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The spins of the tarot allowing you to practice divination, as well as the fortune. But we must be clear that these are two different concepts. La Fortuna is used with the intention of knowing what will happen in an inevitable. The divination will tell us only what may occur depending on our decisions. Here are the keys to read the letters.

What do you do with the cards?

Of all the modes of laying the cards of the tarot, one of the most effective spin is the call of the planetary houses:

1. Mix the letters focusing.

2. Ask the consultant to make three piles, and you choose one, which we'll use.

3. In the center of the first letter. Represents the questioner in the present.

4. Arrange the following eight letters around the central circle.

5. The second letter represents the economic future.

6. The third, the steps to follow in labor.

7. The fourth and fifth, the home and the children.

8. The sixth, friends and relations.

9. The seventh, the couple.

10.The eighth, health.

11.The ninth, travel and the changes.

How do you interpret them?

To interpret the tarot cards there are to see come out to the right or reversed.

.The Magician, represents someone with charisma. Exceed all with skill. Inverted, their accomplishments will be dishonest.

.The Empress, represents change processes. Inverted, failure to complete their projects.

.The High Priest, symbolizes a master, the wisdom. Inverted, bad advice.

.The Carriage, represents the triumph fruit of the effort. Inverted, failure.

.The Hermit, is someone removed. To the right, advises reflection in solitude. Inverted, loneliness or obsession.

.The Force. To the right, inner strength. Inverted, quite the contrary.

.The Death, represents the change. To the right, the birth of a new positive stage. Inverted, a loss.

.The Devil, the primary driving force. To the right, enthusiasm to succeed either way. Inverted, dangers.

.The Star, indicates a good destination. Inverted, disappointments.

.The Sun, symbol of the masculine. To the right, wealth. Inverted, aggressiveness.

.The World. To the right, success. Inverted, disappointment.

.The priestess. Represents the traditional. To the right, prudence. Inverted, otherwise.

.The Emperor. To the right, a protector. Inverted, problems with the authority.

.The Lovers. To the right, love. Inverted, disappointments in love.

.The Justice, means lawsuits. Inverted, failure and injustice.

.The Wheel of Fortune, announced success. Inverted, failure.

.The Hung, represents loss. To the right, there is hope of recovery.

.The temperance. To the right, means success before the hostile. Inverted, loss of control of the situation.

.The Tower, represents crisis and change. Inverted, adapt to the changes.

.The Moon, represents our changing emotions. Inverted, sentence, or madness.

.The trial. We shall receive a reward or punishment for our actions.

.The Madman. Represents the rebellion. To the right, genius; inverted, imprudence.

Tarot de la Renaissance (1460)
By Francisco José - Published in: astronomy and space
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