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Members of associations naturalists, professors of SVT in search of exits of discovery on the ground, I shall try to answer your questions. Except the geology, for other information on the natural heritage of the Country of Callus, you can consult the site Cybernat, realized with the cooperation of students and with the cooperation of friends naturalists.
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  1. Stéphane Salzmann Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I discover late, but with pleasure and interest your site - in particular on Havre and its streetcar. We have a column Streetcar on our antenna of France Bleu in Havre. At 7:50 am and 09:40 am on Wednesday 28/03, I shall hint at your fascinating work.
    Very cordially.
    S Salzmann

  2. HEQUET Says:

    Hello Mr HOYEZ, your site is fascinating on one hand, and it is a high-quality educational tool on the other hand. I am a teacher of SVT at the high school QUENEAU (YVETOT), the temporary replacement for some teachings of petrology with Holy Mount Aignan and temporary replacement with the park EANA to set up educational animations for the school. Authorize me you to quote your site and to use a part of its contents to prepare the organizers of the park to update their knowledge in local geology? The animation in question is centred on "the ground, the heritage to be protected" and of course, it is question of source rocks, origin of the clay with flint …

    Thank you for having taken some time to answer me.
    Very cordially, Cyrille HEQUET.

  3. Hello,
    Thank you again for the dismissal of links on DIEPPE HIKE CALLUS. The visitors are always more and more numerous coming of or towards your site, proof that a real synergy exists.
    I am anxious to indicate you the creation of the second blog, DIEPPE HIKE CALLUS 2, the first one having reached saturation point. The conception, the presentation as well as types of comments and newsletters stay are identical to the first blog.
    From now on, I publish my new reports on DIEPPE HIKE CALLUS 2, with publication of the title only on DIEPPE HIKE CALLUS.
    A link towards your blog also represents on DIEPPE HIKE CALLUS 2.
    Do not hesitate to contact me for other information which you would wish.
    Good day and good holidays.
    Thierry Hamelin

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