Attractive walls with Casadeco ... wall papers

Published By Carolyne

It had been a long time since I had not proposed you one of my discoveries on the internet regarding decoration... The sun points sound (finally, it tries, because it is not gained by at our home) and I have an uncontrollable desire to make changes!

I have just discovered a site CASADECO Which proposes wallpapers which I adore... One go discover that together? Well, you are maybe not going to like the choices which I am going to make but later, to you to make your own choice... Here we go!

papiers peints casadecopapiers peints casadecopapiers peints casadeco
papiers peints casadecopapiers peints casadecopapiers peints casadeco
papiers peints casadecopapiers peints casadecopapiers peints casadeco

Wallpapers casadeco

Then? You like or not??? For my part, I find that we make now very attractive wallpapers... Then, it is necessary to balance, a wall, a panel, a whole room, all this depends on what we wait!

Good visit on this attractive site!

The ideal mask for the put under stress skins

Published By Alexia Yaya

This article is reposté since My blog and I.

Your skin is irritated, it pulls, it suffers from the cold and that shows itself by a global drought, a complexion Irregular, small imperfections and skin which blushes very fast? Your skin is simply put under stress? Why? Because she undergoes too many attacks outside and does not arrive anymore in Defend! If your skin is mixed under normal circumstances, the stress is going to create an overproduction of sebum and a vicious circle is going to settle down: the more we have an ugly skin more one stress and the more one stress More our skin is not beautiful!

Here is for the theory, let us pass in the practice!

To relieve my skin which presented a large part of the aforementioned inconveniences, I applied the mask soothing care The action Paris.


This mask is enriched in essential oil of mandarin and Litsea Cubeba who have soothing virtues, it also contains Extracts of water lily in the protective and relaxing virtues. To favor the penetration in the skin, this mask contains some sesame oil.

The smell is divine, essential oil spreads a mesmerizing flavor convenient to the relaxation.

Break time? 10 - 15 min, the ideal is to isolate itself in a quiet place to release itself the spirit and relax a good moment. A hot bath is particularly recommended to relax, if you have no it, let go yourselves under the hot jet of the shower.

Where to find them? We find these small masks on the Internet, I saw it at Nocibé also, they cost approximately 2€ and are declined for any skin types and every types of problems! Code réduc and information HERE.

For attractive feet [competition]

Published By Alexia Yaya

This article is reposté since My blog and I.

We never take enough care of our feet! Not the time, not envies, no matter, our feet support us all day long (silently!) and sometimes it is necessary to spoil them so that they remain attractive and so that they can carry us even for a long time!

Today, I propose you a small special prize for your feet!

-A separator of toes to apply your nail polish without fears!

-A balm repair care Pedix Feet of the mark Alessandro.

To play it is simple:

1) Be subscribed to my page Facebook: here

2) Say to me how you take care of your small feet!

Of course, one hello is always more pleasant to read!

1 additional luck for any division (HC, Facebook, Google + or Twitter) by leaving me the links in your comment (no link, no point!).

To you to play, the competition is opened until Monday, March 3rd, 10 hours.

Good luck!

Pour de jolis pieds [concours]

Sites, discount coupons...

Published By Carolyne

Have a good laugh to spend always too much? Make as me: certain sites suggest saving (sometimes substancielles) on common products but not that... There are the main things which you doubtless know (to reach, a click on the images or on the links):

Desire furthermore And The beautiful address Piles, cleansing products of big marks allow you to reach discount vouchers for cleaning products...

With My life in colorsYou accédes in vouchers on all which is chocolates, biscuits, coffee, dairies, washings, products of care and hygiene...

With Let us cut networkYou have access to all the types of already named products and vouchers are accepted by all the signs...

For some cheese, yoghurts, for some infantile milk, cereal, do not hesitate to visit Desire to eat well!

You also have the sites of the marks, it is enough to call on to our friend Google to reach it... Some marks, among others...

Or still

And also

To you to look ... and if you have other ideas, leave a comment for the readers and the readers;)

The site Let us crunch the life of Nestlé Has numerous partners and numerous competitions (I have already gained)!

There are the sites of great, the hypermarkets... I put you some...

As you see, you have a very wide choice to save and if you have one Carrefour not far from at your home (and which participates in the operation), you can also remove free of charge products, on the condition of expressing your opinion! Yes, yes, I made out a will! Yours I give you the code of sponsoring, kept silent win at it and too... You connect on My opinion makes him free And you seize the code 300386, you get back 20 credits and I likewise!

And how you made full of savings to mitigate the needs for your family or yours, you can go to be made a little gift (or to make me for it one, if you have no idea, I, I have height of it)!

