer and I am of letters), but a simple thing that i have come to the mind due to a deep experience of life.

I have always thought that the car is probably the most damaging invention of the twentieth century (vale, was invented in the nineteenth century; but the mass production of this piece is the XX), and today I have seen the light, because I can't explain a empirical mode.

I am summer on the coast in one of those developments that proliferate as fungi in the geography hipanistani when i fall in the account that ... hey presto i have no hard.

So you have to find an ATM machine, so we'll have to ask ... what a atm, please? Happened ... accurate, you have done very well. The nearest atm (and there is only one) is about a half hour walk, may be more. The funny thing is that in the area there are lots of resorts, and many people live in them permanently. The same thing that happens with the cashier, passes with lots of amenities.

I do not know how much people will be here permanently (i am referring to the area with all the housing estates), but estimated that several thousand. When you reach the cashier, which is in another urbanization (well, you are going for the beach and the promenade is nice, but for me i like to walk around) a girl for the car and asked me. "What a Opencor here? ". "Yes, of course, where do I come from".

And as well all over the world. The funny thing is that this is not only on the coast, is in the entire country. The car has created a model of urban planning absolutely unsustainable extensive. Already quite a few years ago, I was invited to a villa in the urbanization of Madrid, near Toledo. But ... ay, had forgotten the bread. Starting a car and go ... to buy a loaf of bread. You may have your logic go by car to make the purchase of the fortnight, but ... what logic has similar energy expenditure for a loaf of bread?

Does anyone imagine a predator spending 3000 calories in go to find a lejanisima prey to it will not get nor 300? A species with similar behavior will die out quickly. And we have it.


Although you can also see the glass half full: our species has always been lucky. Our mammal ancestors escaped from the extinction of the dinosaurs. We are a community of 7,000 million and the genetic distance between an Eskimo and an Australian Aborigine is hardly noticeable, while the two chimpanzees that live in contiguous valleys is much greater.

Why is that? Because we are all from a group of tremendously reduced human and not too long ago, in addition. Many paleoanthropologists are convinced that the human species has been to point disappear several times, the last he had to be very close: we are all from about 600 individuals, or that the other the palmaron, specifically by a extreme drought (ay, that climate change that does not exist, but each year makes it more heat), which is observed by an incredible decline in vegetation that took place a few 200,000 years in East Africa, just in the dates on which the genetic analyzes (mitochondrial DNA) calculated the birth of our species.

So mira, though the past Palmer 7000 millions of people, and most of the mammals, reptiles and amphibians of the planet, is almost certain that some will be. We continue driving.

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Paris, the City of Light is known to attract visitors from all over the world: offers art, evokes bohemia and luxury at the same time. But it is also a modern city and business that has a very high standard of living and stay in it can be very expensive. Stay in a hostel is an option to get cheap accommodation in Paris.

Hostels in the center of Paris

Hihostels.com is the page of Hostelling International, an association of recognized prestige, which you can find the necessary information and be able to book hostels in Paris and central economic, that high standards of quality (price of July 2011):

Hostel Clichy:

- Location: This hostel is located near the station of La Mairie de Clichy in the center of Paris and very well connected with most of the major tourist destinations of the French capital.

- Services: Has a capacity for 335 guests, in rooms of 2 to 5 seats. In the hostel there is a bicycle rental service, bar, free internet access, tv room and community kitchen.

Prices: 26 euros per person.

Le d'Artagnan:

- Location: The largest hostel in Paris and France. Very well located, close to the terminal of Eurolines and a quarter of an hour from the center of Paris.

- Services: Very well equipped, has free cinema, internet, a bar, cafeteria, laundry.

Prices: 23 euros per person and day.

Cité de Sciences:

- Location: This hostel is in a great location to visit Parc de la Villette, the scientific and technological museum, in addition to the City of Science, and the Geode, the famous cinema with its display of 360 degrees.

- Services: has a huge wooded garden that makes it very cozy, in addition to a kitchen free use of all the backpackers.

Prices: 22 euros per person.

It must be borne in mind that to stay in hostels in France is mandatory to be partner of the association of the country to which the traveller belongs. If not , then there is that acquire the meat of Hostelling International. To join there is no age limit.

Hostels in the center of Paris

In the capital of France, there are also a wide range of accommodations that do not belong to Hostelling International, but that are centrally located, economical and with a good level of quality. These are some of the Hostel in Paris best valued (prices of July 2011):

  • Village Hostel Paris. Located in the bohemian quarter of Montmartre, with beautiful views of the Sacred Heart. All rooms have private bathroom. Among the attractions of the hostel are its cuisine and its cafeteria, ideal for exchanging experiences with other travellers and open until 2:00 a.m.

Between 35 and 50 euros per double room. Reservations in Villagehostel.fr.Have link in spanish.

