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On this photo, Christian Vancau in his garden with a few of his totems and his guitar to the hand


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  • 01/11/1937
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  • Daily newspaper of a painter for 74 years of age who has created a natural territory and artistic center in the Belgian Ardennes forest. Also writer, musician and photographer, without counting the gardening 6 months per year. And traveller ... and worshipping the animals.
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J'Live in the southern part of Belgium, 10 km north of Libramont, 50 kms to the North of Sedan and 75 kms to the North of Longwy. On this map, the Belgium to the North of France and to the South, a black arrow indicating my village, located in the North of LibramontAnother perspective. Sidebar Moircy, Bastogne 30 Kms North-east , Luxembourg- city in the South-east , Carte-Prov.Lux2-jpgSedan and Carte-Prov.Lux-jpgCharleville in the Southwest


My Address-mail is the following:

"It is above all a struggle against the parents and then a fight against the masters that he must fight and win, and fight and win with the most ruthless brutality, if the young human being does not want to be forced to the abandonment by parents and by the masters, and by that way, to be destroyed and annihilated"
( Thomas Bernhard, Austrian writer who died in 1989 )

My biography is this fight and nothing else

I am a man of 74 years retired in a small village of the Belgian Ardennes, a beautiful place at the edge of the forest. I live there only . I have a daughter of 46 years and two small-sons of 21 and 6 years, who live all three to 10 Kms from my home.. Therefore, I am a man before the war (1937), born in Ghent in Flanders, of father and mother gantois Liège (Ghent and Cork are the two rebel towns of Belgium ). I arrived in Cork in 1940 with my mother and my sister, then that my father had sailed for England, in the Belgian army and there practiced his trade of orthopedic surgeon. Therefore, I have actually met my father that in the age of 8 years, after the war, in 1945. Apart from 2 years in Brussels and a year in Switzerland in St. Moritz, I lived in Cork and y did all my studies, humanities greco-latin among the Jesuits and Law at the University of Liège. I got married in 1962, i had a small daughter Valerie and i have sought a situation, with my diploma of Doctor of Law. I found a job in the bank. I did liked neither the right nor the bank, I do not know yet artist, i wanted to be a journalist. My bourgeois family had told me "Am first thy right" ! In 1966, I started a psychoanalysis which lasted 5 andonly half. In 1967, I began to paint. In 1971, my Bank sent me create a network of agencies in the South of Belgium, what I had already done in the province of Liège. I am therefore found permanently on the roads exploring village after village, forming the agents recruited and the doing "produce". It is not for me would never have been possible to be a banker enclosed. I do not want in place. During 8 years I lived above from my bank to Libramont, creating my network. In 1975, I was appointed Director and Based of powers. In 1978 I bought a house in ruins at Moircy, my current territory. I have restored and y am between in 1979. In 1980, my bank has been absorbed by a bank more powerful and the hell began. In 1983, my office was closed. I became Inspector, and then Audit in 1985 with a network of 140 agencies covering the entire South and the East of Belgium. At the same time i transform them my territory, creusais ponds, sit plantations and totems and painting abundantly. In 1989, i was "liquid" by my bank with many others, for economic reasons. My wife is part.I found myself free with 28 months of notice and then unemployed. But I brought a lawsuit to my bank. It lasted 4 years and I won. What enjoyment to be able to overwrite a bank (to follow)


I started to expose in 1976 and this lasted until 1995, the time to realize that the world of Art was not more glamourous than that of the Bank. I did in addition, no need to sell and even less to be famous. To get the money and the glory, it is sure to lose its soul, sooner or later (and in all ways, the reputation rises when the coffin drops ). I have therefore left the venues for the s. I still have painted up in 2002. This will be all of even 35 years. I no longer need to the paint. It has enabled me to survive psychologically and get me. For me the Art is that which must make life more beautiful than the Art
I am a free man, a wild, close to nature and animals, misanthropic, deeply rebel, all of a piece, physical, violent control to know positive in my violence, agnostic. I absolutely do not believe the future of humanity. The man is incorrigible. It is a wolf to man. No lesson of the History he was served
I do not believe in the policy. I have the heart to the left, instinctively from the side of the disadvantaged, against any exploitation and abuse of power, against all racism, but I am not on the left, ca does not mean anything! And even less to the right, this will of itself!
I think that if the man is unable to create the happiness in his personal life inside, he is unable to create for the other. The best thing that we can do for the other is to be happy oneself!
I much prefer women to men. I am meaning of their sensitivity, I am attempting to bloom the same values that they
I think that succeed his life, it is succeed the love. All other forms of "success", are of the ersatz who do "fill "not
I am not a 1 November, am therefore Scorpio, Gemini Ascendant, middle of the sky in Aquarius, Mercury in Scorpio as the sun, Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Virgo, Pluto in Leo, Venus in Libra, as well as the moon, I have my lunar Nodes ( meaning of my life, my destiny here down ) and Lilith (the black moon) in Sagittarius. The Scorpion, I have the aggressiveness, the side pungency, the rebel side. Of the Gemini, I have the taste of languages, of the write, travel, and the inability to return to the hierarchies or in groups,
Whatever they are, And to submit to an authority
In my younger years I practice a lot of sports: tennis, swimming, cycling, ping-pong, skiing, boxing and karate. Today all my physical activity is concentrated on the maintenance work on my territory. I am gardener 6 months per year.
Outside of the paint, i practice of other activities: 1) Reading (novels, polard, including poetry, drama, books of philosophy and psychology, mythologies etc. .) 2) Write (a daily newspaper since 1980, cash on this day more than 45,000 pages ), 3) Music (guitar and piano). All music interest me, blues, jazz, rock, french song, classical and contemporary music. 4) Photo and Video. 5)Gardening and constant relationship with the animal world. 6)And finally the informatics, new activity that i practice since3 years and which has led to the creation of this blog



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