In zones téthysiennes (alpine ocean), Foraminifères planctoniques serve as reference. In the English-Parisian Pond, these are plentiful only in Cénomanien, so that we hold essentially Foraminifères benthiques for the stratigraphical datings. For the establishment of the geologic card of France, the scale initially proposed by Monciardini (1977) was held, but it underwent since numerous revisions.

Extract of the note of the card in 1/50 000 of Gien: an example of use of the microfauna for the elaboration of the geologic card, according to the zonation of Monciardini

We shall refer to the recent works of I. Wilkinson on the Isle of Wight.
Some foraminifères large-sized, for example Labyrinthidoma Can be useful on the ground.