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171293615_a00cfe620c.jpg Terrified by the law of karma (that which says that everything you do the Universe you returns multiplied by three) and reflecting on the deployment of cynicism on my inaugural article, I have decided to inaugurate a section called the desk back in action of tribute and nostalgia to that fantastic song of Alaska at that mythical program of saturday morning: The Crystal Ball. Those who remember to about Mazinger Z you know what I'm talking about. In this section, Iran appearing articles which will serve to help (i hope) to young promises of our educational system. In a principle ire explaining the concepts that i see more cost in social, biographies of historical figures and in a future who knows? Historical commentary, maps, art ...

In addition, over the course of this week you will be taken to another section: Ephemeris (for those of the ESGO: anniversary special dates), that will be great to review these milestones without foolish and importance that were determined in the cusp of history: 1 May (Labor Day), May 2 (lifting of Madrid against the French), 14 July ( Bastille Day) …and the most important of all, the July 1 (date of the start of my school holidays). Look at him as a kind of corner of the vague, you can make comments, suggestions ... (another thing is that click event, but you can try).

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