  • Young&Happy. Hostel recommended in Lonely Planet and Le Guide du Routard. In the Latin quarter, known for its animation and youthful atmosphere. Offer kitchen, bar and library.

Between 30 and 45 euros per double room. Reservations in youngandhappy.fr, also have link in spanish.

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Marbella is one of the most important municipalities of Malaga and also the headquarters of the Commonwealth of the Western Costa del Sol. By their infrastructure and its climate is a major international tourist destination and one of the first municipalities in Andalusia in standard of living. This makes staying can be quite expensive. Here is the information to stay in Marbella in pension and economic downtown.

Pensions in Marbella

The accommodations in Marbella does not necessarily have to be a prohibitive price. The range of hotels in Marbella is very wide and there is a pension of acceptable quality and economic:

.PComprehension Aduar

-Situation: Located 100 meters from the Plaza de los Naranjos, where you will find many of the major restaurants and shops in Marbella.

-Features: Newly renovated, offers 22 double rooms, triple rooms and individual; with balconies and terraces to the outside.

-Price: In July 2011, of 48 euros per double room with bathroom. Can be booked in Pensionaduar.com.

.Pension Las Brisas

-Location: In the old town of Marbella, next to the Alameda, and very close to the beach.

-Characteristics: It is a small pension, of 8 rooms, simple but comfortable.All the rooms have private bathroom and tv.

-Price: In July of 2011 is 52 euros per double room. Reservations in Marbella.costasur.com.

Hostels in Marbella

Hostels close to the beach in Marbella and centrally located:

Hostel Berlin Marbella

-Situation: In San Ramon, 21; it is a hostel only 100 meters from the old town of Marbella.

-Features: All their single, double or triple rooms with private bathroom, heating and air conditioning. They also have a bar-cafeteria with wifi connection.

- Price: The price of hostel Berlin are 65 euros per double room in july of 2011. Reservations in Hostalberlin.com.

.Hostal Paco de Marbella, in a typical andalusian house of three floors with balconies to the street or the inner courtyard. Located on Pearl Street, 16, in the old town.

-Features: All the rooms of the hostel have air conditioning and tv, and all rooms have a private bathroom. There is free wifi in the rooms.

-Price: The double room between 45 and 65 euros in July of 2011. Reservations in Hostalpacomarbella.com.

.Hostal El Castillo. It is also located in the historic center of the municipality of Marbella, in the Plaza de San Bernabe, 2; in an Andalusian house with patio.

-Features: The hostel has 25 rooms, single, double, triple or quadruple rooms. All are equipped with private bathroom, television and air conditioning.

-Prices: 60 euros per double room in july of 2011. Reservations in Hotelelcastillo.com

1 Arch over the N-340 in Marbella, Málaga, Spain | Source Flickr http
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Sierra Espuña is in the Regional Park of the Segura basin, in the east end of the Cordillera Betica. Limestone terrain, has a variety of geomorphological formations (karst landforms, bad-lands, glacis) and Barranqueras and gorges that, united to the beauty of the landscape, make it an ideal place for hiking or caving. In this article are recommended routes and accommodations to know it.

Routes in Sierra Espuña

There is a large amount in Sierra Espuña of routes that make; they go to give several of them with different levels of difficulty to get a complete picture of this beautiful sierra de Murcia:

. Up to the castle of Alhama

It is very simple; with a duration of no more than hour and a half, is ideal for making contact with the Sierra Espuña landscape by its incredible views.

. Espuña river route

Of medium difficulty, 4 hours in length and 8km. It is part of the Central Electric mills to the path by the river bed of the Espuña upstream until reaching Source Bermeja, where there is a refuge and a table to eat. Then it's back to the Power Plant along the banks of the river.

. Path of the Watercress

Much more serious, route of 7 hours. You have to climb the north face of the Barranco de Leiva until you reach the Barranco de Valdelaparra and after to Prado and Collado Greater white. The first 10 km are up open area. Since Collado White you have to go down the remaining eight kilometers until you return to the watercress.

A map of the Sierra de Espuna is more than recommended for the realization of the path to the path of the watercress.

Accommodations in Sierra Espuña

For Sierra Espuña adequate accommodation is fundamental. Depends on the type of tourism that you want to perform, you can choose between several types:

. Hotel Santa Eulalia, a former monastery in Totana dating from the XVI century. This hotel Monasterio has been declared of Cultural Interest, set among landscaped gardens is very well situated as starting point for all kinds of adventure activities in the Sierra Espuña. Reservations in the + 34 968 487 004.

. You can also rent cabins in Sierra Espuña camping. There are 11 wooden cabins fully equipped, 2 to 6 squares. Can be booked at Campingsierraespuna.com.

. Another option is the hostel Sierra Espuña, in Totana, in the Paraje de Santa Leocadia. For reservations phone +34 968 422 556.

Sierra Espuña desde el Area Recreativa La Perdiz
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