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Madrid is known as 'city of culture, business, leisure, political capital ... by the speed and dynamism that imposes a frenetic pace of life, it is sometimes necessary to switch off and unwind in a tranquil atmosphere make for a moment forget about the stress of city life. The best solution is to approach one of the urban spas in the city.

Spas downtown Madrid

The rise of the awareness of the importance of the health and welfare has enhanced the appearance of urban spas in Madrid. Here there are two spas centrally located and with a very different philosophy:

. Aqua Spa Center (reservations in Aquaspacenter.com) . Located in the Alcántara street, in the Salamanca district, this center spa offer:

  • Thermal Programs

  • Body Treatments

  • Massage

  • Complementary services such as waxing, manicure, pedicure, etc. ..

. Medyna Mayrit Arab baths, a spa in the historic center of Madrid, very close to the Puerta del Sol. A concept of spa very different from the preceding:

  • The Arab baths are under a cistern of centuries old. retrieved by using usual materials of the time, to move the client to the Arabic era.

  • The Hammam is the typical Arab spa and consists of three rooms with different temperatures: a warm water with three swimming pools to 36º C, hot to 40º C and the cold to 15º C.

  • The circuit is completed with a turkish bath (steam room) and with a rest room with source of tea and with water. It concludes with a relaxing massage and aromatherapy.

  • Reservations in Medinamayrit.com.

Spas in the Sierra de Madrid

Very close to the city, there are spas nestled in landscapes ideal for make us forget the stress of the capital.

.Urban Spa Moralzarzal. In this beautiful town in the sierra de Madrid, this spa offers:

  • Hydrotherapy: hidrocineseterapia; geriatric hydrotherapy, hydrotherapy for children child with a disability.

  • Rehabilitation of sports injuries.

  • Aquaspinning.

  • Thermal Circuits, turkish bath, Finnish sauna.

Reservations can be made at Hidrosierra.is.

. Hippolytus Hot Springs, a spa in Alcalá de Henares inspired in the past of the ancient Roman Complutum.

In addition to thermal circuits and swimming pools to keep the structure of the classical roman baths with tepidarium (warm water), caldarium (hot water) and frigidarium (cold water), offers beauty and health treatments:

  • Foot reflexology.

  • Aromatherapy.

  • Shower of salts.

  • Facial Treatments (black clay, implantation of pigment,etc. ).

  • Body treatments (manicure, pedicure, massage, etc. ).

  • Physiotherapy (muscle recovery, lymphatic drainage, sports massage and therapeutic.

  • Reservations in Termashyppolitus.com
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