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The approach of the parents and the management of diabetes

L’approche des parents et la gestion du diabète
Diabaide de l'enfant

Diabaide of the child

The approach of the parents and the management of diabetes

The dynamics of the parents has always shown its impact on the management of diabetes and the control of the disease in children and adolescents. Well that physicians, health professionals, dieticians and nutritionists have also the largest card to play in the maintenance of good health and a better quality of life.

Yes, diabetes is a family disease, once the diseaseDiagnosed in the child, the whole of the members of the family, in particular and in the first place, the parents who are the most affected by this unexpected discovery. Knowing that the diabetes is not just as serious as most of the people imagine…

It is quite clear that a chronic disease such as diabetes rests entirely on the shoulders of parents of children with diabetes.Thus, the parents and the family have a great influence on the management and monitoring of diabetes…

It has been proven that the permanent monitoring on the part of parents of diabetes to their child has demonstrated that it was possible to achieve better clinical outcomes related to good health in general and to have better results for the medical analyzes.

Always keep in mind that you are (you and your child) the best drivers on board for your entire team in care of diabetes.Remember that your role and the role of the care team will complement and this overlap widely.

In conclusion, any person who lives in the entourage of the diabetic child is important, make sure that each one of it fulfils its mission…

Signed, The Pharmacist

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