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COMMENT : Read attentively this text. You will understand that the crime, the flight, the corruption are passed on from father to son and from sons to grandsons - as if the evil made youngs. The future of Congo with this engeance, if we do not stop him, it is the death of the Congolese people because Denis Christel will be another Sassou*Nguesso worse than his father. THAT HAS TO STOP WITH THE LAST ELEPHANT OF THE ALIMA! You will find certain names of the tax havens there where Sassou*Nguesso hides the money stolen from the Congolese people. You will understand especially why they make so many children or recognize so many shoots; no matter that they are of their flesh or not: every child serves to conceal some money stolen from the Congolese people. EVERYTHING COMES OUT, EVERYTHING SEES ITSELF. REGRETTABLY, BANKERS' MOUTHS MAKE FALLEN BECAUSE THE MONEY THAT THE DICTATORS CONFIDE TO THEM WORKED AT FIRST FOR THEM... ONLY IS DECISIVE THE WILL OF THE JUSTICE TO SERVE OR NOT THE LAW TO RETURN TO THE CONGOLESE PEOPLE ITS DIGNITY, ITS HONOR AND ITS STOLEN WEALTH. YES justice CAN yew VALLS WANTS!

Sassou Nguesso: the properties badly acquired from father to son

Charlie Hebdo of December 26th, 2012 - Laurent Léger

Some money of life insurance flown away in the Lebanon, some cash which arrives at San Marin or from Malta: the cash of the clan at the head of Congo interests the survey of the "badly acquired properties".

They have good back, the grandchildren of Denis Sassou Nguesso. We clear some cash on the back and they know nothing about it, poppets. What will they say to their dad, Denis Christel, the son of the potentate of Congo, when they will be old enough to understand that life insurance in their name served, suspect Tracfin (Treatment of the Piece of information and Action against the secret Financial channels), to clear some money? The service anti-bleaching bleaching of Bercy, a structure which lately was more talkative when it is a question of banging the African dictators that on the politics French, indeed laid in April, 2002 a note gone unnoticed until now, but which is worth its heavy of euros, in defects of true vocational training centres.

Very young deputy, Denis Christel, thus, the son of Sassou - nicknamed the crown prince-, is, by the grace of his dad, number two official of the oil company of State, but unofficial boss of this machine with cash.The oil which became the resource of the clan Sassou …

Of San Marin in Seychelles

Of what maybe to cause him some concerns in Paris, where the survey on the "badly acquired properties" aims at the Congolese autocrat, as at his counterparts of the Gabon and equatorial Guinea. Denis Christel Sassou indeed attributed to his three children, Ilona-Anaëlle (been born in 2004), Lily-Anne (2006), and Denis-Ylan (2008), life insurance contracts opened in the subsidiary of Barclays, Barclays-life, and acquired them all in the end of January, 2012. The amounts of repurchase (crude oil) are not unimportant: 358 000 euros for the first one, 354 000 euros for the second and 248 000 for the last one. And, as Tracfin indicates him, funds flew away. Not in Congo, but in the Lebanon. The country of the bank secrecy where banks look like inviolable citadels. Here is another good million which escapes the Congolese people.

Since Sassou is one of the targets of the judges, it is all the family which tastes. Not means to spend quietly its millions in France. Look at other one of her daughters, the poor woman Julienne. With his husband, Guy Johnson, they bought a mansion in Neuilly in 2006, for 3,2 million euros. The parquet of Paris asked for a survey, on September 9th, 2011, after Tracfin indicated the facts and especially pointed the financing of the house.

The note of six pages of the service anti-bleaching, which Charlie was able to consult, details "the financing of a real property with funds susceptible to result from corruption or from misappropriations", that is the purchase by the couple Sassou-Johnson, via a SCI, of the building of Neuilly and the royal renovation in which he was engaged, for an astronomical amount of 5,3 millions. Total investment: 8,5 million euros, and zero loan. That some cash transferred since several banks of San Marin (an European micro-principality for a long time considered as a tax haven), of Congo and still establishment of Malta.

The bank accounts, detail the document, belong to Johnson, to Mrs Sassou or still to a mysterious company, Maritex, registered in Seychelles, this small paradise for tourists. This structure being apparently property of the lady. "According to a certificate produced by the director of this company, the account of the company was fed by the product of the sale of parts held by Mrs Johnson in the company Orascom Télécom Congo, writes Tracfin. It would seem that she can be bound to operations of corruption between the president and the Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris." To suspect of corruption the little girl to his dad? What an arrogance!

Carrots are cooked, or almost. "The urgency, it is that Manuel Valls answers at the request of the organization Transparency International to allocate to these inquiries a number of policemen being enough for this complex affair. Until now, there was only a single OPJ", explains William Bourdon, the lawyer of the association. In the meantime, there is in Sassou only a single thing to do, set fast as Depardieu, the path of Belgium!

Excellence, Mister President,

By sending you this correspondence, the people would like to appeal - for lack of being able to address the consciousness of the man of State - in your consciousness of man.
It has been nearly fourteen years since you preside officially over the fates of Congo.

It has been nearly thirty three years since you are for the business (in the management of the country), because your appearance on the political scene Congolese as Head of State dates 1979.

Fourteen years! In spite of the very flattering terms of your speeches and maybe also your will which knows, everything goes from bad to worse?

Fourteen years during which we knew neither the prosperity, nor the life deserving of a simple human being. As well on the political level, as economic, cultural, educational, sports, brief, of all which contributes to the blooming of the human being, our country and we are late widely compared with the evolution of the other countries of the world during the same period. We are also deprived and maybe even more, than the day of your coming to power.
The worsening of this situation, the chaos in which we live today: most of our fellow countrymen cannot have even any more access to healthcare the most elementary: toilets, food.

What do they make?

To survive, they mortgage dangerously the existence of a country which you claim "to like".

It requires that you ask finally the question of what could be really good for us. The time when your employees and yourself, you roared "loud and clear happy the people who sings and who dance" seems definitively past today: he urge to look at the reality of our poverty opposite.

From then on, the following questions are imperative.

After twenty eight years of power, your party he would still have the capacity to bring us what he was not able to bring us during all this time?

Your employees and yourself can again change anything our dramatic situation? In these diverse questions, there are unfortunately only negative answers.

If that was the case, it is again necessary to continue to push the country and we with him, in the chaos or is it advisable to allow him to know finally an era of happiness?

For thirty two years, we made of "on the spot" or worse still, we moved back. Rather than to continue to promise us the impossible happiness with you, your diet and your power would not have come the moment to organize, in your quality of leader of the country, the political alternation, if only so that we are finally indebted you of something: the found freedom, the returned happiness, the improvement of the conditions of families...

