This section is in trial phase.
The e-ground (neologism doubtless to see again) is an answer to the appearance of mobile ring roads such as smartphones or touchpads. These objects are capable of restoring good quality video and audio sequences, registered on their flash memory, in any place, in particular in the middle of nowhere.
The diverse sensors (GPS, gyroscope, barometer, clock …) with which they are equipped allow to be situated, at any time, in the space and in the time with a good degree of precision. These possibilities lead to the concept of "increased reality".
The proposed application consists in supplying multimedia, downloadable mini-sequences on this site, geolocation-based in a beam about 100 meters.
Thus the user can position, with the GPS application of his smartphone, then follow the video-tape guide which parades on its screen, by comparing with the reality in front of him.
The proposed sequences are registered with a codec MPG4 AVC, a container .MP4, 480×320 pixels and tested with an iPhone 3GS or one iPad1 on a video player AcePlayer (Media to Investigate > Web Browser).
Naturally, these videos are also visible on a PC.

Cénomanien inferior of the beach of Saint-Jouin [49°38.90N 0°9,26E]
Cénomanien inferior between Grouin and valleuse of Bruneval [449°39.85N 0°9.48E]]