This site is conceived at the same time as a blog (its homepage is the one of a blog) and as a traditional site with its drop-down menus. He leans on the C.M.S. WordPress which allows this duality.
As a blog, thus you can subscribe to it, by using a specific aggregator or an on-line aggregator (RReader, Netvibes … Google). Bills (aarticles or comments)), classified anté - chronologically, will report my last activities.
As a traditional site, with hierarchically accessible classified pages from the menu in the header of every page, I am going to try to make share you my knowledge on the chalk of Haute-Normandie. These knowledge are fragmentary and evolutionary. Before the corpus of the site reaches a reasonable number of pages, he will pass by maybe a lot of time, then be indulgent..
The superior bar (more darkened) of menu approaches majorities on the theme of the chalk. The lower bar (clearer) of menu between more in detail on the analyzed objects and the used methods. The main part of pages is contained under the tab Circuit" Under this item are gathered clichés commented and spotted geographically. The highlighted and annotated levels relate to one" Events "Described under the entrance" event > list "
Most of the cups are indicated with 4 figures, under the shape "xx.xxE". It is geolocation-based cups in the GPS. They are expressed in minutes of bow in longitude and noted in decimal value (decimal). Degrees (0 ° or 1 °) are omitted because obvious in the context. The precision is of the order of about twenty meters, sufficient to find a way in the GPS on the ground or clocked at Google Earth. The latitude is not held because the line of coast is preferentially directed E-W.

Example a geolocation-based cup 49°43.13N / 0°13.84'E E will be indicated:
Cup 13.84'E E

Thus this site aims at making discover you cliffs through the bottom. They testify of about twenty millions of years of the history of our planet, an exceptional shop window. In low water, of valleuse valleuse for stages, you can also yourself travel the 130 kilometers of the Coast of Alabaster. If the rolling pebbles, the sharp or slippery rocks do not pall you, then let's go, you will not regret him.


You can also contribute to bring your stone (without play on words) to this site:

  • By putting down your comments there,
  • By announcing your own observations,
  • By sending the photo of a fossil which you collected in a precise coat (this site needy, I regret it, regarding paleontology),
  • By criticizing constructivement the opinions which are moved forward,
  • By suggesting activities, exits or exhibitions,
  • By assuring his distribution through the social networks or the media in which you participate.

2 answers in Conveniently

  1. POWDERED Jacques Says:

    A big, thank you for your work and especially for your desire to give, to share, to pass on.

    Small amateur I take a great pleasure to be read you, listening to you.

    Addicte in the spelling, allow me to indicate you a "shell"; I am almost ashamed there given also the quality of the site in this domain.
    Before the corpus of the site REACHES …

    I think that it is necessary to write achieves, does not reach, achieved or did not reach.

    Jacques POUDRAS - 8, Big kick 76450 St-Martin-aux-Buneaux

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