Circuit of Val-de-la-Mer in the Valley Ausson

View Googles Earth of the cliff between Valley Ausson and Val-de-la-Mer

It is a rather short route about 1,1 km by counting the bypassing of mass of fallen rocks. These two valleys are of the type "valleuse perched" and the access to the foreshore was made possible only by the arrangement of staircases. The staircase of Val-de-la-Mer is least degraded. It is thus preferable to borrow him if we want to run least risk of a mortal fall. A parking lot exists in 200 meters of the staircase.
Two important masses of fallen rocks are to be crossed:

    • The mass of fallen rocks of the New Dog, protected from the swell by monumental blocks. The new dog results from a collapse which took place in the 1920s. He is colonized by a lawn aérohaline today.

The mass of fallen rocks of the New Dog seen since is it

    • The mass of fallen rocks doubles of the Val Ausson W (here called).

Mass of fallen rocks of the Val Ausson W

Between these two masses of fallen rocks, a very active exsurgence goes out of the platier, training channels anastomosées running between veneers of Entéromorphes.

Cup of the staircase of Val-de-la-Mer (cut 25.14'E E
Flints Lewes in Val-de-la-Mer
Cup 25.24'E E
Cup 25.42'E E
Cup 25.47'E E: the exsurgence of the New Dog
Cup 25.48'E E
Cup 25.52'E E
Cup 25.70'E E
Cup 25.78'E E - Val Ausson W - sheet-flints turn
Cup 25.87'E E - The staircase of Ausson

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