Escapade at the Blanc Nez

The Cenomanian of the Cap Blanc Nez is a reference section for this stage.

But how much different from that of Normandy. No flint. An almost double thickness. Very marly.
Here a panorama zoomable taken since the Notch of Escalles.
The equivalent of the hardground Rouen 1 Norman is halfway up situated of the cliff, the right-hand side near the bunker.

Maybe some precision afterward. I have just begun.
We indicate me:
Excursion in the Course White-nose organized by the Geologic Company of the North
Date: on Saturday, May 4th, 2013
Theme: the chalk - cycles and fossils
Projected program: geologic excursion in chalks of the Course White-nose
Managerial employee: Prof. Francis AMEDRO
Meeting: 10:30 am in the parking lot of the Notch of Escalles, in Escalles (62)
Duration: the 10:30-hour day at 4 pm
Registration: NO
Material to be planned: meal pulled of bags, boots or shoes not being afraid of the water and of adapted clothes
Price list: free

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Lower Coniacien typifies

Small Paving stones

Between the beach of the Small Paving stones and the scale (today impracticable) of the Valley Martinmas, we can follow the best cup of lower Coniacien (complete, échantillonnable) of the Country of Callus.
Some pages were added to the already existing pages. But it is especially a question here of experimenting an other approach of virtual route of the ground by means of integrated Google cards Maps.
A click on a geolocation-based pin of a satellite view zoomable opens a tooltip containing diverse information (a textual comment, a link towards a detailed page, a photo, a video, an audio comment). Make out a will and express your opinion.

Post Small Paving stones 3 On a bigger card

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Since the Door of Upstream

The wind and the waves were this day there of the part.
The needle and the Door of Approval seen through the arc of Upstream, a rare point of view.
Video clip 1080p, 2:49 mn, voiced, to visualize in full screen if possible

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Arcs and needles in WAS BORN Etretat

Sisters of the needle of Etretat, less known but wilder.

Video to post it 1080p and full screen, if fast connection.

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The Massif of Approval, side geology

A universal landscape. Only the look changes.

To view it 1080p and full screen, if the debit of your connection is raised.
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Rain and collapses of cliff

The strong rainfall of December pulled a multiplication of the collapses of cliff. It is better to avoid approaching it. But, it also has the effect of refreshing cups, for most great pleasure of the geologists.
The photography sometimes reveals the front and later of the phenomenon, here or there.

The Needle of BeLval (To view it 1080p and full screen, if your connection is fast)
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Rain and cliff

An episode of particularly plentiful and continuous rains affects the Haute-Normandie at this end of year 2012. The muddy, naked cover at this time of year, is strongly affected by the streaming. Rivers, in charge of suspension materials, took a creamy tint and fill their minor course. The tablecloth of the little protected chalk is subjected to the effects of the pollution. As usual in the same situation, a ban on consumption of the tap water is decreed by the sanitary authorities (1, 2, 3)).
Cliffs are concerned too by this meteorology. The soil erosion increases in valleuses.
Silt which fill the roots of karstic dissolution is saturated in water. When the geometry of the conduit lends itself to it, they escape and pour at various levels of the cliff. In the case of the following photo, a ring of chalk was protected around the almost completely emptied muddy pocket.

Vidage d'une racine de dissolutionlocalisation : Roc Vaudieu W, 49°43.03'N 0°13.29'E

Emptying of a root of dissolution
Location: rock Vaudieu W, 49°43.03'N N 0°13.29'E E

Zoom sur l'ouverture

Zoom on the opening

Stratigraphical indication: the thick level of flint under the opening is the flint Seven Sisters, limit between average Coniacien and upper Coniacien.

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Translation of the site in English

Intended for the English-speaking readers, a machine translation of the site is proposed from now on. She concerns only the pages of first level. Naturally, all the terms are not perfectly translated, but the global understanding is generally assured.
It is here.

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Organized by "NNorman Sciences and Geology"", a geologic excursion to the Cap d' Ailly is planned on Sunday, June 24th. We shall travel chalks of Santonien and Campanien and tertiary trainings known - jacentes. Go on the site for more information.

The church and the marine cemetery of Varengeville, our point of meeting

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An excursion between Val-de-la-Mer and Valley Ausson

A short route in the course of which we stay as high as the bentonite Southerham. A good part of upper Turonien can be detailed along the staircase leading to the foreshore of Senneville. Various types of flint fossilize varied or ichnofaciès joints presumed origin paléosismique. A beautiful example of exsurgence in the middle of the platier.

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