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"The life is doing what it can: health and disease are only two forms of this effort to live ... Who is the very life" Andre COUNTY-SPONVILLE

Goal of the blog

Objectif du blog
Serment des apothicaires

Oath of apothecaries

Who am I?

A brief presentation,

I am very glad that you are on my blog, I am called Tayeb BENZEGANE and i am a Doctor in Pharmacy officinale, specialty D. U Prevention of diabetes - diabetes and its supported. Currently, i managed my own pharmacy…

Why have created this blog?

I had two main objectives to create this blog

Primo:My daughter had contracted diabetes at the age of 4, that day, my life has completely switched. I did not know at what saint rededicating themselves…

My scientific background and my medical knowledge is are completely dispelled cope with the magnitude of the green, i was totally helpless in the face this vile beast who has just cut down on the body of my loved little angel!

I did not know why and how?

Well, quite simply because the destiny has intended it to be so… I said that time, why us and not the other!

Once the hurricane of the grief and despair overwhelmed, i retyped it to resume my courage in hand and with a great unprecedented determination to face this terrible disease…

Suddenly, I began to see relatives, of friend(e)s, see, my customers, sick as I am seeking for questions about the diabetes, because they were faced with a total failure in their relationship with their referring physician; incapable of having clear answers, clear and objective…

From that moment, I was beginning to share my knowledge in the field of diabetes, has provide some answers to their many questions, and I was beginning to feel a certain degree of confidence which is installed between the pharmacist and the sick…

From this thesis, creating this blog was my only goal, it was in my line of sight to bring you the information simple, clear and freshly searched for on the diabetes in particular in the child.

Certainly with a slight touch up which i has emerged as being useful see necessary to facilitate the understanding of this disease…

Secondly: I believe that a new approach is getting draw between the pharmacist and his patient/sick in the field of the Council, which is the best asset that we can establish with the person, especially the diabetic subject willing to take charge to maintain good health…

I know that in the face of the doctor dealing with your child, you have tons of questions to ask him, but you dare not always tell him everything that is going on in your head as is what, is it possible that , if I can, I think, I have always said, if, etc…

By contrast with the Internet and via my blog, you have all the latitude to ask all your questions that you may trotter the spirit, without having to face the next to the friendly and respectful Medic. Then to your keyboards!

Here is the full text of the oath of Apothecary

Oath of Apothecaries

Or the oath ofGalienThat the pharmacist must lend when
His dissertation to doctoral thesis…

"I swear In the presence of the Masters of the Faculty, advisers to the Order of the pharmacists and my classmates.

To honorThose who I have instructed in the teachings of my art and of their testify my gratitude in remaining faithful to their teaching.

To exercise, In the interest of public health, my profession with conscience and to respect not only the legislation in force, but also the rules of the honor, probity and selflessness.

Never to forgetMy responsibility and my duty to the patient and his human dignity; in any case, I do not give consent to use my knowledge and my status to corrupt the morals and promoting of criminal acts.

ThatThe men give me their opinion if i am true to my promises.

ThatI am covered with reproach and contempt of my colleagues if i lack."

Signed, The Pharmacist

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