The most beautiful sites of the coast of chalk

The Point of the Curtain
Pisseuses de Valaine
Manneporte, Seen by Claude Monet (video)
The Needle of Etretat
The Door of Approval
The Door of Upstream
The Rock Vaudieu
The Needle of Belval
The Nose of Vaucottes
The Point of Chicard
The Course Fagnet
The Hole in the Dog
The Door to King
The Door to the Queen

The sites of remarkable geologic interest

The beach of Saint-Jouin Bruneval: cup-type of the Cénomanien cauchois
The beach of south Antiiron: the passage of Cénomanien in Turonien
The beach of north Antiiron: Turonien condensed in facies "block of Callus"
The Point of the Curtain, the south face: Slumping on the side of a hillock coniacien