Films of the installation of automated stalls we has been dictated by the desire of milking to a single which allows you to find the time to perform other work or free time ,use of electronic loops The first thing is [ …]

To know the manuring valued by the plants there is a method developed by the INRA is the analysis of grass (index of nutrition) 1° The levy of grass Encartprotocolepr-l-levy (sheet descrptive house agriculture) on [ …]

PHOTOS OF THE SIMA + THE LOUNGE A CLICK ON THIS LINK the LACAUNE breed see the desciptif of the race

The pasture running is a solution to save the labor on the farms or the number of active reduces the piecemeal of the exploitation is decisive for the choice of the type of grazing in my case this are parcels [ …]

After a successful test of grinding of fallow land to install a prairie for what not crush a wood or i retrieved the wood for firewood? The aim is to establish a permanent pasture the bois is located on a parcel [ …]

INGREDIENTS OF THE BREAD OF THE EGGS OF THE FLESH HAS SAUSAGE OF SPICES AND SALT 3 dozen eggs 1 loaf of bread 1.5 kilo of sausage meat salt, pepper and thyme Cut the bread into very thin slices so that the mixture is the most homogenous [ …]

A soil analysis allows to know the capacity of the soil to provide of the mineral elements to the crops for this reason periodically of the soil analyzes are carried out on my farm by the laboratory ACL for the Rochelle everything starts [ …]

A DEMONSTRATION OF LABOR TO A NEIGHBOR NEAR TO ST HAS DIMINISHED THE FARM OF LOST i have been invited to a demonstration of labor on land very dry by J. L .GINESTE this demonstration is carried out by the boss of establishment [ …]

The identification of sheep is mandatory, it is one of the first links in the traceability of food products. Each animal is equipped with two earrings on which is inscribed the number of the animal. This number is composed [ …]

THE SHEARING each year to the approach of the beautiful days is the period of the shearing of sheep The first reason for the mowing is the well-being of the sheep in effect during the warm periods of the summer, the sheep would suffer from the heat The [ …]

It is a technique of grafting which is practiced on a table has the inside and which allows to graft even in the case of rain or freezing without suffer the vagaries of the weather it is necessary to have a door registry is will be a small tree of the same [ …]

The ducks are finally enough fat to be processed in tination they are then killed and then immersed in boiling water to the plucking a feathery to rollers is used to remove the maximum of pens the rest of the feathers is [ …]

To distribute the straw to the sheep we needed transport brewed of straw on 40 meters and for this cross 2 markets to access the central corridor of the bergerie. This is to decrease the penibilitee of this everyday work [ …]

Build a prairie without labor on a coppice crushed (permaculture) After the consecutive droughts of the last years and the damage of the rats of the fields, the amount of hay decreased so that the reports of hay of years [ …]

THE PARISIAN (The sheep LACAUNES HAS PARIS) I thank the people who have worked together before at by their photos or their presence to achieve this article. It is a must attend event for all livestock farmers it is the salon of Paris. The time [ …]


  • : A farm in dairy ewes and lambs calmels and the viala ITL 12400
  • une exploitation agricole en brebis laitieres et agneaux calmels et le viala 12400
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  • : 13/09/2005
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Ewes and ewe lambs
gid lacaune

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