A selection of sites

The Coast of Alabaster extends over approximately 130 kilometers. To investigate him in full would ask the volunteer more than a month of tiring walking on the shaky pebbles, the slippery varec and the sharp masses of fallen rocks. Unless a motivation naturalist aggravated and Benedictine, he is reasonable to hold only some reference cups, complementing itself stratigraphiquement and allowing to cover the entire chalky series at a shorter time.
Thus let us leave this temporal constraint to organize in a optimal way our excursion. Let us add that the tide imposes a duration of daily activity of at most 6 hours (3 hours before and after the low water) with a delay of a little more than one hour between two consecutive days.
Four programs are proposed:

  • Program 1:les patrimonial sites, à la carte;
  • Program 2: one week (7 days) for a good knowledge of all the series;
  • Program 3: a weekend (3 days), the main part to be held;
  • Program 4: a day, an initiation.

The electrical wire of these excursions is the stratigraphical continuity, but we can imagine circuits from which the theme is different, for example:

  • The collection of fossils (paleontology) on places rich in individuals;
  • The various types of flint;
  • The sedimentation in hillocks and basins;
  • The sequential analysis and the circles of sedimentation;
  • The series with rhythms précessionnels and the continuity cyclostratigraphique;
  • The karstification;
  • The fracturing and the tectonic stratigraphy;
  • Séismites;
  • Sources, exsurgences and travertines..