Competition Decoration: idécoratives at Georgette

Published By Carolyne

OF ARTDECOACHYou know???? It is the domain of Georgette... I in Ain spoken several times already! If you want to know more about it, click there ... on the images! adame Georgette has a sense of humor, well I, I am fair and I do not always understand his plays on words but I look after myself... She also has of the talent, courage (Because one needs to create his company nowadays), ideas by thousands a heap of furniture or objects which are out of the ordinary!!!!

She proposes you one Young CompetitionThus, Quite simple, quite easy then line to return him a small visit!!!! (If you are fair, it is necessary to click "young competition ... What, I laugh!? I have the right, I am fair also).

For any knowledge, you also can "liker" His Page Facebook !!!! Like that, you can follow his realizations!!!! She invented all the same the roller to make stripes (which interessat number of relookeuses pros Even not blondes)!

Save ... on your purchases of Christmas

Published By Carolyne

interrogationI do not know for you, but me, I do not still have Begun my purchases of Christmas! I do not know if it is of in the gloomy atmosphere, in the uncertainty that reigns, in the fact that everything increases ... and is going to continue to increase! Anyway, I have not desire!!! Besides, I really have no idea and my budget is relatively limited...

I ferret about, on the lookout for the good plans which are not lacking in this end of year, I visit some sites when I am not blocked (because I am always out of order because of my Back)!

There are 2 sites which I consult regularly:

The first one, to see if there is not rpès from my home Attic sales or Stock exchanges in toys, deliver Etc. ... (click on the words in pink))

The second, to benefit from discounts and of cashback on my purchases (click on the banner, she is a little bit long to display but be patient)! )

And you, you have already begun your purchases? You ended maybe already... My poppets have already quite a lot of things, for their parents, it is even less easy! I would like to please Without it is pointless but not too useful either!!! I do not like this period but if you know me you already know him! Nevertheless I am going to make all the same a young Effort...

It is what your priority this year? To please at a lower cost? Spend more because Christmas, it is once a year? Give an envelope so that the choice stays in that or the one who Receives?

Have you, too, good plans?

Well, I turn to put myself on the back (and look at the blue sky) and I shall come to see what you propose later!!!!

PS: if are you under the snow, am careful!!!

I stopped smoking ... it vapotant!

Published By Carolyne

Hello everybody ... finally there are a lot of people! Because I am still not badly absent... Thus year 2013 is not best for me but he much worse there for number of people living on this earth ... I am not going to complain (too much)!

Every year, we make decisions... We shall make that, we shall never make that and then we always have a good one (or a bad one) reason to push away the decision ... not the time, not the motivation, the other more urgent things!

For my part, I wanted to stop smoking, I was not a big hazy one but all the same very hooked on this mess of cigarette especially when I was in stress! In July, just before my holidays and with the advice of one of my sisters, I decided. Purchase of a cigarette éléctronique and substitutes called e-liquid. I read a lot before, consulted web sites and forums, asked for the notices.

I began with liquids says "gourmands" whose different flavors one with some nicotine measured in 6mg, I tested but without the taste of the tobacco: licorice, caramel, chocolate, mint, red berries, bubble gum, vanilla, cherry.

I kept the flavors licorice, red berries, bubble gum and I totally stopped liquids containing some nicotine at the end of a few days. Thus I vapote but practically more, in the evening if I am tightened or worried, anymore by car and anymore in the job!

Since July 11th, I managed to hold one of my decisions and I am happy there.

Are you doubtless going to ask me questions on the weight??? Voui, I gained weight but I do not know if it is because of the stop of the cigarette, the thyroid, because since August, I suffer from my back and from a so-called sciatica which does not pass and which prevents me from moving (other examinations to come in November), Médoc which I swallow confusedly not to have pain anymore or to sleep...

Morality : I am happy to have been able to stop smoking, seeing that other one of my sisters follows me, that one of my colleagues in fact just as much! I save (what we hurry to puncture me ... who, you too?)

And you, you smoke? You intend to stop?

Ah, by the way, saw you, the winter comes??? Then to avoid catching the flu, we think of arming itself with the main part: some honey, of l "essential oil of RavintsaraOf ThymeLemons, oranges and we make verify his rate of vitamin D in the blood!

Find his photos on the canvas... Search by image

Published By Carolyne

The information circulates on the canvas and c "is good the purpose to publish, to be read but no copied being! Very often, you publish photos (or embellish with images or drawing) without marking them of your pate or your signature and you do not know necessarily if we did not spirit away them to you...

There is a small module which you can add to your search engine and easy to use! It is Search by Embellish with images for Google!

To install him, it is simple, you make on her Google page, at the heart of the searchBelow, to the right, you click on firefox or google chromium... At the end of the download, you will have maybe a message of Firefox indicating you that "firefox prevented this site from installing a software on this computer", you click to authorize! After the installation, Firefox asks you to re-start, you accept! To there, even if you are fair (What, I am fair, then I can say it!) It is easy!!!!

