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2677484165_27173e5712.jpgMuch ink has been spilt on the current economic crisis - as much or more so than on the depression of the 29. Not going to talk about the causes of these crises, but rather on its consequences, and specifically on the different reaction that has caused every one of these in the society, and more specifically in this traditionally called working class or with a more Marxist terminology, proletariat.

When took place the crisis of the 29 ... well, we all remember those executives and speculators on the stock exchange (these were the ones who caused the disaster) throwing themselves at the windows of the skyscraper. LOTR that now ...

Mira, in contrast the reaction of governments if that sounds to me like known. The president of the country where it originated the crisis of the 29, Hoover launched a deflationary policy - the recipe classic liberal- control of public expenditure (to then say that history never repeats itself) that the only thing he did was to worsen the situation. And while the ship sank this ultra-liberal proclaiming that "prosperity is just around the corner", where the number of unemployed persons in the United States already reached six million. To contain spending led to more unemployment, and causing more unemployment, people had less money to spend, and then to not buy the companies were saggy ... in a vicious circle.

Clear, lost the elections of the hand of Roosevelt, which was launched in its electoral campaign the novel idea - at the time, and very criticized by "wasteful" by the ... yes, those - that the people had to have a job and money to spend and so get over the depression. LOTR that now…and I am referring to the reaction of voters.

Because what if that has nothing to do it is the reaction of the people ... the Gila humorist once said that he had been a republican all his life because this regime was that gave him a weekly day of rest, forcing the shops -was dependent - to close to their workers would be able to rest. Now that LOTR ... where a classless working class that is not conscious of its interests applauds frantically suicidal idea -suicide for them - that everything has to be open 24 hours a day, every day of the year-.

Equally or more suicidal is the collective applause for this class? The attack on everything public ... and I am not referring to what is going to happen when the public health burst -rather make burst ... - I mean that the function is public (and especially in Spain, where everything is going in plug and there is no R&D) the almost unique opportunity to have a person born within the working class to climb the social ladder.

By eliminating the officials are eliminating the possibility that they could take their children to be mechanical, waiters, masons ... or is that really someone is so stupid to believe that in the capitalist system normally triumphs (and i mean to succeed, not having a bar working 80 hours per week and be bought then a casoplon of doubtful taste exploiting immigrants without contract) which is worth more and not the one who has studied in certain schools where friendships between powerful families?

In conclusion: the workers from the years 30 had very clear who had caused its collapse: the liberal capitalist system. In a few short years this seemed to be going to disappear, while their victims are passed through to the communism, fascism or the anarchism (700,000 affiliates had the CNT); and the capitalism could only be saved by washing your face, taking the measures of the economist Keynes (that was widely criticized by ... yes, that is) that were the basis of the Welfare State.

But ... of the three systems in liza in the twentieth century, fascism was defeated in the Second World War, the communism in 1990 with the defeat of the USSR in the Cold War, and the only existing system already doesn't have to pretend ...

And it will not do so while their victims continue to believe in his speech.

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Is there a few bugs so stupid as to spend more energy on winning a food that what you're going to get from it? The answer is ... yes!

This is not a tickling fun in scientific study (we are in summer and I am of letters), but a simple thing that i have come to the mind due to a deep experience of life.

I have always thought that the car is probably the most damaging invention of the twentieth century (vale, was invented in the nineteenth century; but the mass production of this piece is the XX), and today I have seen the light, because I can't explain a empirical mode.

I am summer on the coast in one of those developments that proliferate as fungi in the geography hipanistani when i fall in the account that ... hey presto i have no hard.

So you have to find an ATM machine, so we'll have to ask ... what a atm, please? Happened ... accurate, you have done very well. The nearest atm (and there is only one) is about a half hour walk, may be more. The funny thing is that in the area there are lots of resorts, and many people live in them permanently. The same thing that happens with the cashier, passes with lots of amenities.

I do not know how much people will be here permanently (i am referring to the area with all the housing estates), but estimated that several thousand. When you reach the cashier, which is in another urbanization (well, you are going for the beach and the promenade is nice, but for me i like to walk around) a girl for the car and asked me. "What a Opencor here? ". "Yes, of course, where do I come from".

And as well all over the world. The funny thing is that this is not only on the coast, is in the entire country. The car has created a model of urban planning absolutely unsustainable extensive. Already quite a few years ago, I was invited to a villa in the urbanization of Madrid, near Toledo. But ... ay, had forgotten the bread. Starting a car and go ... to buy a loaf of bread. You may have your logic go by car to make the purchase of the fortnight, but ... what logic has similar energy expenditure for a loaf of bread?

Does anyone imagine a predator spending 3000 calories in go to find a lejanisima prey to it will not get nor 300? A species with similar behavior will die out quickly. And we have it.


Although you can also see the glass half full: our species has always been lucky. Our mammal ancestors escaped from the extinction of the dinosaurs. We are a community of 7,000 million and the genetic distance between an Eskimo and an Australian Aborigine is hardly noticeable, while the two chimpanzees that live in contiguous valleys is much greater.

Why is that? Because we are all from a group of tremendously reduced human and not too long ago, in addition. Many paleoanthropologists are convinced that the human species has been to point disappear several times, the last he had to be very close: we are all from about 600 individuals, or that the other the palmaron, specifically by a extreme drought (ay, that climate change that does not exist, but each year makes it more heat), which is observed by an incredible decline in vegetation that took place a few 200,000 years in East Africa, just in the dates on which the genetic analyzes (mitochondrial DNA) calculated the birth of our species.