Certainly, it is difficult and we agree on it. Especially that the end of your last mandate gets closer. You did not know how to realize if only the only one of the objectives that you had settled.

He becomes useless to hang on to the power by imagining that we shall eventually realize something; to change something; that we shall eventually arrive there.

Unfortunately at your level, are not this it any more than dreams. The more you hang on you on the power, the more things degrade.

In front of this decision which is imperative, that to leave the power by organizing an alternation or by favoring the organization of a democratic transition, your close relations and even your distant employees are of no help or assistance.

They only take advantage of your power to satisfy their personal interests.

They look only for a thing, it is to maintain you in the power to perpetuate their small interests. Never they will advise to you to leave.

The end of the reign will ring as a knell, for their pockets and their sick greediness. The more they fill them, the more they are thirsty. They will discourage you when the idea of a departure will touch you, by persuading you that without you it will be the chaos, that you are the providential man and that it is better to remain still little, even if it means competing for the third mandate, unconstitutional today.

A few days, a few months, a few years furthermore so that their pockets continue to fill, so that they digest what they gulp down since and which will never satisfy them. These employees will show you only the inconveniences of your departure of the power.

They are even ready to cry all the tears of their body to convince you to stay. But all this is only a direction intended to make of you the one who will make, still a little more, their wealth fruit and their prosperity.

In fact, all this court is established of parasites who take advantage of you and for whom you are in reality only a vector to reach the interests meanly material.

In front of the same situation, you have not to forget that, at first and above all, you are the first one and the only responsible one.

You are the one to whom, at some point, we confided, voluntarily or in a forced way, our fate. And it is obvious that we believed, rightly or wrongly, in a certain period, that with you, we shall manage to realize our happiness. Thus we confided you, at the moment there, our fate. Not for the worst because no people try to live the misfortune. But for the best.

Mister President, today, we suffer, enormously. We are deprived of everything and you are the one who, unfortunately, is indicated as the source of our misfortunes.

Paradoxically, you appear, at the same time and to a certain extent, as the one by whom a new era can open for him, if you agree to organize this political alternation which will restore a new breath in the country and which will breathe a new dynamics into its development.

But when we speak about alternation, it is not any alternation. It is about a just and honest alternation, an effective democratic alternation: early or at the latest, at the end of your last mandate.

The organization of this democratic alternation, it is what remains in you to make to regild a blazon which cannot any more, regrettably, the being otherwise. Thus it is a luck of rehabilitation of your power, your diet and of the work which you wanted, undoubtedly, to realize but which was not able to be him.

If we could say a day, nevertheless, he knew how to at least organize a democratic and peaceful political alternation for the country, then only your passage in the power will not have simply been a time of misfortune for us who suffer enormously today.

To end in this result, it will be necessary to rehabilitate the National Election board, to allow the organization of free, democratic and transparent general election. You will preside over what will so establish a transition towards free, democratic and transparent presidential elections, by respecting your word given in front of the international community.

It's never too late to do the right thing and a good deed which ends a bad route or a little glorious route can again save the situation.

For lack of making him, the country and we shall sink a little more into the chaos. You and your diet you will go out from there definitively darkened and without any possibility of saving whatever it is.

Mister President, if you want him, you can still.

Certainly, it is not easy to relinquish of the power, to leave him. Especially when it is a power exercised in the conditions in which you exercised him, without division and in a very personal way.

But is it necessary to remind you that if you do not leave the power, he will leave you one day?

Either because somebody will spread you from it! What you will consider as an insult, is because the death will take you, what will not rehabilitate you.

Thus we invite you to take your responsibilities, to react while there is still time and to make finally something so that Congo does not cross the last centimeters which separates him from the total disaster, from the definitive chaos.

Hoping to be able to affect by these words the sensitive rope which, in every human being, has to wake up in front of extreme situations, and in the hope that your boss responsibilities of State will help you to take into account the dignity of the People Congolese, these People ask you to believe, Excellence, Mister President, in the insurance of his high consideration!!

Collective Let us save Congo

My reading of the African politics of France gets lost in the meanders of the alternation right-left. Indeed, the French right is more interventionist, more friendly dictatorships. When the left comes to power, we notice another vision, another attitude towards the African dictatorships - even if left and right have in common the protection of the interests of France and, often it is in the name of those what certain diets were skillfully or openly saved or dislocated. Yet, there is a parameter to be well taken into account: "THE INTERESTS OF A POWER OF THE WORLD ABROAD ARE GENERALLY THE INTERESTS OF HIS MULTINATIONALS AND IT IS OFTEN AROUND THOSE THAT WE SEE APPEARING CONFLICTS."

Let us analyze the attitude and the posture of the last three French presidents: Chirac, Sarkozy, Holland. Chirac is the man who allowed the return of Denis Sassou Nguesso the power in Congo-Brazzaville, Pascal Lissouba having shown itself more looking regarding oil contracts, which destroyed the helicopters of the Ivory Coast army in perfect violation of the Ivory Coast sovereignty whereas the French servicemen fired at natives of the Ivory Coast. As for Sarkozy, he caused Laurent Gbagbo's fall and contributed to the death of Gaddafi thanks to the intervention of the French strengths. François Hollande pleads for another politics which seems more respectful of the right of non-intervention because he asserts that France does not have authority to save diets but to reassure his citizens abroad while protecting the French interests.

Yet, generally, it is around the notion "of interests" that the politics of the western powers falls out by abandoning the virtues of the freedom of the peoples to impose on them of the "black governors". Indeed, these seem better guaranteed by little careful with money dictatorships as for the interests of their own States, of their own peoples - even if the African democrats do not still question the current contracts. Laurent Gbagbo has medal recipient Bolloré and pleaded for a "win-win" report between Côte d'Ivoire and French environment of the business.

We all understood that for the business, suits in fact only a single report: losing for the peoples and the winner for the business... The question which settles is the following one: "cannot the interests of France (by way of his multinationals) in his colonial presquare, for example, be compatible with the interests of the peoples?" Of the answer to this question often depends the peace or the war, the dictatorship or the democracy within ex-always French colonies held in leash by the franc cfa.

In a context which respects the business law, the interests of the western powers in Africa would be more in sync with the rise of the democracy. Better negotiated contracts would make the powers of the world less inclined to defend dictatorships little worried about interests and about the well-being of their peoples. Already, these should not be drafted by the only multinationals and that State cannot have any more as only possibility that to sign them under suitcases of bills to purify any ethical vague desire... Indeed, it is often the multinationals which should rather see a status quo which benefits their turnover. And above, there is a complex complicity between the environment of the business and the political environment in West which takes place the left-straight split: the businessmen support generally both camps to be sure to have the possibility of seeing their defended objectives whatever is the party which takes the power; they have powerful lobbies for it.

