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Is there a few bugs so stupid as to spend more energy on winning a food that what you're going to get from it? The answer is ... yes!

This is not a tickling fun in scientific study (we are in summer and I am of letters), but a simple thing that i have come to the mind due to a deep experience of life.

I have always thought that the car is probably the most damaging invention of the twentieth century (vale, was invented in the nineteenth century; but the mass production of this piece is the XX), and today I have seen the light, because I can't explain a empirical mode.

I am summer on the coast in one of those developments that proliferate as fungi in the geography hipanistani when i fall in the account that ... hey presto i have no hard.

So you have to find an ATM machine, so we'll have to ask ... what a atm, please? Happened ... accurate, you have done very well. The nearest atm (and there is only one) is about a half hour walk, may be more. The funny thing is that in the area there are lots of resorts, and many people live in them permanently. The same thing that happens with the cashier, passes with lots of amenities.

I do not know how much people will be here permanently (i am referring to the area with all the housing estates), but estimated that several thousand. When you reach the cashier, which is in another urbanization (well, you are going for the beach and the promenade is nice, but for me i like to walk around) a girl for the car and asked me. "What a Opencor here? ". "Yes, of course, where do I come from".

And as well all over the world. The funny thing is that this is not only on the coast, is in the entire country. The car has created a model of urban planning absolutely unsustainable extensive. Already quite a few years ago, I was invited to a villa in the urbanization of Madrid, near Toledo. But ... ay, had forgotten the bread. Starting a car and go ... to buy a loaf of bread. You may have your logic go by car to make the purchase of the fortnight, but ... what logic has similar energy expenditure for a loaf of bread?

Does anyone imagine a predator spending 3000 calories in go to find a lejanisima prey to it will not get nor 300? A species with similar behavior will die out quickly. And we have it.


Although you can also see the glass half full: our species has always been lucky. Our mammal ancestors escaped from the extinction of the dinosaurs. We are a community of 7,000 million and the genetic distance between an Eskimo and an Australian Aborigine is hardly noticeable, while the two chimpanzees that live in contiguous valleys is much greater.

Why is that? Because we are all from a group of tremendously reduced human and not too long ago, in addition. Many paleoanthropologists are convinced that the human species has been to point disappear several times, the last he had to be very close: we are all from about 600 individuals, or that the other the palmaron, specifically by a extreme drought (ay, that climate change that does not exist, but each year makes it more heat), which is observed by an incredible decline in vegetation that took place a few 200,000 years in East Africa, just in the dates on which the genetic analyzes (mitochondrial DNA) calculated the birth of our species.

So mira, though the past Palmer 7000 millions of people, and most of the mammals, reptiles and amphibians of the planet, is almost certain that some will be. We continue driving.

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