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"In the deep R'lyeh the Great Cthulu sleeps and Awaits". So reassuring with prophecy, the visionary Lovecraft, tells us in her story Call of Cthulhu This prayer that the followers of this god -a entity of alien 10 km height, head of octopus and body of dragon, coated with a gelatin that makes him indestructible - repeated over and over again, waiting for the "day that the stars are in position" and that his horrible deity will be free of its prison and reclaim what was once theirs.
And unlike other primitive or Primary, Cthulu does not dwell in distant stars or this prisoner beyond our space-time: The city of Rlyeh -of maddening not Euclidean geometry - is located in the Pacific and some how crazy? They believe having located:es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloop.
The prophet of Providence found that eons ago, after a failed rebellion, the archetypal Gods succeeded exiled -but not ultimate defeat- to the paramount: Hastur was exiled to the lake of Hali, in the Hiadas, near Aldebaran; Cthulu to the depths of the Pacific; Ithaqua, the one who walks in the wind, the ice arctic deserts; Yog-Sothot was launched to Chaos together with Azathot, the leader of the rebellion; with that in punishment, deprived the sanity. Other rebels were exiles and prisoners. The only thing that seems to get rid of this luck is Nyarlathotep.

But the hour of vengeance is about, on page 751 of the Necronomicon -the complete edition, to which no one can access without pay with the reason or with life - contains the famous ninth verse, that to be sung will return freedom to Yog-Sothot as announced by the prophets.
The exegete of Lovecraft, Derleth writer, is the founded of the myths. Was the who invented the figure of the seal: a kind of talisman created by the Gods archetypal, a stone with a five-pointed star which dominates the Paramount after the manner of the christian cross against the vampires. AND is that Derleth saw the prophecies of Lovecraft as a distortion of religion judeo-Christian.
Since then, this defense is a reassuring invention of Derleth. The author of the Necronomicon, the mad arab Abdul-al-Azhared does not mention it, nor any of the text which can be viewed in the section of the prohibited " Miskatonic University: Link.

I am increasingly confident that our writer payment your knowledge - acquired after years of horrible nightmares - with their lives. It was heavily influenced by Arthur machen, a member of the occult and esoteric society call Golden dawn, to which belonged also , Aleister Crowley, disturbing character, one of the founders of the magic of chaos . Perhaps came into the dangerous prohibited section of the library of the University. What is certain is that he died young, dam of the cancer. It is true that cancer is a disease, but what is a disease for which lurk in the threshold?
Luckily, it is no longer necessary to enter the dangerous section, with just the touch of a university liaison to access all of this knowledge. The section prohibited you need an access key, but with a good program, you can get ... at the end of the day, I do not think that Cthulu know what are the rights of copyright, or track an IP address. It would not be logical. Although I do not believe that it is very logical the smell of the sea and rotten fish that come from smelling since I started to write ...
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