In a context of crisis in France, the French economic interests abroad take on particular importance in the point of distordre the correspondence comment political politics / actions. Indeed, in case of rebellion, if a power does not support the power ready in the name of the non-intervention, nothing prevents that it supports the rebellion. We have the precedent in Lybie.

It would seem that we discovered some oil in The Central African Republic and we know all that the oil, in Africa, is source of conflicts. THE OIL, THE BLOOD OF THE CIVILIZED NATIONS, THE ENGINE OF THE UNIVERSAL CIVILIZATION, WHICH ALWAYS THE VERY RED BLOOD OF THE NEGROEN FOR THE TRIUMPH OF BIG PROFITS...

While the Central African rebellion moves forward to BanguiThe Central African capital where she could already be just as I write these words, And what the embassy of France in The Central African Republic (Bangui) is in the grip of stony jets on behalf of the partisans of François Bozizé who blame France for not stopping the rebels by his inactivity, the lion of Makanda, by the purest of the fates, met Diaf Le Kweta of the collective Let us save Congo it has a few hours there.

Diaf Le Kweta is a young Resistance fighter who finds himself in Lyon for professional reasons. His presence in the capital of the Gauls is planned for a long stay...

It is the fate which gathered both men in a restaurant where they discussed for a long time the African current events and the problems of Congo; it is obvious that both political activists have points of view which go to the same sense: the same intransigence, the same radicality, the same deep sense of the public interest, same deep love of Congo.

Both men were exchanged the telephone numbers meaning to see itself very soon to define a political strategy when things split slowly in Central Africa and just as we speak about general states to Congo.

If the Central African president François Bozizé falls, it is an ally at least for Denis Sassou Nguesso who disappears in the regional political scene and the fact that France diverts its planes towards Bangui by asking them to turn back is a sign which says length.

We hope that we shall let the Central African Republic solve this centrafricano-Central African problem without intervention but we learn you that all this can understand only if we take into account the fact that we discovered some oil in The Central African Republic...

Diaf made the following confidence in the lion of Makanda: "it is you who inspired me as resisting the diet of Denis Sassou Nguesso..."

It is obvious that both men are not going to delay defining concerted actions during the Diaf Le Kweta's long stay in Lyon...


AmedeDeleau6.jpgRegarding disappearance or regarding removal, we know him, the speed in which spreads the information can make all the difference because a fast disclosed information can have for consequence to save a life... Thus We ask you to make a wide distribution of this information - even if for the moment, it is only about a rumour: to have no news of Amédé Deleau does not mean necessarily that he would have been stopped but makes him that he escapes from Congolese gaols apparently hurt very blood Denis Sassou Nguesso. From feet to nose of Amédé Deleau to the Congolese police had to show all the incompetence of our law and order paid into the wheeling and dealing and it is easily conceivable that she was able to intend to take her revenge...

We are on the eve of Christmas and if the rumour confirms, that will look like a poisoned gift. Amédé Deleau, Congolese resistant young person who took refuge in Kinshasa having escaped from a Congolese prison, is reported missing in Kinshasa. He would not answer any more the telephone and those who question him about the page Facebook have no answer and it, I verified him.

We hope that it is not a question as some present him of a removal by the spies of the political elephant of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso.

We do not know if this young fellow countryman had the status of political refugee in RDC so that the UNHCR is alerted and put in front of its responsibilities.

It is obvious that the nearness of the capitals of both Congo returns the thesis of the plausible removal but at the moment, we do not accuse the henchmen of the power of having merged in the crowd from Kinshasa to kidnap this young brother.

Whoever can counter or confirm this rumour would allow us of it to have the clear heart. The Congolese people suffer already enough and moreover, to be able to him leash of the unreliable storekeepers sell products damaged as this out-of-date meat which was found in a freezer to the main market of Dolisie (and we know beforehand that this storekeeper is afraid of nothing of the Congolese authorities ...).

If he is not stopped - because he deserves not at all to end up in prison, Sassou claiming that there is not a prisoner of conscience in Brazzaville, Amédé Deleau very fast has to give us signs of life and rather before December 31st, 2012. Otherwise, we shall take the thesis of the removal for ready cash. Indeed, the removal of an opponent abroad would send the message following in the resistance: "YOU ARE NOT SAFE ABROAD!"

Sassou is capable of such a last-ditch struggle because he has the spirit of it and the means, the border between Congo and RDC being very porous. Let us hope that this young boy is not used as currency by the power of Kinshasa. Indeed, how understand that we so easily come to kidnap a young opponent of the dictatorship of Brazzaville so easily - without the police and the safety of State of Kabila are informed about it? If that was the case, that would ring as an insult furthermore at the diet of Kabila incapable to reassure its borders - already that in Kivu Rwandais, Ugandan, Burundians among others come to make the law and to use at will in ores of all kinds...

COMMENT : It is said, it is confirmed and in French this time so that the country host can well realize it. Yes, Jan De Bryune, ambassador of Belgium in Congo and no matter that he is labelled N - GOES, broke the ethical codes of the diplomacy but not those of the truth and if he offended the power ready, he honored the Congolese people by restoring to his public the real characteristics of the power crocodilian of Brazzaville. Indeed, yes, the public denier benefits only the clan Denis Sassou Nguesso in the point where the people starve, of thirst and disease with cause of a corrupt diet. I do not take gloves. Normal: I am not a diplomat and especially, I do not speak Flemish...

Usually, the diplomatic speech consists in presenting to his host or to his interlocutor only its own interests in a hazy language coated with flatteries and with good intentions. The diplomat praises, cooperative to be accepted. It is a question of setting by claiming to give - what make so well the Chinese, to present exactly the opposite of its real intentions. It is necessary to pretend to honor the country which receives you as ambassador but by serving before any the interests of his own country. The diplomacy concocts the cheating in the formal gallantry served by a studied eloquence but in fact, we come - in particular in Africa, use that to serve. To the slave, we do not give, we require, we take, we steal, we skin but at the moment in our banana republics, we put it the forms. Diplomacy obliges...

Jan Bruyne, ambassador of Belgium in Congo, knows these subtleties of style and posture and, he believed that by avoiding the French language understood by the host, by speaking rather in Flemish language, he could allow himself strong languages, critical opening. Regrettably, the affair was disclosed. If what we say is true, Jan Bruyne has just created the diplomatic precedent by allowing to criticize the country host - or better - the clan Sassou and Nguesso - with more a crime of hurt wife of majesty, if he is there.

