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Do seduce or be seduced? If someone wants to know the models for seductive that there are, both to seduce as to know the enemy, here is a mythic: the lolitas.

If there is a female character hated by women, desired by men and feared by both are the "lolitas". Dangerous as no one, can lead to the destruction of his victim as in the celebrated work of Nabokov, and incarnated in the film masterfully Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain (in the photo). Of course, the film was a scandal, and that that in the film Lolita was 14 years old, whereas in the novel was younger still.

But, where do you get the power? In a broad sense we can call lolita not necessarily to a minor with a similar appearance to Dominique Swain, but to any woman with a look and an attitude young enough to be able to play this role. To the best with this tint is better understood the origin of its success.

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Because historically men have been forced to be rational, responsible and in addition dominant. These women what they offer is the release of a paper forced by life. Have a strong sexual charge and prosecute them men can reach completely lose control (what unconsciously want to do).

It must be borne in mind that Lolita not born, but made. It builds to itself by cultivating an attitude, and a appearance (it is not so much a form of clothing such as smiling, walking, etc. ). It is a mixture of innocent girl and perverted at the same time, an example would be the Marilyn Monroe, which was taught to walk, to move, and even to speak of suggestive ways. He spent hours in front of the mirror, and not by vanity as they believed the other, but to test the role. This combined at the same time with a real need for affection (grew up in an orphanage) that the toward vulnerable and this combination proved to be explosive.

It is important to distinguish to the lolita of what would be a simple buscona, the lolitas have a touch of innocence and vulnerability that makes them seem in need of protection, to what the men will find it very hard to resist, although those who really need protection are them. Its power comes from its innocent-looking: seem unable to realize the effect they produce, as if they were not aware of what they do, what they condone their behavior.

How do you become a seductive young woman of this type? If any reader wants to become this kind of seductive young woman a series of tips: you should know that will be more effective with men by rigid be these repressed or with an intellectual who lack physical emotions.

Also take into account that must be distinguished from the other women (especially if your physical is not spectacular) being more sexual than the other, but always, always, that it seems that is not on purpose.

Once this is achieved, you must have one point of unpredictability, of danger and even capricious girl.

However, before embarking to represent this role must be weighed against a number of dangers that face the lolitas in the balance: lolita has to be prepared for the hostility of the other women, who obviously can't deceive with their dual role; although men can apologize for her behavior, not the other women. You can achieve this with some despistadas if it makes the victim of the desire of the men, by exploiting the female solidarity, but to the avispadas may not deceive.

And although we do not need a physical as powerful as Marylin to be a lolita, since the key is the interpretation ( the calculated ambiguity to be at the same time a good girl and a vampire experienced), a true physical if necessary. In addition to projecting the image of poor innocent girl beyond a certain age is impossible.

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