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Saturday 21 May 2011 6 21 /05 /May /2011 10:36 PM
- Community: politics, philosophy, history - Published in: Human Rights

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The truth is kidnapped, justice absent, as the conscience and the dignity of the entire political class. Many bought that today the impunity has a only responsible, as it does not have the vote of Semproni. This is not the case, a long time ago that grappling is the human rights. What is clear, and the view is the multiplication of rats, who hide in caves, leaving desperate to meet with covenants, with murderers, torturers and genocidal. I feel a big pain in the depths of my humanity. By each one of the missing and their families. By each one of those who were tortured, that ate the cane (prison), by those who suffered exile. For every militant defender of human rights. My pain, it is not hatred, is love, and I came to the memory of a brother life, Celiberti Albaro, that we were together in the fasting for amnesty, in Conventual. All those Friday in the Liberty Square. The talks with the great Mother and Teacher who was and is the Tota Quinteros. I am reporting data from the 1980 referendum to German Araujo, in CX 30, being my first steps in journalism. The reunion with political prisoners as they regain their freedom, and the our. In some bolanteada and painted on the walls of the city. It hurts me live in a country where we are not equal before the law, where freedom is apparent, where we kill the thought, where spit words of cheap philosophy. Where the image consultants have each ves more work, and there are no advisors of conscience and humanity. Those responsible for the violations of human rights defenders and the accomplices of the impunity, are the same shit. It is the exact comparison of the murderer and that the masks are the two things crimes, crimes against humanity. I wonder if today there is still someone who thinks, that is nonsense, and it is too thick call them traitors. Leave left, pulled or a colleague and defend their murderers, that is?

Go to visit the hospital to a milico the process, that is? Resign from the Senate, for not being able to vote against the murderers, that is? Use the fourth article of the law of impunity, try and prosecute the only ones who are prisoners in this country, for that not to be tried in other countries that were required, and make them more than a prison a hotel exclusively for them, that is? Vote in the Senate the interpretative act, and then go to ask them to those members who do not vote, that is? Majorities say that sometimes they are wrong, ask for a vote on the interpretative act, when in his presidency did nothing against the impunity, but if he accepted a post as an adviser to the IMF, THAT IS? If gentlemen are traitors, despite those who despite. It hurts those who hurt them. Each time you published an article on human rights and on Uruguay, i cause worth seeing in Facebook, place that used to disseminate my work that some leave of being followers at least public, of a marching north. I think with all due respect, find it hard to accept the sad reality of its political strength, the Broad Front with their leaders. Something I do not understand, for more history, and the tool that was at some point, you put a flag policy before nothing more nor less than human rights. This is my way of thinking and above all to feel. I am a defender of human rights, and from the love part my operate.

Ricardo Silva, for marching a North

From Romanticism to the Solidarity, Bernardino Garcia, Grandfather Charrua

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