Certainly, the man denies all his pores, all his open breast, by scratching the face, to have spoken about corrupt country or to have criticized the wife of Mr Denis Sassou Nguesso but we pay him tribute to inaugurate a new more raw diplomacy, closer to the reality of the country host. Thus it is the pioneer who deserves to be encouraged because we believe better a Belgian in Flemish than a Congolese in French.

In every time the comments of ambassadors, the words of little diplomatic diplomats reach us as in wikileaks, we shout in the sacrilege, one tempeste, we refute, we threaten! Would the dirtiest truth be offensive? Certainly, the ambassador wanted to present to his fellow countrymen an image of Congo more in compliance with the reality. And as I always say it, the most beautiful photo of the dirt will restore a "dirty" image, an image of the dirt...

We need to know what was said really. How much of "congoleaks" are sent abroad by ambassadors, diplomats and businessmen who have difficulty in buckling her? There is only to see how the Letter of the Continent is so well informed to realize him.

It is not the Chinese who would make such an error - still as we ignore what the ambassador of China in Congo said to his counterparts when they come to settle down or to work in Congo... In any case, if the Flemish is language more "leakienne" than French, I learn the Flemish from tomorrow...


From his return in the shady business of the "republic" with the complicity of Angola, Denis Sassou Nguesso understood the necessity of knotting an alliance of dictatorships, dictators - question to reassure its borders. He went even farther by helping his brother of light François Bozizé to conquer the power by weapons. Today, Bozizé loses heart in front of a sly rebellion and Bozizé did not better find than to ask for the help of the Grand Master Denis Sassou Nguesso. It is necessary to take it of the seed by saying to himself that only, we cannot come at the end of the monster Sassou, at the end of this big political elephant. He is the one who has today, next to Biya and Back Santos the one who the biggest experience of preservation of the power and, on the subject its advice are welcome - because to keep the power in Central Africa is at first a question of strength, terrorism of the peoples.

The evil strengthens, creates alliances and if tomorrow we want to forge ahead, it will be necessary to us to unite by creating a Pan-African platform: the peoples can come at the end of the dictatorships by means of self-abnegation but in front of the strength of weapons, it is necessary to be afraid that the solution is not purely political and one day, we shall come to this deduction there which we made for a long time: THE STRENGTH RESPECTS ONLY THE STRENGTH.

Congo is not Tunisia or Egypt which brought down the walls of the dictatorship by the wrath of the street. We are not even Lybie to have been able to hunt the dictatorship Gaddafi by means of an armed rebellion. AND IF CONGO WAS INSPIRED BY BOTH WAYS? Indeed, the dictatorship in Africa innovates by becoming international - at least in the Gulf of Guinea and the opponents or the Resistance fighters have to create a forehead which transcends the borders...




".. The sector of the trade of raw materials, of which Switzerland was made a speciality, has bad reputation. Firms complain about it, although they cultivate of themselves this image by participating in diverse scandals on all the continents. Due to their sensitive, strategic activity, the traders are never far from the corruption cases which contribute to the plunder of the resources in the producing countries, often the developing countries, and to the preservation in potentates' power.
Only this year, several Swiss firms confirmed the legitimacy of this - sulphurous reputation. To begin with Gunvor, whose Genevan seat was searched because of 30 million dollar transfers paid outside an oil contract with Congo. If, according to the company, the zeal of an employee - from now on dismissed - is in question, Both majority shareholders of Gunvor admitted it personally met the Congolese president Denis Sassou Nguesso. The crude oil would have been acquired in a value lower than market prices (LT of 20.10.2012)...

COMMENT : The Greek philosophers blamed the rhetors, the followers of the rhetoric, their skill for defending any proposal and its opposite, caring so few about the truth. The jurists, in particular the lawyers, are for the present what were the rhetors of the past: they put the art to convince, to persuade in any eloquence in the service of the one who can pay their science. The lawyer has authority to defend everything, even the most sadistic of all the criminals. The jurists like thinking that the right is a production ex nihilo devoid of any intention of domination. It is necessary to take the law such which and to hold forth on the non-essentials without envisaging the bottom, in depth, by examining minutely the stakes in power.

My comment here is to resume master Claude Coelho's article published in the African Week entitled number 3243 " :THE CONSTITUTION OF JANUARY 20TH, 2002 IS NOT AN INVARIABLE DOGMA And to dissect him line by line to show it the contradictions, the unspoken, has them - priori, the allusions. My analysis will be written in red.

Already, I underline master Coelho's "courage" which did not make the effort to say us which variability it would like to see introduced into the Constitution of January 20th, 2002.

If the constitution is not an invariable dogma, which circumstances commands the revision of the constitution? Under the instigation of which interests? Those of the people or those of the monarch? Indeed, those of the monarch are often contrary to those of the people. We could remind to the jurist that Denis Sassou began his new reign from 1997 by repealing the previous Constitution which had any legitimacy because it had been approved by all the Congolese people - even those living abroad as I - by a vote.

Today, the constitutional tunic of 2002 does not become any more to sir elephant because he cannot steer any more beyond 2016 if he leaves her as is. There is all the problem. The dogma did not disturb the lawyers of the diet when the power could see coming. Now they have for mission to justify the modifications which are outlined in the horizon. Guard dogs obey the slightest desires of master and they always bark the first ones...

And say what the people? Some already go to the sense to remove the inseparable character of the republic by lauding a split in two or several States! Indeed, it is a dogma, a republic, no more dogmatic than an other one, Especially if in the facts nothing translates that in the pooling of lands, tsis and wealth corresponds a fair distribution of the resources, the employment, the republican loads between all the categories which compose Congo. IN A SENSIBLE WAY, NOTHING CAN OBLIGE MICROCOSMS WHICH MADE THE EXPERIENCE OF THEIR MUTUAL AVERSION FOR FIFTY YEARS CONTINUE TO LIVE TOGETHER - TALKED OF AN AGGRAVATED ETHNODISCRIMINATION. THAT MASTER CLAUDE COELHO RECOGNIZES HIM! NO MARRIAGE EXCLUDES THE POSSIBILITY OF A DIVORCE IF THE LOVE IS NOT ANY MORE FOR THE AGENDA BUT IS NOT IT AT THE MOMENT THE QUESTION. WE WANT TO LIVE JUST TOGETHER IN A HARMONIOUS WAY AND AT THE MOMENT, THERE Is ONLY A SINGLE OBSTACLE, DENIALS SASSOU NGUESSO.

