Dining room

Thus the Leader proposes his Know-how with his Savoir-Etre. He makes the connection between the French gastronomy and the local producers who join his values of today for the comfort of tomorrow.

The gratitude rewards Dominick DEMOUSTIER repeatedly for the courage of its convictions and the quality of its products by congratulating even its chaine of supply.

The Clémence-Estaminet restaurant conjugates the true products, which become rare and precious, with a service of exception for the clientele top of the range.

Finally, the local clientele has an access privileged by a system of sponsoring, to moderate the blow of the meals and reward her for its participation in the development of the company of Dominick DEMOUSTIER.

The Clémence-Estaminet restaurant is a great opportunity to emphasize the human qualities and give to them a springboard in front of a future at hand.

Restoring Clémence-Estaminet