Falaise of chalk and tourism

The wonderful cliffs of white chalk which raise themselves, majestic, between the estuaries of the Seine and the Somme, offer considerable attraction. On the paths of Etretat, thus be not surprised hearing all the languages of the world, because the site is universally known. The Council of the department asked for its classification the world heritage with Unesco.
Travelers, if you wish to visit the high-Norman coast and its hinterland, consult in advance these Web sites.


The site Dieppe Rando Caux proposes regularly real hikes on the paths of the coast, sometimes borrowing the beach. Here are some of his circuits in images:

The cliffs of Etretat on the coastal path from Saint-Jouin-Bruneval
Around Falaise of Etretat on the coastal path
Fécamp to Etretat

From Saint-Pierre-en-Port to Fécamp by the coastal path
From Veulettes to Paluel
From Veules-les-Roses to Saint-Valéry-en-Caux by the coastal path
Stroll from Saint-Valéry-en-Caux on the coastal path
Buckle from Veules Rose
From Quiberville to Veules-les-Roses by the coastal path
Around Varengeville
Pourville - Quiberville
Of Dieppe to Pourville-sur-Mer by the coastal path
From Saint-Martin-en-Campagne to Dieppe by the coastal path
From Saint-Martin-en-Campagne to Belleville-sur-Mer by the coastal path
Falaise of Saint-Martin-en-Campagne and Berneval-le-Grand
Of Criel-beach to Penly by the coastal path
Buckle in the valley of Yères from Criel-sur-Mer
Stroll in the valley of Yères, Criel-sur-Mer to Sang-Roy
Of Tréport in Had by the GRP between earth and sea
Of Mers-les-Bains in Tréport by the coastal path
Of Ault in Tréport
Some Wood of Cise to Ault, by way of the swamps of Onival and Woignarue

Of very beautiful photos on the site "AAround Dieppe""

Chalk-trek between The Seine and the Somme

Here is a proposal of route in the discovery of the cliffs of chalk. In the style "trek" that is with a backpack and certain taste of the adventure. The night, the sleeping around under the tent in a campsite. Good necessary physical condition.


The Departmental Committee of the Tourism of the Seine-Maritime.
The Country of High cliffs will indicate you the main local curiosities and you can consult his guide or his walking map.

Local tourist offices


Let lead you

Guided, paying tours or in certain free opportunities, supervised by an expert naturalist are organized by diverse associations. Let us quote:

Accommodate you

Holiday cottages Of France by the sea in Normandy

In song

The pebbles of Etretat (Aznavour, on 2006)
Etretat (Bachelet),
The cliffs of Etretat (Benjamin Biolay)

In paint

Eugène Delacroix:Etretat
Eugène Boudin:Dieppe
Gustave Courbet:Porte of Approval--
Camille Pissaro:Les Small Paving stones
Henri Matisse:Etretat
Schuffenhecker - Yport
Monet:Grainval - Fécamp-Fécamp 2 - Fécamp 3 - Fécamp 4 - Fécamp 5 - Small Paving stones - Varengeville
Christmas Alexandre-Jean (1752-1834):Etretat