So mira, though the past Palmer 7000 millions of people, and most of the mammals, reptiles and amphibians of the planet, is almost certain that some will be. We continue driving.

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On Wednesday 13 July 2011 3 13 /07 /Jul /2011 3:13 PM

Imagen009.jpgYesterday July 12 of 2011, took place in the Alcala street a concentration in front of the the largest company of nurseries in the Kingdom of Spain Ministry of Education to protest against the plan that was discussed in those moments: a tightening of the requirements for practicing the public function (which are already questioned by if) that your laugh of the tests to be flight controller. What happens is that a flight controller wins a pastureland and the faculty you are cutting increasingly salaries to convert them, with luck, in mileuristas.

At first glance, it might seem reasonable: if they harden the requirements, the faculty will be better, doesn't it? ... The problem is that between working conditions and requirements have to be a balance, because but the discouragement, the sense of powerlessness and the bad milk can do much, a lot of damage.

He explained to me: who would you like to be operated by a surgeon who after countless years of study and practice and guards and to move on do not know how many courts of opposition will force you to operate on patients to piecework and gaining a thousand and a few euros? What I mean, no?

The issue is how the Government has come to this brilliant idea. I have a theory, and that the power is never, never, never recognize their errors. And this is not the first time that something like this happens in Spain.

In the early 40, the winners of the Civil War, hoping legitimized, decided to fulfill his promise to give bread cheap to the Spaniards. The result of his brilliant plan ... well, we all know what were the forty, known as "the years of hunger".

They are not nothing happened rather than forcing farmers to sell the wheat at ridiculous prices to the State for so cheap resale to consumers. The results were predictable: the peasants cultivated other things and the wheat harvest sank. Rather than acknowledge the error and reversing ( paradoxically, the same error committed by the victors of the Russian Revolution and that caused millions of deaths by starvation), the minds like intervene first all cereals , with which was worse, of course. And then in cabezón plan, everything arable!. No book or the reed canary grass.

The most curious thing of all, it is who spent more than a decade until recognized their error and reworked. What is that they saw what was happening? Yes, they saw, but did not want to recognize that they were wrong. According to the economist nazaritas Gabriel Tortella, the persistence of the cagada his error was not so much by specific interests (uber trendy had connected with the regime that speculated with the misery) such as the pride of power.

And something similar i think that goes with this Government. In the early 90s they invented the LOGSE, a concoction that has caused that education in Spain this to the queue of the OECD. All the subsequent educational laws, are revisions of the same. Then ... they think the "thoughtful"... do we have wrong?... ¡ ¡Impossible!!. Someone has to take the blame, and the ideologues of the disaster (which have not given class in your life) may not be, so they are ... exact: ¡implementors!. Is that the "poor" don't know ... The fact that the teachers of the year 70, with much less teacher training (though not the other, eye), and with a few requirements to enter the profession almost null results obtain infinitely better, don't tell absolutely nothing.

And the disaster will continue, because it gives equal what tightening pins to the teachers, the only thing that remains is to know when will be rectified. For the time being, for 10 years more than the government of General Franco in realizing his mistake.

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Today I am writing this in response to a link that have been published in facebook by the hand of a colleague. It is something very simple: it is to act by signing in favor of that will remove the administrative sanction to a teacher who had the "chutzpah" to carry a T-shirt with a slogan in favor of the defense of the public school.

5424124887_d27947310c.jpg I will not dwell on the details of the matter because they come fully explained in the link . But I keep asking myself the question: How is it possible that the public administration of the Community of Madrid to punish someone for ... ¡ ¡ ¡defend their own administration!!! ?. It is as if a worker of Coca-cola will be penalised by carry advertising of Coca-cola, a complete absurdity.

It follows that the public authorities of the Community of Madrid working for the private powers. Following the analogy above it is as if the executives of the company mentioned will work to improve the results of ... ¡ ¡ ¡Pepsi!!!. Wouldn't it be this regarded as "high treason" by the shareholders and would depose these managers of fulminant form?

The second aspect of my reflection is much more sinister and disturbing: How has been able to admit the complaint of a particular individual (in this case, the director of a college concluded, the Liceo Consul) by what they put on a shirt?

I have serious doubts as to whether this is constitutional, there is no freedom of expression? Would it not be possible for the State to act ex officio against this measure? If not democratic by conviction, because in Machiavellian plan, for putear press to its archenemy (does anyone imagine the revenue that could draw from this the opposition if outside averagely intelligent? ). Oh, and do not!, that this is to prolong the looting a few more months, before the catastrophe that has them.

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Between such ignominy and helplessness, a news that brings something of light. A private school, the Best Schule, Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia), closed its doors. I do not want to be misunderstood: i feel deeply for the workers of the college; teachers, janitors, administrative staff ...
But the Junta de Castilla y León (incidentally, of the same political color that our beloved homeland autonomic artificial construction Madrid) has a policy not to perform concerts with the private schools.
And, of course, the results are what they are: only 17 registered for the year 2011-2012. Because here, for some strange magic esoteric, abracadabra! The public is private, public and private.
And suddenly it is that when you have to pay the services of a private company with their own money and not with other people's money, private education no longer cool.
If you amount a bar, i also conclude the Community of Madrid and i will be able to make unfair competition to the other bars offering the canes with a lower price than the market? I leave you, I'm going to ask our beloved administration with flag 7 stars (go on, as the Mahou!, the only thing that's worth already in the capital region community artificial! ).

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