Descriptive terminology of flints

In preparation

Vertical abundance: report of the siliceous fraction on the moderate total height

Flint hollow / full Flint

Horned flint (hornstein or horn-flint glass): see lower flints Lewes of Eletot

Unfinished hollow flint (Cayeux, on 1929)

"Coiled" flints: the cortex presents rounded off wrinkles. His surface onduleuse, of "fluid", smooth aspect, is marked by tearings, streak, craquelure, cracks … These flints pack clastes which jut out and which often give them a bristly aspect. The heart of these flints is grey in caramel, stained and zonaire. These flints are fragile.

Flint "decayed" (Cayeux, on 1929): the set of the flint is eaten away, dug of galleries esquilleuses very irregular. Often only the cortical zone of the flint of origin is protected (" hollowed out" flints).

Said flints "zonaires" (Cayeux, on 1929) or zoned or banded flints