FIFTY (50) YEARS APPEAR TO ME ENOUGH LITTLE - in THE SCALE OF A NATION TO ASK FOR A SPLIT. And the way the simplest to get rid of Denis Sassou Nguesso without creating of waves is in ITS Constitution of 2002. This man is a coal nut for the country, the evil chronicles with two possibilities of extirpating him: the Constitution or the death. Yet the death, nobody can say if this féticheur, freemason Grand Master and kindoki will live until such or such age - while for the Constitution, in 2016, in hardly five years, we shall celebrate the political death of Denis Sassou Nguesso. AND NOTHING HAS TO CHANGE IT - UNLESS BEING A MAN WITHOUT SCRUPLES!

We already have difficulty in supporting a dictator but what the latter takes advantage of its position where he subjected all the spirits to knocks of pétrocfas to register in the marble of the law his right to die in the power, to govern the same 90-year-old bedridden invalid, we say NO!

At the moment, let us examine of a little bit closer master Coelho's text, lawyer in the court and the former president of the bar, who we know him, is in connivance with the strengths which oppress the Congolese people (he has already taken in the television the defense of the clan Sassou and Nguesso in the affair of the Badly acquired Properties):

"In prelude in my opinion, which will arouse deep reactions and I am aware of it, I shall call back the currency of a Congolese blogger:" we are Congo; Let us stop being afraid; to build a rule of law "; and that of Pope Jean-Paul II:" are not afraid " Indeed, we have not to be afraid of exercising our guaranteed freedom of speech constitutionally, to asking the questions relative to the stability or to the evolution of our young democracy.

In what would master Coelho be afraid because he goes to the sense of the sabre and the bottle brush? Sassou wants to change his own Constitution cut to measure yesterday but which does not become any more to its éléphantesque appetite today. Why to be afraid if the one who inspires you is your Lord who smiles to you? This prelude was not necessary, master! The opinions which take Sassou in the sense of the hair are welcome and I am placed well to know that the opposite causes a warlike grin...

In the case in point, the question of the modification of The Constitution of January 20th, 2002 settles after a decade of application, and we have to wonder about the intangibility and the stability of its capacities. Beforehand, it is necessary to indicate that a Constitution, it is a spirit, institutions, practice.

Master, does not displease your sudden desire there to modify the Constitution of 2002 but why have waited 10 years? Who complained about it until now? Whyever we have to skin a charter which did a service to the dictatorship during ten long years? Certainly, we can grant modifications but what they do not serve the whims of the gods or the madness of the men. This Constitution had the wisdom to allow the alternation by limiting the number of mandates and by imposing an age limit and in these two points, we are perfectly at the level of the civilized companies which are imperative a change at the top of the State to avoid sinking into the political hardening or the dictatorship. THE REPUBLIC CLEARLY HAS TO REGISTER THE POLITICAL ALTERNATION IN ITS TABLE OF The CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND IT IS INVIOLABLE - EXCEPT THOSE OF DICTATORSHIP REGISTERED IN A VILE WAY IN THE TEXTS OF THE LAW OF A COUNTRY, AND, IT INDICATES THAT A MONARCH DESPISES PEOPLE... On the subject, master Claude Coelho seems he chose the camp of the monarch which wants a reign ad aeternam vitam - even if it was careful not to say it openly.

The Constitution of 2002 is a spirit, that of Sassou making feel guilty to have walked on tens of thousands of his fellow countrymen to reach the shady business of the republic - so he shows itself a little bit worried of introducing a possibility of alternation by the number of mandates and limitation of the age of the candidates for the presidential election in 70 years which he will have exceeded in 2016. His practice is imperfect and his institutions under influence. Thus she is not bad in itself but deserves that we do not take her at first in the word before throwing her to stinging nettles.

It is also necessary to remind that in the formal sense, the Constitution is a legal act concretized by one or several documents containing together rules organizing public authorities and reports between them, as well as the fundamental liberties granted to every citizen living in the concerned State.

Thus this definition teaches us that the Constitution is not only a means to institutionalize the power. It is, also, a means to limit him, as specifies him the article 16 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in these terms: "any company, in which the guarantee of the rights is not assured, nor the division of definite powers, has no constitution".

You do well to speak about "means of limitation of the power" and we agree. So, not touch in the Constitution when she plays so well this game. Certainly, in the Congolese company, we know him all, the guarantee of the rights is not assured but is it the fault of the Constitution or the power which refuses to apply him? Congo has a Constitution - even if it is not the one that the people wanted but that of an inveterate dictator and we consider that a single man has not the right to take itself for Caesar. Who is Sassou to want to choke the Congolese people as long as he will live?

Fundamental standard, the Constitution owes be stable But, this stability does it exclude the possibility or does it limit the constitutional revision?

The Constitution of 2002 does not exclude the revision - except as regards the limitation of mandates and that of the age who cannot exceed seventy years as for the access to the highest office. And it, becomes to us marvelously - there is no reason for affecting it because Denis Sassou Nguesso cannot appear any more in 2016 at the presidential election. We could wait after - Sassou to discuss it.

In other words, the capacities of the Constitution, which plan limits in the constitutional revision of certain capacities, can they be perceived as completely compulsory legal rules or as "ideas" or "political wishes" without legal strength which are not imperative upon the exercise of power of constitutional revision. From then on, we can speak about stability or about intangibility of certain constitutional capacities?

But who are you, master Coelho, to remove in the incandescence of the Constitution its strength of law by returning certain capacities to "ideas" or to "political wishes "? Your opinion becomes pure rambling on the subject because you select as one pleases what acts as law and what is advantageous for the people to the detriment of the dictator, you lay a subtlety to assimilate him to wishes. Everything is IDEAS in the Constitution but these have force of law by standing out - even upon Denis Sassou Nguesso who is not a God. That he remembers Caesar who found a Brutus on his path when he wanted to become Dictator for life...

For the doctrine, the Constitution can be long-lasting only on condition that it admits punctual adaptations. Indeed, any Constitution rests on a social contract which a company elaborated at some point to organize, on one hand the power and, on the other hand the relations between the public and private persons. Gold, the exercise of power, the state of the economic, political, cultural, social relations in any company evolve and define themselves with regard to their temporal context. Thus it is important that the Constitution which is the reflection evolve. The Constitution must be able to change, evolve, adapt itself, not to sterilize nor calcify the company. The mutability of the Constitution establishes, thus, a solution been imperative by the wisdom. In this sense, Jean-Jacques Rousseau had pointed out "that he is against the nature of the society to impose laws which he cannot revoke".

