Geological excursions from Havre

Between Havre and Valleuse d' Antifer (Cénomanien)

The tunnel of the subway
Falaise of the street Pasteur in Havre
Course of Hève
The beach of Saint-Jouin-Bruneval
Synthetic summary of the cup of the Cénomanien de Saint-Jouin
Beach of Saint-Jouin Bruneval (description of the base of Cénomanien and introduction in the excursion)
South extremity of the beach of Saint-Jouin (Albien)
Beach of Saint-Jouin (base of Cénomanien) near bathing huts

Descent in the oil terminal of Saint-Jouin (Cénomanien inf. p.p. and average Cénomanien)
Over the hairpin (terminal Cénomanien)
From the Valleuse de Bruneval
Low cliff of Grouin to the Valleuse de Bruneval (lower Cénomanien)
Falaise averages of Grouin in the valleuse of Bruneval (Cénomanien inf.-sup.)
Since the Valleuse du Fourquet, towards the course or towards the Valleuse d' Antifer
Of the Valleuse du Fourquet towards the Cap d' Antifer (upper and average Cénomanien)
Between the Point of Fourquet and Valleuse d' Antifer (upper Cénomanien)

Between the Valleuse d' Antifer and the Door of Upstream (Tur.-idiot).


An update of this circuit: between the Valleuse d' Antifer and the Door of Upstream

Between the Door of Upstream and Valleuse d' Etigue (Tur. / idiot).

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