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South Africa is perfect for those who love the black continent, offering more than safaris and excellent beaches, with virtually no legal requirements for travel, and excellent infrastructure. With a multitude of landscapes, from the savannah in the north in Mpumalanga,to the steppe of the Transvaal and the indigenous flora of the Cape province, to beautiful cities like Durban or Cape, is an unforgettable destination.

Some 20 years ago, the leaders of our country invented the famous Spain, everything under the Sun, To expand the Spanish tourism.

Regardless of what is deserved of the label, few countries can exhibit with greater pride that South Africa a variety of landscapes, fauna, cultural and linguistic so overwhelming, that make it insurmountable. From the beaches of the Ocean, so much sought after by surf lovers; to Kruger park, ideal for a safari; or the vineyards of the Cape province, mecca of wine lovers, South Africa can offer to any traveller any type of destination.

Not only can boast of its landscapes: also in the magic of the Indian architecture in Durban, with its aroma of curry and spices and the beauty of Cape Town. Founded in 1652 by the Dutch, is the ideal starting point to view cetaceans and dive near sharks; the Route of the vineyards (with their villages so similar to the Dutch). It is also situated on the coast the Robben Island prison, where Nelson Mandela was, and with its Mediterranean climate, and its luxurious Waterfront complements an unforgettable trip.

Unforgivable would not perform the Garden Route: 400 Km from Cape Town to the coast of Indian Ocean, a beauty almost offensive: not in vain here is one of the floristic regions in which our planet is divided, and shows that species not found in any other part.

We are in the southern hemisphere, as well it should be borne in mind that our summer is their winter. Cape Town is to 33° of latitude, which would result in our hemisphere to Tangier. Add that subtropical in the north, the summer is the rainy season and mosquitoes. The best time to travel would be the start of their winter: May-June. Visa is not necessary and there are no compulsory vaccinations.

Are the excellent roads, so different from the rest of the continent, which allow the best option to get to know this incredible country: rent a car and enjoy.

Amanecer en el parque Kruger
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