It is almost ended! The small inconvenience of this "tool", it is that every time you trail round your mouse on a page and what it meets an image, it posts you a small camera, that can be a little bit annoying! This device minus, when you click above, opens you automatically a page of search Google with the same photo or the similar photos... Thus I am one addict of the right click ... to transfer the small camera, when Mozilla Firefox is opened, I go to Tools, complementary Modules, to the button option of search by embellish with images, I deactivate the mini device (Doh not show ...) without forgetting to validate of course (save)!

Finally, to verify if your photos are on the canvas and where and who published them, it is enough to you to click straight ahead with your mouse the photo or the image in question and to go on "search Google with this imageand hup, a new tab opens and there, you know!!!!

search image
search image

Search embellish with images

History of wallpapers ... in decoration! Graham and Brown

Published By Carolyne

Like that sometimes arrives at me, does he take me desires to change decoration, certainly as you ... eh? Ah not, you they are shoes, jewels, clothes???

There, it is in my lounge that I want of new decoration ... not to change everything, but just a little, just to have the impression to be in a room more in compliance with my expectations... My Problèmatique, it is that I do not have a wall on which there is nothing, 3 windows, 1 door and 1 stone fireplace ... only that!

At the moment, I have 3 white walls and 1 red wall Bordeaux, windows and an exotic wooden door, a brown stone floor (that I hate) that I shall cover "one of these" "days"! The furniture Make up of a sofa with red meridian line Bordeaux and of white furniture.

I wanted a lined wall containing of Bordeaux, of beige dark and of the ecru but not easy to find what I am willing that on my city, I have 2 stores of tapestry... And here is that I Get acquainted of Graham and Brown !!!


Crush what I need... A tapestry which will not swear with this damned stone floor, which will harmonize with the stone of my fireplace and I will not have to change the sofa...

If you look for original papers, beautiful quality, I shall not too much know how to undertake you to make a tour on this site... Go for the pleasure, I show you some examples...

tapisserie-graham---brown-blossom.jpg tapisserie-graham---brown-coeur.jpg

tapisserie-graham---brown-chiffre-et-lettre.jpg tapisserie-graham---brown-fleur.jpg

tapisserie-graham---brown-mondrian.jpg tapisserie-graham---brown-texture.jpg

tapisserie-graham---brown-noir-gris.jpg tapisserie-graham---brown-violet-flock.jpg

Graham BrownIt is also of the wall decoration ...

art-metal-graham---brown.jpg art-metal-graham---brown-oiseau.jpg

Of the paint, the paintings... In brief, a site on which you will find full of original ideas (with queqlues well plans)!!!

By clicking the links or the images, you go express on the site...

As for me, I tear away my tapestry this WE unless I am so much melted it is warm!!!

And you, you also melt????

Fit of bad temper: but it is what this education???

Published By Carolyne


Today, taken out of the job early, for a change, I say to myself that I shall do well some shops, just to see if I find some sale knickknacks!

Besides, stores are air-conditioned and with the ambient heat, maybe I am going to find the small dress which is well (finally girl not too much eh... ) Or the pair of ideal shoes! In brief, absolutely nothing... What I like is not settled yet!

As a result, I take off to NOZ where I know how to find always 2 or 3 knickknacks! Well, in my NOZ, it is the shambles, there is of everywhere and at the end of the day, everything is without top-bottom!!! I Find a tub with covers of pillows and I try to find what I am looking for there, 1.50 euros, that is not worth making them...

Tilted on the tub nearby, the mother and about 2 kids 12-13 years which giggle as turkeys ... already, that annoys me because they put a mess not possible sending to my tub of Encircle that I hurry to put them back in place! But, it is not what put me angry!

One of the 2 kids pass behind the other one and ... like that, without any embarrassment, the sexual act begins miming!!! I was frightened, profondemment shocked, disgusted... The mother made as if she Had seen nothing! No word, no gesture... And these 2 kids continued by laughing silly... And I can assure you whom the mime demonstrated although they had how seen taking themselves there!!! I believed that the small couple of Grandpa and Grandma, attending the scéne, was going to make a heart attack... As for me, I wanted to vomit!!!

Then, I push my gueulante today... Against these parents who do not put acune barrier to their children, who do not give them either education, or régle to follow, against this company which is not Even more shocked to see half naked kids in streets or then made up as trucks stolen in just 12 - 13 years!!!

But where goes t-on???? It is me who am intolerant? Who does not accept that the company "evolves"? Provided that we can call it the evolution... I missed episodes??? We are in The ére of the decline??? Ohhhh the parents ... wake up, one day, he will be too late... It is maybe already too late!!!

Well, you can like or not this comment! Nevertheless I see every day abbérations ... just like you doubtless!

And moreover, I left without anything to buy!!!!

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