A list of events

Here is the succession of the main events recognized in chalks turono-campaniennes, failed on the variations of the delta 13C (Jarvis And al. 2006):

The main events in the chalk were defined in Great Britain by successive authors. An update was published in the volume "British Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy". Faces and photos are available on the site of "Geological Conservation Review":
Chapter 1: rocks of the upper Cretaceous of the British islands
Chapter 2: fossils of the chalk and the ecology of the seas of chalk
Chapter 3: Southern province of England
Chapter 4: province of transition of England
Chapter 5: northern province of England
Chapter 6: group of internal Hebrides, The Scotland NW
More directly, we shall find paintings there:

Events recognized in the Country of Callus


The Marne Friars Bay [ex:Sotteville]

Santonien superior

The Marne Brighton [ex:Veules is]]
Flint Hawks Brow [ex:Veules is]]
Flint Buckle [ex:Veules is]]
The Marne Buckle 1, [ex:Veules is]]

Santonien means

Flint Exceat,
Bedwell Line
Bench to Conulus albogalerus of Rowe
Barrois Sponge Bed (Stockbridge or Whitway Rock)
Flint Pair of shorts Brow
Flint Whitaker 3? [= Rough Brow]

Santonien inferior

Flint Brasspoint
Flint columnaire Bedwell (Flat Hill)
Stanza of Baily's flint Hill
Flint Michel Dean (= flint Chartham)

Coniacien superior

Middleton / Cuckmere / Juggs Lane Sponge Bed or HG Veulettes
Flint Tarring Neville
Flint Cuckmere 2
Flint Cuckmere 1
Flint Seven Sisters (East Cliff)

Coniacien means

The beautiful Marne quite 3 (marls Otty Bottom)
Hard-ground Anvil
Chaotic level Bénouville
The Marne Beautiful quite 2 (marls Hope Point) [= slog Changing rooms?]
Hard-ground Belle Everything

The Marne beautiful Everything 1 (marl White Fall)
Hard-ground Nostrils
Bentonite Shoreham 2 (marl Eastcliff 2),

Coniacien inferior

Tubular flints Shoreham
The Marne Shoreham 1
Zoophycos Beachy Head
Hard-grounds Light
Hard-ground Beeding
The Marne Beeding
Sheet-flint glass Hope Gap
Hard-ground Hope Gap
Hard-ground Cliffe
Flint Cliffe
The Marne Navigation


Hardgrounds Navigation

Zoophycos Cuilfail [example 1, example 2]
Chalks noduleuses Lewes [Lewes nodular beds]
Superior flints Lewes and flint Mesnil-valley
The Marne Lewes (Tuff TF)
Flint Breaky Bottom, flint columnaires Kingston, tubular flints Lewes
Event Hyphantoceras/Hitchwood
The Marne Bridgewick 2 and 3
Flint Bopeep 1
Bentonite Bridgewick 1 (Tuff YOU)
Flint Bridgewick
The Marne Caburn (Tuff TD1)
Caburn Sponge Bed
The Marne Southerham 2
Bentonite Southerham 1 (Tuff TC2)
Rock Spurious Chalk [= dolomite of Etretat]
The Marne Glynde 2 - 6
Bentonite Glynde 1 (Tuff TC)
Hard-ground Strahan [= HGs lime tree?]
The Marne New Pit
Zoophycos and Bathichnus
Hard-grounds Glyndebourne 2/3
The Marne Malling Street [Round Down]
Hard-ground Glyndebourne 1 [= HG Fagnet?]
The main Marne Gun Gardens or Lulworth
The Marne Meads
Beds 6-8
Beds 4-6
Zoophycos and Bathichnus
The Marne Monument
Coat to Amphidonte
Jukesbrown Bed 7
Orbirhynchia mantelliana level 1
Limestone Tenuis
Coats to Inoceramus crippsi
The Marne glauconieuse

The English cups-type


Coupes-type on both sides of Manche

The sites GCR of the South of England
Base of average Turonien (Mortimore and al ., on 2001)
Turonien upper T8, Southerham Navigation Pit, Lewes, Sussex (Mortimore and al, on 2001)
Turonien upper lower T8 and Coniacien Co1, White Nothe, Dorset
Turonien upper lower T8 and Coniacien Co1, The Nostrils, Whitecliff S, Isle of Wight
Coniacien inferior (Co1), Seaford Head, Sussex
Coniacien inferior (Co1), Langdon Stairs, Dover
Coniacien means (Co2), Whitecliff, Isle of Wight
Average Coniacien of Seaford, Sussex
Average Coniacien of Dover, according to Jarvis and al ., on 2006
Lower and more average Coniacien of Trunch, Norfolk, according to Jarvis and al ., on 2006
Coniacien de Whitecliff, Isle of Wight, according to Jarvis And al. 2006
Santonien de Culvercliff, Isle of Wight, according to Jarvis And al. 2006
Santonien de Seaford Head, according to Jarvis And al.2006
Lower and more average Santonien of Seaford, according to Mortimore
Santonien of Dover, according to Jarvis and al ., on 2006