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On Wednesday 30 March 2011 3 30 /03 /Mar /2011 04:22
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A marching north: Let's Talk About story and how it reconstructs the Nation Charrua.


United Nations approved the 17-7-98 the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. In the framework of the protection of the DD.HH., this treaty was signed by Uruguay on 19-12-2000, and subsequently ratified its accession on 6-28-2002.

On the genocide, it is said in the article. 6:


For the purposes of this Statute, it is understood by "genocide" any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such:

A) killing members of the group;

B) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

C) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

D) measures intended to prevent births within the group;

E) forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

This is a true "confession" and a person who feels "guilty". Why, if not, you want to hide the facts., ( "nothing I wanted to say to the Government of my provisions" ). Rivera takes this massacre as a feast, in which it will be recognized as were not 8 Viceroys that also wanted to exterminate the Charruas. And the concept that had on the indians appreciates when da to understand them would not "human blood", although fit other explanatory hypotheses of this strange expression. See book "The genocide of the population Charrua".

Field, April 5 1831

"My dear friend D. Julian is in my power his note of yesterday and soi tax of the measures taken Riminiterme Asher to come to the Indians to this point with this ojeto was Bernabelito q.e and i have no doubt the the aga come prontam.you and i not wanted to move later already p.r q.e could put them in desconfiansas or by q.e if is achieved aserlos pass the Queguay would no longer difficult mode sugetarlos q.e one wants. Are we ready without envargo profiled in case needed marching on them what I want to avoid all tranze since we will be Ventajocicimam.te the safe mooring clatter ACI is q.e fondamental questions resolved to wait here if you see Asta achieve aserlos come Aci [ec refuse?] i hope their warnings continued Riminiterme [does vary?] my provisions…"

F. Rivera (signed)


http://www.internet.com.uy/charruas/manuscritos/LAGUNA9.jpg http://www.internet.com.uy/charruas/manuscritos/LAGUNA10.jpg

Initial paragraphs of a letter of the Gral. Rivera to Juan María Pérez, written to the two days of the massacre of Salsipuedes from islands of Juan Tomás, spot next to the step of the Willow of the Queguay. (Archivo General de la Nación, Montevideo. Individual files, Box 132, Folder 28, Folio 4. Book "The Country Charrua" of Acosta and Lara, p. 1/207)

"Sor D. Juan M. Perez. Islands of Juan Tomás April 13 - 1831

My dear friend.- Already You Savra p.r the parties given the Gov or q.e the result about reseating the horde of savages q.e both an afflicted our paSi, to correspond to the endeavor with the f ollowing q.e pursued them to Asta achieve its total mass extermination and q.e we must congratulate ourselves. If envargo, q.e something is still missing q.e asher stopped the most difficult thing is already expired. With this date i am available to Gov.not a reg.to de Cavalleria q.e polecia must serve as the terms in the bill prevents q.e" ( ... ) "Your am.or true Fructuoso Rivera".



Another letter from Rivera, dated in Headquarters, Salsipuedes, April 15, 1831, fully confirms the destruction of the Charruas and its persecution until its total extermination. It cannot be any doubt of the genocidal purposes of who signed the note, Fructuoso Rivera.

In addition see what he or she recommends to the General Commander of the border of the Cuareim that i struck down the charrúas you see fleeing the border makes it Brazil, in a ruthless manner did not want to enable even a withdrawal in search of freedom and to save their doomed lives.

This is the letter:

Surprised and destroyed the 11 of the current the rampaging hordes of this indomitable Charrúa tribe has paid dearly the ancient and recent crimes, leaving dead in the field the greater part, and the rest with all their families and herds in power of the division of operations. And even when they have managed to escape the same fate, some very rare, the forces of the Army are continuing their scope to their extermination.

To fully complete this triumph that both matter to the more expensive interests of the Nation is of absolute necessity, that Mr. Commander General put in motion all the dependent forces to their orders, which harbor that border, in pursuit of this handful of bandits until its total extermination, without stripping the main points in it and without spread the militias of the Colony, giving early warnings on the measures taken in this regard, President General in Chief. Etc.

Fructuoso Rivera
Lord Commander General of the Colony of Quareim



A Marching North

Let's Talk About story and how it reconstructs the Nation Charrua.

Here in our homeland we have not respected nor even an iota of the Artigas thought. And we have not respected because we have not read the true story, with texts in education, where we have to Rivera as a national hero, being a murderer against humanity, author of the genocide Charrua and in addition there is a letter of Rivera that documents its claim to kill Artigas. But why has not been including this documentation in the national library in the file of Artigas? Without a doubt, for complicity of the entire political class, but also because we did not want to join by our ancestors and to vindicate the history demanding our rights. We have followed the easy path of romanticism, without a fight, recognizing that among us, without shouting that we are here and that we are the Nation Charrua. Without stopping to ask and analyze according to the analysis tools, is that it is more easily stagnate in the pride that fight. For this reason the indifference of governments of shifts, article 169 that sleeps in the drawers of some desktop. Let consider and think about that in Uruguay there is no ship sailed. By that we are in scattered groups, without being what we have to be, a nation.

Another aspect is the absolute nature of our thought, as well as the passive , is what completely denies the character and the vision that development our culture, our tribes and our nation.

We can therefore say that the independence that was developed in these territories was an act totally alien to what is actually lived, here. But we might ask ourselves: what is the process i lived here five hundred years ago in which began a process that to be alien to most of the villagers, it was just a process for a small portion of these people and that their origins were not precisely in these territories, but in its economic and political dependency in Europe and then we were still a colony of any covert way. For this reason we have to leave behind if the Taras of academic training framed in the western school and understand the problem of the Indian as essential, to understand this territory.

AND is that the reality is that wanted a creole revolution, where there was never creoles. The explanation: The western sociology was created from the western social paradigms that are precisely based on the development of its science with the paradigms that the western man behind its development. These paradigms are not universal, because our territories had a different kind of development to westerners in spite of the fact that many historians have wanted to relate as evolved in parallel, which is not true and for this to have been founded some religious sects with the purpose of sustaining such trends. It is precisely these outlandish hysterical that aim to go knocking down some historical events that will not place himself the western patterns in our territory. Therefore we are of mixed race that does not respond to any mental schema, but that however we allegamos to western positions whether it is these that undermine our own existence.

But because they form small groups, is that each one wanted to be the standard bearer that the only thing you are looking for is the appetite staff and not the real struggle of our nation, and even many abdicate its ideals and principles for self-improvement for his person and his environment. We thus formed is system, which we do not allow it to be the nation Charrua.

These thoughts are a self-criticism, a posture and an invitation to prepare and organize ourselves to be the nation Charrua.

For marching a North: Ricardo Silva (Caio)

"Our North is the South" by spreading the alternative journalism, we are more people thinking.

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