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Natural products

All our products, sold here, are guaranteed without addition of chemicals as for the color or the fragrance.

The adjuvant products such as those necessary for the tint or for the flavor are strictly pulled species minérales or plant. For example and among others, blue arises flowers of a called liana Clitorea ternatea whom we use in the food, to color either the rice, or the drinks in practically all the countries of the Southeast Asia.


Manufacturing stemming from a small crafts family of district, reserved largely for the "former", as he is of rule in Thailand, especially if these do not work anymore and have not No pension redeems. These knowledges arise from the cold saponification, the craft method which allows to produce knowledges "surgras" rich in plant glycerin. Knowledges keep With this method all the produced plant glycerin and it is her who gives to knowledges their moisturizing and beneficial power for your skin. Furthermore, a part of vegetable oil is not Transform in soap. It is what we call the "surgras".

Used oils are oil of coconut, rice, palm (although of bad reputation for the health in ingestion, the palm oil suits perfectly For knowledges), etc....

Better quality respect for the nature

The crafts are everything but a hollow notion.

Less production, but for more quality and especially choice of the elements of manufacturing, because no person liable for tax in the rules of productivity or marketing.

Industrial knowledges are made with components and cleaners which are not natural. These products, with new chemical components, are fatal for the environment, your Health and your skin (as parabènes or product stemming from the petroleum industry and chemical) and can cause risks of raising awareness, as well as multiple allergies.

By rejecting them in the environment, we poison our rivers and our oceans. It's a whole ecosystem which is disrupted and destroyed.

We do not need his allergens for a daily care of the skin or the hair. It is necessary to know how to return to the simple, natural things and disengage from the production of the big one Industries and multinationals of mass.

Our products

Our products come from the region of Chonburi in Thailand, bought to these craftsmen, they are stored in our premises in a adequate and thoughtful way. They are revérifiés carefully Before packaging.

They are, for ornamental knowledges, of a big diversity and a good realism: pink, banana, flower of camellias, magnolias or water lily, sea star, sunflower, coconut, orange Thai, grapes, etc....

Knowledges in plaques, have they a real power either exfoliating, or clearing up, or softening and suit for a daily use.

How to recognize a soap made by cold saponification?

In the touch, because he is slightly oily, of a texture less compact or less homogeneous and less rough than an industrial soap and on the other hand put a cold soap (coloring neutral, without) In front of a light, you will see that it is slightly translucent whereas an industrial soap will remain completely opaque.