Let us leave of grace Rousseau with its musing because the current Constitution is not a SOCIAL CONTRACT but a demonstration of the diktat of the will of a man on a whole country. The punctual adaptations must be justified and nothing proves that a man who explodes his own people with knocks of weapons of mass destruction, who allows out-of-date cargo boats to crash on innocents, remains indéfinement in the power.

Also, Fruchot wrote that: "the rights of nations were proclaimed in vain, if we do not recognize principle that to the people belongs the power to rectify, to modify the Constitution, to destroy her even, to change the shape of his Government and to create it an other one".

Long live Fruchot! Then, let us let the people decide on it quite freely because some of our fellow countrymen plead for a split and we do not see what would forbid that we question the Constitution because everything is after all only "ideas" and "wishes" there: or all the Constitution has force of law or step and master Coelho cannot make small arrangements with his consciousness by choosing according to the desires of his sponsor what is law is what is wish...

Which amounts to saying that the thesis according to which he can have limits in the constitutional revision there is divested of any legal value. Indeed, "every generation is independent from the one which it succeeds, as that one even was it of the generation which preceded her. She has, as both, the right to choose the form of government, that she judges the most favorable to her happiness and, consequently, to accommodate to the circumstances in which she is placed, the institutions which she received from his fathers".

At the moment, Thank God, thus we are there still for the generation Sassou I consider superfluous the quotation above. The power did not change a hand so that we evoke the idea of another "generation". Yes, the Congoleses have the right to choose another form of government but it does not belong to Denis Sassou Nguesso to decide on it because he wants to remain in the power. We see the devastating effects of the man of the crimes of mass in the power since his return: everything is famine, diseases, tears, dead man and chaos there. At the moment, Sassou is confronted with the Constitution of Denis Sassou Nguesso; thus there is not a problem on that side as long as Sassou is battling against Denis...

In favour of this idea, he exists, also, a legal foundation pulled of the article 28 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of June 24th, 1793, which arranges "that people always have the right to see again, to reform and To revise his Constitution. One Generation cannot subject in His laws, the future generations "

Then, let us leave with the generations which will come from Denis Sassou Nguesso to decide on it: he has already repealed a Constitution; that he lets with others take care of his...

Consequently, if it is constant that Constitutions are prepared in the political, social conditions, at some point, he is more constant than Constitutions also have to adapt themselves to these changed conditions and so that the system is not completely blocked, the Constitution must be revisable in all its titles, parts and its capacities.

Where does master Coelho see a blocking? Does he consider that the right of the Congolese people for the alternation is a "blocking"? The same Denis Sassou Nguesso respected by drafting him his custom-made Constitution. Thus it is not in the lawyer to take the defense of what does not need to be defended.

The Statement of Bamako resumed the same principle This is the way the Statement of Bamako on the democracy, the rights and the liberties, adopted on November 3rd, 2000 in its article C-13, indicated: "for a calmed political life … texts governing the democratic life of a country have to be the object of an adaptation and a regular evaluation".

Texts? Not necessarily a Constitution which does not need to be adapted for the moment because it was never estimated in its application. Criminals' excess continue to prosper on the scene of their crimes whereas innocents as Marcel Ntsourou are maintained in the gaols of the power. Let us begin with the other texts of law which do not give us satisfaction. The Constitution of 2002, we shall take care of it after Sassou who cannot be a judge and party, party to have sponsored him to measure and judge to want alone to reform her in his only profit.

This necessity had already been asserted by the African Charter of the human rights of June 26th, 1981 in its article 20-1 which arranges that: "… Every people determine freely his political status … According to the way which he freely chose …".

If we were held there, the Congolese people have the right to ask to Denis Sassou Nguesso to restore the constitution of 1992 because she is the one that the Congolese people chose freely to enter the arena of the democracy.

It seems, clearly, that he must be admitted that the constituent power of today cannot bind the constituent power of the future. Also, the constituent power which practices at some point is not upper to the constituent power which will practice in the future and thus cannot claim to restrict him.

If Denis Sassou Nguesso remains in the power, thus it is all the clan which remains in the business before him - the constituent power of today (Sassou) would bind that of the future in the hyopthéquant.

For that purpose, for Georges Vedel, "The constituent power being the supreme power of the State, he cannot be bound, even by itself "and therefore," the native constituent does not incline power to bind the holder of the power of revision".

We are all all right to admit that in the case of Congo, "native constituent", it is the man who committed the blow of State of 1997 and who sponsored the Constitution of 2002. Thus if somebody has to have the power of revision, it is the Congolese people and as master Coelho says him so well: "we are Congo" and we want that Denis Sassou Nguesso respects his own Constitution instead of acting rénégat there...

With regard to what precedes, another argument to assert, to condemn the legal value of these limits, lives in the illegality to put obstacles in the exercise of the sovereignty of the people.

Master Coelho does well to speak about the illegality to put obstacles in the exercise of the souverainteté of the people. Does he dare to criticize Denis Sassou Nguesso who took the power by the strength by walking on tens of thousand deaths? Indeed, the exercise of the sovereignty of the people aaccouché of a democracy which underwent a fatal stop in 1997 - even when the Constitution of 1992 banished the blow of State...

Indeed, the limits in the constitutional revision are irreconcilable with the principle of the national sovereignty. So, "refrain to modify his Constitution would be, on behalf of the nation, to give up the essential element of its Sovereignty".

No, we refrain ourselves from nothing but we say that it is necessary to let the free people decide when he has to revise a constitution which is against him, that is, who does not defend his interests.

This argument was reaffirmed by the aforesaid author in these terms: "the sovereign cannot be bound himself. By virtue of his Sovereignty, he can change, at any time, the standard which forbids to change".

Provided that the sovereign is a monarch! Yet, we are in republic which I know. So, he is not of no use to fetch quotations which do not stick on the context.

In the same sense, Julien Laferrière supported that: "legally, the Constitution is a law; yet, due to its nature, the law is a perpetually modifiable act". According to him, "the system of the stiff Constitutions has to contain the possibility of beginning, at any time ... the revision the public opinion of which tries the necessity".

Master Coelho, you said "the revision the public opinion of which tries the necessity "? Then, it is necessary to ask to the people for what he wants and I know that some tilt for the split. IT IS NECESSARY TO GIVE TO THE PEOPLE WHAT HE WANTS AND I WOULD BE CURIOUS TO SEE WHAT WOULD GIVE A REFERENDUM ONTO THE SPLIT...

Moreover, as notices it Marie-Françoise Rigaux, "the right, itself, is conceived as a set of rules susceptible to change: they can be repealed, modified, they can be suspended by application, be the object of transitory regimes".

