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Friday 27 August 2010 5 27 /08 /Aug /2010 00:01
- Community: politics, philosophy, history - Published in: Indigenous Peoples


A Marching North

Convention 169 is an international agreement that has been signed by the governments of the countries and up to now the only international instrument regulator that recognizes our indigenous peoples the right to our own territory, to our culture and language, and commits signatory governments to respect minimum standards in the implementation of these rights. It is very important, because all the government signatories, these forced to comply (Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venuzuela). They do not even the governments of Guyana, Uruguay, Surinan and French Guiana (France). We need to do campaigns to put pressure on the governments of these countries to sign and to respect the rights of our brothers.

The General Conference of the
International Labor Organization:

Convened in Geneva by the Governing Council of the International Labor Office, and congregated in that city on June 7 1989, in its seventy sixth meeting;

Noting the international standards set forth in the Convention and the Recommendation on indigenous and tribal peoples, 1957;

Recalling the terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and numerous international instruments on the prevention of discrimination;

Considering that the evolution of international law since 1957 and the changes in the situation of the indigenous and tribal peoples in all regions of the world make it advisable to adopt new international standards in the field, in order to eliminate the orientation toward the assimilation of the previous rules;

Recognizing the aspirations of these peoples to assume control of their own institutions and forms of life and its economic development and to maintain and strengthen their identities, languages and religions, within the framework of the States in which they live;

Noting that in many parts of the world, these people cannot enjoy the fundamental human rights to the same extent as the rest of the population of the States in which they live and that its laws, values, customs and perspectives often have suffered an erosion;

Recalling the particular contribution of the indigenous and tribal peoples to cultural diversity, to social harmony and ecological of mankind and to international co-operation and understanding;

Noting that the following provisions have been established with the cooperation of the United Nations, the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the World Health Organization, as well as the Inter-american Indian Institute, at the appropriate levels and in their respective fields, and it is the intention to continue this partnership to promote and ensure the implementation of these provisions;

After you have decided to adopt various propositions on the partial revision of the indigenous and tribal populations Convention, 1957 (No. 107), an issue which is the fourth item on the agenda of the meeting, and

After you have decided that these proposals shall take the form of an international convention to revise the Convention on indigenous and tribal peoples, 1957,

Adopts, with twenty date of June, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine, the following convention, which may be cited as the indigenous and tribal peoples Convention, 1989.

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