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Six years ago that the leader of the mythical group of Queens left us, but his legacy remains. Created a new style in the decadent rock of the 70s, and returned to lead the rebellion and the fun to a rock and roll that he was dying with their items fresh and fast.

I have spent more than six years since the alma mater of the group The Ramones is not with us. Of course I am referring to Joey Ramone, least known as Jeffrey Hyman, your real name.

With 14 jobs in study (from 1976 to 1995), 9 jobs live (including the mythical "It's Alive", recorded in London in 1977) ,and countless compilations and versions, the Ramones are one of the brightest stars of the firmament of the rock.

And it is not for less. In addition to its vast production, created a style of its own to basis of torn jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets and sports that was imitated throughout the world.

Were a real breath of fresh air. In an era in which the rock had been transformed into something similar to the opera, with themes of 20 minutes, and virtuosic music, the Ramones played songs of no more than 3 minutes and with a compelling style that made them sound like a pneumatic hammer.

As the large dinosaurs, the great of the rock opera, with its slow movements and heavy, they had to give way to these small, skilled, fast and furry mammals, and they, together with the other barbarians of the new wave, saved the rock and roll of the extinction.

But time passes: the famous CBGB's, the local where the Ramones reached the glory, he saw his last concert in 2006 of the hand of Patti Smith. He is currently a local clothing kicky, in a neighborhood that has become "trend". If the old Joey lifted his head.

Nueva York
By Francisco José - Published in: Music
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