Yes, let us have already given us because before this Constitution, Denis Sassou Nguesso, after abrogation of the Constitution of 1992, had set up a FUNDAMENTAL ACT, as a matter of fact, a transitory regime...

Always in the same order of idea, the principle of legal logic not contradiction" was called by Paolo Biscaretti Di Ruffia, in favour of this absence of limits of the constitutional revision. According to this principle," the later standard in the time could always modify or repeal the previous standard of equal efficiency "

No, if Denis Sassou Nguesso becomes a president for life, the previous standard will lose in efficiency, already that the Constitution of 2002 was a regression of the previous one.

So, for W. Burckhardt, the constitutional revision can be bound to no preestablished imperative rule and capacities relative to the revision of the Constitution do not have the value of real legal rules. For him, the native Constitution is one "res facti" and its authority is purely factual.

But who is he, W. Burckhardt, to believe that his opinion has authority of not debatable argument? It is an erroneous point of view, a wish, an opinion which commits only he and not the peoples. Regarding Constitution, if we are held like the practice throughout the world, the revision is an exception! The Americans do not absolutely want to touch their Constitution which dates more than a century, even of several centuries already!

Consequently, he considers that the later constitutional revisions cannot be more subordinated to a legal rule strictly speaking and live inevitably "res facti, not juris" (worthless legal and bound to the events).

The essential argument of the latter, called to demonstrate the extra-legal character of the constitutional revisions, is the following one: "the founders of any Constitution have no quality to regulate it the future revisions: they would need, for that purpose, a power that they would not know how to confer to themselves".

Said well! That Denis Sassou Nguesso leaves to the others the right to modify his Constitution which he does not even respect!

Leaving of this postulate, this one declares that "the prescriptions that contain a Constitution affecting its possible revision, would presuppose, to be legally compulsory, the existence of an upper status, which is attributed to the authority from whom they emanate, the power to settle the future exercise of the constituent power itself:

Yet, there is, outside and over the Constitution to be revised, no supreme status, which was able to defer in whoever it is this great constituent power "

Thus Denis Sassou Nguesso did not have the right to repeal the Constitution of 1992 and he does not have either the power to modify that of the 2002. It is necessary to let the people decide on it, quite freely, calmly, without pressing him, without corrupting him or deceiving him - by requiring that it takes place after Denis Sassou Nguesso so that he cannot be a judge and left.


In the reading of what precedes, thus I can conclude that we must be able to modify, in all his titles, parts and capacities, on the foundation of the article 28 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the statement of Bamako on the democracy, the rights and the liberties in its point C 13 and the article 20 1 of the African Charter of human rights, the Constitution of January 20th, 2002 which, far from it, is not an invariable dogma, but must be able to be adapted to the evolution of the political and socioeconomic life of the Congolese company, at the risk of appearing as a motionless work for ever, disembodied and therefore, without grip on the political reality of the country.

That he pleases master Coelho to consider that all the capacities which he quotes do not have authority in surimposer in the freedom of the Congolese people because, as he says him so well, it is there only about "ideas", about "political wishes" and not about laws which are imperative upon this one too long deprived of the freedom...


Lawyer to the Court

Former President of the bar

Here is a video of December 2012 posted on YouTube which shows the state of the surroundings of the district close to the epicenter of the explosions of March 4th, 2012 to Mpila: nothing changed or almost because trees, again grew green. We can see individuals having certainly affected 3 millions to live in tents next to the rubbles of their houses demolished by the breath of weapons of mass destruction - which just goes to show that the 3 million francs cfa served only to pay tents if he is there: we predicted him, by saying that 3 million francs cfa, for families deprived of everything, did not represent big ' thing (it was necessary to look after the wounded persons, to bury the deaths not taken care by the State, to get dressed, food, to prepare the start of the school year of the children, etc.).

Thus the situation did not change as says it the young lady or the lady in the video. Indeed, Mr Denis Sassou Nguesso's power did not even make the effort to free rubble after nine long months. It is simply distressing. Between the promises and their realization, in the meantime, there is a life in a tent. It is pathetic for people who had asked for nothing and who lived peacefully with their families before the fire of the apocalypse does not mow some in their sleep. So goes Congo to losses for the people and the profits for the clan Sassou and Nguesso...

pollution1Dear Valentin Tchibota Goma,


I allow to address directly you because I know that you read to me. In your quality of antipollution person in charge of the ministry of hydrocarbons, you face for the first time a large-scale pollution in hydrocarbons on coast, beaches and point-black's coast. This affair should be for you the opportunity to shine with the action but you do not seize this opportunity for the action because you are a molasson which wants to let make the nature - while the nature has nothing to decompose the tar and the oil otherwise one would not find in so big quantity there.

We see all that you are only a marionette and we can even wonder how you obtained your post, you who you say technician...

We all understood, maybe badly, that you intend to make nothing to let make the nature. Yet, let make the nature in the special case, it is to pursue the pollution - which is in blatant contradiction with your objectives of antippollution. Your work consists in fighting against the pollution and not in letting make the pollution.

Regarding hydrocabure, if the nature had found the solutions to decompose the crude oil, there would not be oil. The oil is a great work of the nature on the element végétable to reduce him to a very simple shape and she cannot go beyond without the help of the man (chemical engineering). The pollutions show it which we left without treatment in Nigeria or somewhere else which persist since decades.

The question is that the coast is in full city and especially, the port is a kind of opening of Congo for the world and if you let make the pollution, I am afraid that in the end you are thought of as an incompetent; you do not realize it: your inactivity threatens your work. Certainly, the name of Tchibota could mean that you are of the family of the wife of the president but if the pollution continues, you will not keep your post - even if your words are the ones of Mr Denis Sassou Nguesso himself.

You have a budget antippolution: use him! Otherwise why to create an antipollution pole if he has no budget to fight against the pollution? You give up indicating the real culprit - what is already criminal but moreover, you laud the inactivity as the solution, that is, the pollution as the solution of fight against ... the pollution!

If you are lacking solutions, it is necessary to say it and to recognize your incompetence as Oko and Ngatsé made him in the affair Ntsourou; it can increase you instead of adopting the strategy of the worst, of the chaos: everywhere else, we proceed to the collection by professionals as first reaction before exercising pressures on the culprits of pollution. Yet, you, have already given up you to pursue the persons in charge of the pollution, the pursuit which is one of your attributions and still, you refuse to clean beaches and coast. Say to me, in what do you deserve your salary if your incompetence is visible in 7000 kilometers from Congo? Indeed, if we have to let make the nature, we can make the economy of an antipollution pole and it goes without saying however the logician I am. IF AS REGARDS POLLUTION, ACCORDING TO YOU, THE SOLUTION IS TO LET MAKE THE FREE WORK OF THE NATURE, THE ANTIPOLLUTION SERVICE N' A PAS LIEU not TO EXIST AND YOUR SALARIES ARE A FLIGHT AND A SWINDLE IN THE NATIONAL BUDGET...

