Escapade at the Blanc Nez

The Cenomanian of the Cap Blanc Nez is a reference section for this stage.

But how much different from that of Normandy. No flint. An almost double thickness. Very marly.
Here a panorama zoomable taken since the Notch of Escalles.
The equivalent of the hardground Rouen 1 Norman is halfway up situated of the cliff, the right-hand side near the bunker.

Maybe some precision afterward. I have just begun.
We indicate me:
Excursion in the Course White-nose organized by the Geologic Company of the North
Date: on Saturday, May 4th, 2013
Theme: the chalk - cycles and fossils
Projected program: geologic excursion in chalks of the Course White-nose
Managerial employee: Prof. Francis AMEDRO
Meeting: 10:30 am in the parking lot of the Notch of Escalles, in Escalles (62)
Duration: the 10:30-hour day at 4 pm
Registration: NO
Material to be planned: meal pulled of bags, boots or shoes not being afraid of the water and of adapted clothes
Price list: free

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