You sleep well when the beaches of your childhood are soiled? But what human being's kind are you to be also insensible, so nasty, so little worried about the nature and about the environment?

If the money of the oil which allows to enrich the clan in the power cannot even serve to clean the beaches of the coast, I am afraid that one day, all this do not sign the end of this diet and you with.

If you are incompetent, resign! Your supervising minister will not delay reading this article and I am going to put on-line a petition so that the Congolese people ask for your resignation. Your inactivity sends back has of the treason, in the complicity with those who plunder our wealth and from now on soil our beaches. I know that Mr Denis Sassou Nguesso comes on this site and he will not delay understanding that his interest is not in the silence in front of a pollution which continues and in the preservation in its post of an antipollution person in charge which masturbates by watching the oil soiling the beaches of the economic city of the country.

Today, there are chemical solutions to treat chemically the pollution in hydrocarbons; solution applied by Shell off the American coast - what did not prevent that it pays a record fine.

At the moment, there is numerous business which look away from the big elephant (drama of March 4th, 2012, crash of November 30th, 2012, pouring rains, fusses Ntsourou, etc.) and, even if he despises Kouilou because he believes that it is the city where risks to occur the irreparable according to the predictions of his bad marabouts, it is going to be set up an international pressure and I am afraid that your days are not counted in your post - even if mama Antoinette Tchibota protects you. YOUR DAYS ARE COUNTED AS ANTIPOLLUTION PERSON IN CHARGE BECAUSE OF INCOMPETENCE... I TAKE PEOPLE WITH WITNESS!

Sassou is the man of the assumption of guilt there all the planet speaks about presumption of innocence but in the affair of March 4th, 2012 when he took himself to colonel Marcel Ntsourou, he has difficulty in making the accusation because the man has nothing to do with the explosions and the death of thousand innocents. The justice kicked into touch itself to get rid of it and refilé the rotten bone téké to the high court of justice. Marcel Ntsourou is a political prisoner held illegally. And Denis Sassou Nguesso would dare to say that nobody is arbitrarily held in Congo? It is necessary to stop this mascarde! Indeed, colonel Marcel Ntsourou is arbitrarily held because nothing justifies its presence behind bars. IT IS NECESSARY TO FREE THE SOLDIER NTSOUROU! AND FROM NOW ON, HE CRIES OUT HIM ANY TOP!


Moreover, lawyers demand from now on the liberation of every 23 held servicemen; what does not arrange the plans of the bloodthirsty power of Brazzaville:


pollution1From time to time, you have the impression of a slow down at the level of our production; it is nothing: we work, we look for information. Denis Sassou Nguesso is a powerful man who has numerous accomplices because he even made benefit in his State of an undeserved status PPTE but he also a lot of people which appreciate him hardly...

The complaint against X in the affair of the oil spill which soils the Congolese coast is ready. On behalf of certain observers who advise to us, a pollution of this scale could be likened to a crime against humanity - and we think that it is good a crime against humanity because the flora and fauna marine belong well to the world heritage of the humanity. We wait that we supply we some information in this connection and before Wednesday things could be fixed.

As for the pollution, itself, is not as claims him Valentin Tchibota Goma an affair of tar sand or movements of the earth's crust because Point - Black is not crossed by a geologic but good weakness a pollution in hydorcarbures.

What makes that oil companies do not feel concerned by the aforementioned pollution is according to an indiscretion because they know that the cause would be to be looked for near the friends of Denis Sassou Nguesso, Chinese and\or Canadians who exploit the appearances of potassium hydroxide and who would have fallen on an oil slick which they did not expect and, especially, they do not know how to stop such a flight of hydorcarbure.

Look, please, at photos or at videos: it is a question a lot of oil not tar sand. This affair stamps because Denis Sassou Nguesso protects his friends otherwise it would be already solved and we would have applied articles 35, 36, 37 of the constitution of 2002 which stipulate:

ARTICLE 35: Every citizen is entitled to a healthy, satisfactory and long-lastin environment and has the duty to defend him. The State watches the protection and the preservation of the environment.

ARTICLE 36: The conditions of storage, manipulation, incineration and evacuation of the toxic, polluting or radioactive waste resulting from factories and other industrial or craft units installed on the national territory are fixed by the law.

Any pollution or destruction resulting from an economic activity gives rise to compensation. The law determines the nature of the compensatory measures and the modalities of their execution.

ARTICLE 37: The transit, the import, the storage, the burying, the pouring in continental waters and maritime spaces under national jurisdiction, the manuring in the air space of the radioactive toxic, polluting waste or quite different dangerous product, in origin or not the foreigner, establish a crime punished by the law.

Entangled in numerous inquiries without solution as the survey of the affair of the drama of March 4th, 2012, Sassou knows that the exasperation of the population reached its height and would be enough a spark for firing the country. So, he buys Russian armored vehicles of STRIPED type to his police. Hold, as soon as grave the first rainy drop, Denis Sassou Nguesso sends his police any howling sirens to intimidate the inhabitants of Ouenzé, Talangaï and other districts north as to say: "Be held quiet! In the slightest riot, we rage..."

We are going to pursue this survey until the truth is made and comes out and until the culprits are accountable.



Surface: 342 000 Km2
Population: 4 012 809 hab
Density: 11,7 Hab / Km2
Capital Politique: Brazzaville
Economic city: Point - black
Diet: Presidential

Languages: Frenchman (official), Lingala, Kituba
Coast: 169 km Atlantic Coast
Seaport: In deep WATER
Currency: FCFA (1€=655.57F
Network ferroviare: 795 km
Broadcast CO2 / Hab: 0,64 tons
Nb of TV posts/1000 hab: 13
Nb of fixed lines/1000 hab: 5
Internet users/1000 hab: 38
Dialling code: 242
Internet domain:. CG
National holiday: August 15th
Independence: August 15th, 1960
Currency: Unity / work / progress
Time zone: UTC 1
Literacy rate: 92,1
Main wealth: Oil, Wood, Potassium hydroxide, Yet, Diamond...
Borders: 5 504 km
Nearby countries: Angola, Gabon, Cameroon, The Central African Republic, RDCongo (eg. Zaire)
Nb of Regions: 12
Other cities:
Dolisie, Ouesso, Nkayi, Owando, Impfondo, Gamboma, Djambala, Oyo...


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